Brands Working With Startups Research Report

Executive Summary

ANA conducted a member survey, "Brands Working With Startups", which was conducted in conjunction with the CTA (Consumer Technology Association). The purpose of the study was to explore marketers' perceptions, attitudes and behaviors toward engaging the startup community in the marketing and advertising space. Specifically it examines how brands work with startups, approaches to using startups, activities associated with startups, pros and cons of using startups, experience with startups and expectations with startups.

The study included both quantitative and qualitative research and key findings include (a) 36% percent of surveyed marketers work with startups, (b) Overall, marketers engage with startups to leverage up-and-coming technology, stay ahead of trends, drive innovation, and gain competitive advantage at a reasonable cost and (c) Advertisers hire startups for a wide range of activities related to marketing and advertising, but the most prevalent activities were for social media (53 percent) and content development and management (49 percent).

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"Brands Working With Startups Research Report." ANA and CTA, 2016.