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It's England Time

MillerCoors relies on marketing pro Andy England to build market share while leveraging the brewer's unique stable of brands. England shares best practices for guiding the brand forward and discusses a partnership with the National Hockey League.

Marketing Middleware

While short CMO tenure has become a widely accepted way of life, often there's a fundamental issue at play. Marketing middleware is the glue that connects business strategy and marketing execution, and it's a necessity in order for CMOs to succeed.

Case Study: Macy’s Winter Beach Party Woos Millennials

Robin Reibel, group vice president, Macy's, and Jean McLaren, executive vice president, MARC USA, described how Macy's staged a winter spring break promotion to connect with Millennials, an elusive and coveted demographic.

Seven Ways to Promote Innovation in Your Marketing Program

Christopher W. Miller, Ph.D., NPDP, offered seven proven ways to get value from an innovation effort.

CMO Conversation with Jon Iwata from IBM

In this webinar, Becky Saeger, former CMO, Charles Schwab, had an in-depth conversation with Jon Iwata, senior vice president, Marketing and Communications, IBM.

Mastering Your 118: The Importance of the Elevator Pitch

Written by former CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, this ANA Insight Brief can help marketers create an elevator pitch in five easy steps.

New Agency Model: Media Company as Agency

Meredith, one of the nation’s leading media companies, has transformed itself into a player on Madison Avenue with Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. Keith Sedlak, chief marketing officer, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, shared the thinking and strategy behind this new agency model.

A New Era of Financial Services

Discover how the Bank of America is communicating in a challenging environment. The brand focuses on communicating not merely what it does but what it stands for and also conveys what all its stakeholders are demanding: a purpose-driven brand.

From the Top: The Masters of Marketing [Archived]

Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA, asked senior marketing leaders for pearls of wisdom to share throughout the community. They touched on how they are driving real, tangible growth through great marketing and media.

An ANA Board Discussion on Marketing Today

Bob Liodice, president and chief executive officer, ANA, facilitated a conversation between Eduardo Conrado, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Motorola Solutions Inc., Gary Elliott, vice president, corporate marketing, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Tom Haas, chief marketing officer, Siemens Corporation, about the challenges facing CMOs today.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: A Vibrant Life at Seventy-Five

Dwayne Chambers, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation, discussed how the 75-year-old Krispy Kreme brand has remained relevant in a rapidly changing world without abandoning its core traditions, values, and differentiation.

RadioShack: Looking Back to Move Forward

Lee D. Applbaum, executive vice president, chief marketing officer, RadioShack Corporation, discussed how RadioShack had to reach out to their DIY and electronic hobbyist consumers after a pronounced focus on mobility caused these shoppers to reject the RadioShack brand.

CMO Roundtable

A panel of chief marketing officers from leading global companies discussed the state of television advertising today, inclusive of the key threats and opportunities in leveraging television for growth.

Visa: Going Global 'y' Local

Antonio J. Lucio, global chief marketing, strategy, and corporate development officer, Visa Inc., discussed how Visa is combining global and local strategies to achieve worldwide success.

Kimberly-Clark: Putting the Big "M" in Marketing

Anthony J. Palmer, senior vice president, chief marketing officer, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, discussed the four biggest marketing challenges that consumer products companies are facing today.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Ad Production Dollars

Jillian Gibbs, CEO and Founder, APR, discussed ways to boost the efficiency of marketing investments for ad production without sacrificing the quality of the creative.

Leadership Lessons

Find out what marketers can learn from former Campbell Soup CEO Doug Conant in a Q&A session with ANA Magazine. He discusses how he worked with the brand's marketing department, the average tenure of CMOs, and risk-taking in marketing.

The Future of Marketing

Eight visionaries reveal their predictions for the industry over the next decade. They discuss everything from social to mobile to search to online video.

Public Relations Firms Roundtable

Members of the Council of Public Relations Firms discussed issues related to PR agency compensation models, PR agency overhead, evaluating PR firms, social media, and how procurement and PR firms can better work together.

2011 Mobile Marketing Association CEO & CMO Summit Keynote

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO and VP, Eastman Kodak Company, discussed why senior management should begin to embrace mobile.

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