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Case In Point: Funbars.com

For the launch of printed receipt coupons in VeriFone yellow taxis in New York, VeriFone partnered up with Funbars.com.

Client Strategies In Action: Online Retail - ebay

eBay’s primary goal was to increase brand recognition and attract new members with a creative execution handcrafted specifically for the in-flight video space.

Deloitte Health Care: A Look at Social Media

Turner Roach, marketing manager at Deloitte, discussed how Deloitte Health Care is using social media to grow its presence as a thought leader and engage more with consumers and other stakeholders.

SAS Case Study: Vail Resorts Creates Epic Experiences with Customer Intelligence

Vail Resorts uses relationship marketing to deliver unique, personalized experiences for its guests.

Ten Ways to a Customer-Centric, Data-Driven Business Strategy

The unstructured data that is created out of human interactions can help marketers improve their business strategies, if it is captured.

Using Analytics to Drive Customer Loyalty: Three Real-World Examples

Featuring examples from Oberweis Dairy, this white paper from SAS explores how analytics can be used to promote cross-channel behaviors, improve customer service, and increase customer retention.

Wildfire Case Study: Maryland Live! Casino

Maryland Live! Casino partnered with Wildfire to create the largest, most engaged community in the gaming industry and to also prove to its overall organization that social media could deliver real business results.

Wildfire Case Study: RockResorts

RockResorts, a company which specializes in outdoor vacation experiences, partnered with Wildfire to increase bookings and revenue, while also growing its social media audience.

Taking Care of Business, On All Screens

Consumers are branching out to new screens and increasing the number of media hours in their days — and marketers are following suit. La Quinta Inns & Suites — whose core consumer is the 25-64 year-old male business traveler — recently turned to Nielsen to measure its latest cross-screen campaign, and the effort yielded five-star results.

Chango Case Study: A Luxury European Auto Maker

A European luxury automobile company used search retargeting, implemented by Chango, as part of a national campaign aimed at targeting the lower end of the purchase funnel and driving purchase intent conversions.

Chango Case Study: Home Improvement Retailer

A home improvement retailer used search retargeting, in partnership with Chango, to drive online sales and improve awareness of a new service.

Chango Case Study: Major Credit Card Issuer

A major credit card company worked with Chango to use search retargeting to encourage prospects to apply for a credit card online.

Chango Case Study: Online Education Provider

An online education provider used Chango to implement search retargeting strategies that would encourage prospects to fill out online forms related to e-learning.

Chango Case Study: Online Travel Meta Site

An online travel site used a search retargeting campaign, in partnership with Chango, that was integrated into the its dynamic creative system at the keyword level to increase hotel bookings.

Chango Case Study: Theme Amusement Park

An amusement park looking to drive incremental ticket sales worked with Chango to create a search retargeting campaign that focused on keywords related to other theme parks, zoos, and additional family activities.

Chango Case Study: Top Mass Retailer

A top retailer partnered with Chango to set up a search retargeting campaign in order to drive online sales across 12 different product categories.

Chango Case Study: Auto Accessory Retailer

An auto accessory retailer used search retargeting, in partnership with Chango, to engage with prospects and drive usage of a proprietary online tool.

Chango Case Study: B-to-B Professional Service

A B-to-B company used search retargeting, in partnership with Chango, to help acquire new accounts through its online channels.

Chango Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods Company

A consumer packaged goods company used search retargeting, in partnership with Chango, to help generate brand awareness and support a seasonal campaign.

HP Leverages Social Media as an Internal Tool

Chris Curtin, senior vice president of strategy and innovation, global marketing at Hewlett-Packard Company, discussed the launch of Hewlett-Packard’s new internal social network.

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