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Brand Engagement 360

Brand Engagement 360 is a growing sustainable approach to brand management that seeks to enhance customer engagement by addressing and aligning the interests of all stakeholders—customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners, communities. Based on the 40-year-old stakeholder management field, this new approach to marketing and management links external with internal marketing to ensure that the promises made in advertising and communications get delivered at the front lines.

It creates significant new opportunities for marketing management seeking to create more value for their enterprises.

This new approach supports a worldwide reform movement increasingly known as ESG or Stakeholder Capitalism that seeks to enhance returns for investors by creating value for all stakeholders. The process starts with establishing a clear brand purpose, goals, and objectives, and then aligning all external and internal engagement across the enterprise to ensure success. It also creates new business opportunities for many brands with services to help engage and reward stakeholders.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has provided resources and insights for ANA member brands to help implement their own Brand Engagement 360 program and to profit from the engagement and rewards and recognition marketplace.