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Mobile In-Store Research: How In-Store Shoppers Are Using Mobile Devices

This study, done in conjunction with the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research, seeks to uncover the role and opportunities for mobile in the shopping experience.

Mobile Path to Purchase: Five Key Findings

In our constantly connected world, consumers rely on smartphones more than ever to help them shop for products and services. Google partnered with Nielsen to better understand consumers’ mobile habits in the shopping process.

Getting to Know Your 2013 Holiday Customers

To identify what trends will determine consumer spending and behavior during the 2013 holiday season, Google commissioned Ipsos MediaCT to survey thousands of shoppers, asking them what gifts they intended to buy and how.

Proof That Online Search Ads Can Boost Offline Store Sales

A milestone meta-analysis of experiments with 13 top U.S. retailers, conducted by Applied Predictive Technologies, proves that search ads drive incremental offline sales.

Levi’s Shoppable Magazine

Levi’s partnered with Flipboard to create an immersive experience with curated content and mobile shopping ability to reach its fashionable consumers.

Magic Mittens

IKEA turned Norway’s cold weather to its advantage by supporting a digital catalog launch with a product that allowed consumers to use any pair of mittens or gloves to interact with touchscreen devices.

Leveraging Consumer Insights and Measurement to Create Content that Wins in Digital

Reid Greenberg, director of digital marketing strategy and e-commerce at Seventh Generation, shared insights from Seventh Generation’s success in digital and e-commerce.

Vistaprint Transitions to a Customer-Centric Approach with a New Brand Strategy

Bridget O’Brien, vice president of brand, marketing communications, and content at Vistaprint, shared how the online print provider is transitioning to a customer-centric strategy to drive growth and retention.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

Jonathan Greene and Cindy Pound discussed the importance of user experience in mobile, and shared key case studies, results, and actionable takeaways for marketers to leverage for the future.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

In this presentation, Jonathan Greene and Cindy Pound discussed the importance of user experience in mobile, and shared key case studies, results, and actionable takeaways for marketers to leverage for the future.

Navigating The Programmatic World

Using programmatic marketing, discover the story of an ad's step by step journey to its relevant customer.

Best Buy Back to College

Best Buy created a back-to-school mobile ad campaign that utilized location technology, real-time inventory feeds, and express mobile purchasing.

Cox Communications Mobile Site

Cox Communications, an Atlanta-based cable company, utilized a mobile commerce site to drive sales and satisfy the needs of “ready-to-buy” customers.

Flipboard Social Catalog

Levi’s reintroduced its brand to a younger, more tech-savvy audience by creating a campaign with Flipboard, the world’s first social magazine for iPad, iPhone, and Android, making the first curated, shoppable brand magazine.


NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland added a functionality to its existing mobile app that allows customers to withdraw cash from ATMs without using their cards.

Gucci Mobile Website

Gucci built a mobile website to drive sales to attract affluent consumers who are always on the go.

Home Entertainment Holiday

HBO used a mobile redemption campaign to drive sales of its DVDs and Blu-Rays during the holiday season.

iGaranti Payment with QR

Garanti Bank’s iGaranti app offers its consumers many different financial services, including the option to use a virtual wallet for online and offline transactions.

IndiaMART Mobile Management System

IndiaMART is a company that handles over $1.5 billion in sales each year, and needed to simplify the way it managed the buyers and suppliers to improve the process for all parties involved.

iTunes Top-Up

Swiss bank PostFinance made a successful foray into the digital goods market with the development and launch of an iTunes credit-purchasing functionality for its mobile banking app.

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