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Jumping Orca Tablet Ad

Destination BC employed rich media to help potential tourists experience British Columbia by interacting with its whales in Jumping Orca ads designed specifically for tablets.

justWink American Greetings App

American Greetings created a mobile app to promote its new line of customizable greeting cards and reach a younger audience.

Kettler S-FIT App

Kettler created an app that connected to its racing bike, allowing users to track how many calories would be needed to burn off a specific meal or set up virtual races with other users.

Khai Xuân Nhu

Coca-Cola was the first brand to use cross-mobile integration to create new experiences for mobile users.

Kidspot Messaging Campaign

Using mobile analytics to measure response to messaging, Kidspot tracked, reviewed, and acted upon a wealth of granular data to increase the number of conversions for its BumpWatch app.

Kiehl’s Alerts

Kiehl’s was looking for a way to bring in more customers to its stores, and leaned on the geo-fence to help corral its fans.

L’Oréal Paris USA Digital Platform

L’Oréal Paris went to great lengths to optimize its website across all devices and create a personalized experience as unique to each of its visitors as their own beauty.

LadyLucks Second-Screen Advertising

LadyLucks, a mobile-only U.K. casino, used four different marketing initiatives to drive traffic to its site and increase revenue.

Life’s a Photo — Take it.

To demonstrate the superior quality of photos from Samsung’s Galaxy Camera over pictures from simple Android phone cameras, a social media photo campaign highlighted consumer photos and a feeling of online stardom.

Livable App, Powered by Google

Google created an innovative app to help house hunters choose the neighborhood that best suited their tastes and lifestyles.

Live for Now Mobile Site

Pepsi used a streamlined mobile site attached to ads to increase user engagement with the brand and its various social media sites.

Live Game Integration

Choice Hotels partnered with Major League Baseball to deliver a live game interactive app to drive brand awareness and consumer engagement.

Magnum Mini Moment

Magnum Mini enticed busy consumers to make the time for small pleasures by creating a mobile app personality test that matched consumers with their ideal Magnum flavor.

Magnum: In Pursuit of Pleasure

To improve participation in its annual Dream Prize competition, Magnum launched a multi-format interactive campaign featuring the popular Turkish actor Kivanç Tatlituğ.

Magnum: Pleasure for Free

Magnum premium ice cream sponsored paid TV programs in Turkey, granting free access to fans’ favorite shows.

Make it With a Lifeguard

For Sauza Sparkling Margaritas to interact with consumers and build a database of potential customers, an in-store tablet campaign called “Make it With a Lifeguard” was designed to appeal especially to women aged 25 to 40.

MasterCard MIYAMO

MasterCard’s MIYAMO gives people an identity based on their personal music choices.

Michelin Mobile Site

Michelin needed a way to boost engagement on its mobile site, so it created a new, more adaptive site to address the problem.

Microsoft Dynamics: Human Potential

To promote its Microsoft Dynamics product among business decision-makers, Microsoft created an app that generated nametags for users based on their skills and achievements, not job titles.

Miller Lite: Mobile Shuffleboard

Miller Lite created a mobile ad that housed a shuffleboard game to raise awareness of its new Pilsner bottle.

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