BMA SmartBrief Designed to "Empower" B2B Marketers

January 5, 2012

BMA SmartBrief, which launched November 2011, is a free newsletter that features news, trends and best practices in B2B marketing, social media, technology and leadership. The newsletter is designed to expand the BMA’s reach and increase the brand’s exposure throughout the B2B marketing arena. Luz Marina, president of BMA Southern California, who spearheaded the project, spoke with BMA Buzzabout the newsletter.

BMA BuzzWhat was the impetus to launch BMA SmartBrief?

Luz Marina: The goal for developing and launching the BMA SmartBrief has been to contribute to the national board’s initiative for expanding BMA’s reach and increasing the association’s visibility.

I am confident that fellow BMA chapter leaders would share with you that the industry is not short of prospective members here in the states and overseas. B2B marketers are out there in droves.  It is a matter of letting them know that we are here, and reminding them of that on a daily basis.  We believe BMA SmartBrief is doing just that.

BMA Buzz: How does the newsletter benefit BMA’s constituents?

Marina: The BMA SmartBrief arrives daily in our inboxes, in one concise email.  Members who subscribe to the Brief receive access to a variety of daily B2B news, delivering stories on budgeting forecasts, emerging trends, case studies and best practices on social media, mobile, content marketing and events marketing, for example, to further equip and empower business marketing leaders. 

Since the launch, the hottest five topics of interest for subscribers have been event marketing, LinkedIn, content marketing, email marketing and Twitter.  BMA SmartBrief subscribers are opting in from across the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada and the Middle East.

BMA Buzz: What role does content play in both enhancing the presence of the BMA at the national level and among local chapters?

Marina: Marketers know content is key to customer engagement, and the BMA is no exception, making the Brief a perfect fit for the organization’s goals of providing more content, resources and tools.

By making BMA SmartBrief accessible to everyone, including members and nonmembers, or ‘not-yet members,’ as BMA Colorado charmingly refers to them, they also benefit by opting into the Brief as a daily B2B news resource — while learning more from the BMA and its local Chapters via the Brief’s ‘Association News’ section.

Luz Marina is a producer and consultant specializing in events marketing. She can be reached at


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