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Gator Versus

Consumers wanted more than utilitarian vehicles they wanted adrenaline-charged, high-performance equipment. The campaign to launch Deeres reentry to the market with a high-performance machine not only challenged long-held perceptions that the Gator was simply a workhorse, it also moved the brand from fifth to second in market share and grew unit sales by 33 percent.

How the New Hyundai Veloster and a Re-Imagined Launch Impacted Culture

Hyundai’s desire to move from “value to valuable” and gain sales share with younger buyers came to a head with the launch of the sporty Hyundai Veloster. To connect with younger buyers, Hyundai positioned the Veloster as creative partner brought to life by a series of original content aimed to challenge the young creative class to re-imagine their passion points.

In-Hotel Credit Card Acquisition

Less than half of one percent of Priority Club ® Select Visa® (the loyalty program’s credit card of the InterContinental Hotels Group) cardholders are acquired every year from the in-hotel channel. With 3,500 hotels in the Americas and 48,000 loyalty program members checking in everyday, this performance was abysmal. We set out to re-imagine what this channel could and should do.

Measuring the Intensity of a Media Sponsorship

Sprite has a long-standing 26-year relationship with the NBA, and have been the title sponsor for the Slam Dunk Competition for the last 12. However, it came time to refresh the sponsorship and create a way to better engage the audience. In 2012, we introduced the Slam Dunk Intensity Meter helping Sprite earn over 171 million additional media impressions during the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend.

More More and More

In a world of daily hotel discounts, Embassy Suites Hotels took the road less traveled. Instead of buying the business, they set out to earn it by building the value of the brand. The campaign drove a 3.4 percent increase in YOY bookings, and exceeded goals in both brand advocacy and brand linkage.

Power of Today

Cleveland Clinic awareness in NE Ohio was nearly 100 percent, and on a global scale, it is seen as one of the world's finest. Local competitors took to the air en mass, watering seeds of doubt. We fired back, not as number 1, but as a collection of Caregivers, committed to giving you the care you need.

Proud Sponsor of Moms

For 175 years, P&G, the company, was always the silent giant behind its many powerful brands. The Olympics gave P&G an opportunity to have a point of view that would resonate with millions of people. P&G is not in the business of helping athletes be better athletes. But they are in the business of helping their moms. P&G would celebrate mom and thank her for all that she does.

Sabemos que te va a encantar. (We know you're going to love it.)

After almost six years without dedicated marketing efforts and ensuing declines in consumption, KRAFT set out to reconnect KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese with less acculturated Hispanics. The objective of this campaign was to reach Hispanics through in-language communications and prove the effectiveness of dedicated efforts in four local test markets.

Snapdragon Presents: The Bug Circus Generator

To bring awareness to the power efficiency of Snapdragon mobile microprocessors, the brand created the Bug Circus Generator, powering a smartphone with tiny insects on circus equipment. The campaign ran through YouTube video and Facebook tab components. The video increased awareness and generated worldwide publicity around a relatively unknown brand to consumers.

Stove Top Stuffing: It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving

Stove Top Stuffing had a problem. People only bought it once a year, at Thanksgiving. So, we created the Stove Top "Its not just for Thanksgiving" campaign to get people eating it year round. However, some pilgrims caught wind of the effort and were none too happy about it. The pilgrims admonished people to wait until Thanksgiving.

The New Possible

The Olympics is the greatest show on earth and its sponsors do all they can to match its pomp, circumstance, and spectacle. AT&T wanted to do more than mimic the scale and ambition of the Games. It wanted to enhance fans' experiences.

The New Way to Pay in Quebec

In 2011 Capital One started offering credit cards in Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec, where the brand was virtually unknown, and almost everyone already had credit cards. The Coureurs des bois campaign was built on the insight that Capital One had to position its competitors as the "Old Way", and itself as the "New Way" to pay in Quebec.

The Next Big Thing is Already Here

In 2011, Samsung had a great product but a brand problem. No one saw the Samsung Galaxy II as an industry-leading innovator. We set out to build innovation equity for Samsung and establish it as the alpha Android brand. To do this, we challenged the category leader turning the Smartphone debate into a two-horse race.

TNT’s Dallas Season 1 Campaign

TNT leveraged the equity of Dallas and modernized the icon on relevant platforms. The goal was to make the show relevant to a new, younger audience and to tap into the nostalgia of the original. TNT created a campaign that was highly social and engaged fans and was viral in nature. Dallas premiered as the highest rated scripted cable show of 2012 to date.

Win Small

To its core MINI is a feisty underdog. For a brand that has grown steadily over the past decade despite being outsized and outspent by most other car companies, we’re right at home with the moments when someone is about to defy the odds. For us, The Olympic Games would prove to be the biggest stage to celebrate the smallest and unlikely victors, and take the MINI brand to new heights.

Time for Marketers to Stop Drowning in Data and Start Exploring

Despite having vast amount of data at their fingertips--and often because of the complexity of the data at hand--our clients' ability to form these vital connections is oftentimes hindered. In fact, our advertiser clients tell us that despite the ever-increasing amounts of data they have access to, they still have problems answering basic questions.

Hyatt Video Crowdsourcing Case Study

Neil Perry, president of poptent, and Stacy L. Snyder, director, brand experience at Hyatt Master Brand and Hyatt Regency, discussed how marketers can use crowdsourcing to reduce production costs and time to market.

Hyatt Video Crowdsourcing Case Study

Neil Perry, president of poptent, and Stacy L. Snyder, director, brand experience at Hyatt Master Brand and Hyatt Regency, discussed how marketers can use crowdsourcing to reduce production costs and time to market.

4A’s: 2011 Television Production Cost Survey (TVPCS) Executive Summary

This executive summary from the 4A’s 2011 Television Production Cost Survey (TVPCS) provides average cost findings for national 30-second TV spots.

GfK MRI: Video Viewing on Tablets

As part of their digital update video series, GfK MRI shares the latest insights from their iPanel research about video viewing on tablets.

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