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If You Open the Black Box of Commercial Post-Production You Will Find Time Savings, Cost Savings, and More

John Lipuma, co-founder and CEO, PostAds Group, and Chris Furse, director, advertising, Burger King Corporation, discussed Burger King's initiatives to move towards production management consolidation.

Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation Act

Jim Starzynski, principal engineer and audio architect at NBC Universal, discussed an industry-wide effort to gain acceptance of a comprehensive plan created to mitigate the problem of commercial loudness.

Trends in Centralized TV Production: From Versioning to Complete Production Management

Peter Kuhn, managing director, Tag USA, and Kate Sturgess, group head of broadcast, Tag USA, discussed the trends surrounding centralized (also known as decoupled) TV production.

Production in the Digital Era

Leading production consultants discussed the challenges of and best practices for TV and video production in the digital era, including digital vs. film, integrated campaigns, the role of agencies, and agency producers.

Ask the ANA: Production Guidelines for TV

This article provides advertisers with a checklist to help assess the overall production process.

Shooting With HD File-Based Cameras: What Are the Application and Implications?

Nick Carmen, Post Production Specialist, Radiant Images spoke about the implications of shooting commercials with HD file-based cameras.

Getting to Great Commercial Production

Deb Giampoli, Director of Global Strategic Agency Relations at Kraft, discussed a top ten list for getting great commercial production.

P&G Productions: A History of Programming/Marketing Innovation

This presentation examines the following: What is P&G Productions?, P&G Productions evolution and value, and Power of engaging/ connecting with the consumer through innovation.

Advertising Production Managers/Consultants — In the Brave New World of Automation, Outsourcing, and Media Fragmentation

In this presentation Mark Huffman of Procter & Gamble discussed the future of advertising production manager/consultants in new areas beyond TV.

"Firm Bid" Versus "Cost-Plus Bid" Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, three production experts talk about the pros and cons of using a firm-bid bidding process versus a cost-plus process.

High Definition 101

In this presentation,Nguyen shares the most effective technologies, including High Definition Television (HDTV) for complete end-to-end workflow efficiency.

LaserPacific: Post Production Solutions

This presentation explores various post-production solutions including the use of HD formats and digital projection.

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