Today’s Organizational Culture Imperative: Seven Keys To Your Survival and Growth

September 30, 2016

Many companies are ignoring a major source of growth potential: organizational culture. This new research from the ANA and GfK demonstrates that growth cultures support real business benefits. Culture is an asset some innovative companies are already using to gain competitive advantage, but many organizations remain unsure or skeptical about how to leverage something as abstract- sounding as "culture" for concrete results.

It's time for forward-thinking businesses to get past this hesitation and turn their organizational cultures into drivers of sustained growth and competitive advantage. This report gives you clear direction on how to move to a growth culture.

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and GfK, a global research and consulting firm, together explored the impact of cultural factors on company performance. This report delivers new information from the ANA Marketer's Edge Program, integrating quantitative survey research, in-depth interviews with marketers who shared their stories of culture change, and roundtable feedback and validation from ANA advisory council members.

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"Today's Organizational Culture Imperative: Seven Keys To Your Survival and Growth." ANA, 2016.