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Vicks: How to Sell Thermometers When No One Gets the Flu

Lara Peterson, vice president of marketing, healthcare at Kaz, Inc., and Sarah VanHeirseele, vice president of digital at Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, discussed a fully-integrated campaign for Vicks which featured a hyper-targeted mobile experience to drive moms to retailers to purchase their new thermometer during the lowest flu season on record.

4 Tips to Success: How Gap Got Back On Track

Brands struggling to gain market share often look to “reinvent” themselves as if it’s some kind of panacea. Gap's Seth Farbman took a more purposeful approach and focused his attention on the core assets of the company.

The Quiet Transformation

Brands can work to optimize growth by focusing on what really matters — the people. Bob Liodice, president and CEO at ANA, says the industry will spend the next few years figuring it all out, along with improving measurement capability and unlocking the hidden secrets for successful integrated marketing.

Transforming the Customer Experience

These companies embraced new approaches in customer satisfaction, and the effects on their brands are striking. Learn how Sprint, Oracle, and Eli Lilly created better experiences to win loyal customers.

Walking the Talk

Johnson & Johnson marketer Michael Sneed champions deep and wide connections. He’s become a bold industry champion, leading the cause, and rallying colleagues to embrace diversity.

Smart Data Series: Accurate Data is Smart Data

This paper focuses on the importance of accurate data in the smart data construct. eXelate discusses why data accuracy is critical to marketers, how to achieve it, and best practices in maintaining more accurate data on an ongoing basis. and Mobile Commons: Activation Through Data-Driven SMS Engagement

Marah Lidey, digital engagement manager at, and Sam McKelvie, head of mobile strategy at Mobile Commons, shared how they engage and retain teens as well as measure and expand’s programs with teens via mobile messaging. and Mobile Commons: Activation Through Data-Driven SMS Engagement

In this presentation, Marah Lidey, digital engagement manager at, and Sam McKelvie, head of mobile strategy at Mobile Commons, shared how they engage and retain teens as well as measure and expand’s programs with teens via mobile messaging.

The Engagement Project: Ways for Marketers to Win in the New Normal

In this article Google examines the explosion of opportunities for marketers to drive engagement with consumers in an increasingly digital world.

Banking on Customer Growth through Technology

In this Q&A, Arthur Smith, EVP & CMO, Union Bank, and David Macdonald, VP of financial services, SAS, discuss building brand and customer loyalty and how technology is changing the role of the CMO.

Leverage Marketing Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Improved marketing analytics can help marketers to understand why consumers make the choices that they do. However, keeping up with all the data consumers generate daily remains a challenge.

Analytics in Real-Time Online Marketing

Obtaining real-time online insights in order to better interact with the consumer while they are shopping has been a challenge for marketers for some time, but that may soon change thanks to new advances in technology.

Improving ROI with Marketing Optimization

Engaging in marketing optimization activities gives marketers the ability to plan and prioritize customer interactions.

Got Digital? How to Enhance the Performance of Your National Brand’s Co-Op Advertising Program

This report from Balihoo provides marketers with five steps for integrating digital into existing co-op marketing programs.

The Rise of the Savvy Shopper: The Impact of the Recession on Customer Loyalty

As a result of the 2008 global economic recession, 64% of consumers in the U.K. now participate in loyalty programs and 66% use coupons or vouchers when shopping.

Why Mobile? Seven Tactics for a Killer Strategy

As mobile marketing grows in importance, marketers must also begin to consider the role that local mobile strategies play in their mix.

A Hunt for Happiness delivers happiness by surprising consumers with the unexpected lengths they will go to put a smile on their face. The Happy Hunt delivered happiness to an entire community — Portland, Oregon, rated by some as the unhappiest city in America.

Be One with the Wild

The Atlanta Boy Scouts needed to stop a declining trend of poor annual recruitment numbers that has lead to packs shutting down and brought funding to halt. And their only means of recruitment is a poster in elementary school hallways. They would need something that would stop young boys in their tracks and make the Boy Scouts cool and relevant again.

Be The Thunder

The Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team needed to overcome its fair-weather fan syndrome and engage a fan base to impact ticket sales. By asking fans to Be The Thunder, we energized the brand and its fans, ultimately increasing attendance, engagement and season ticket sales, despite fewer wins that season.

Break Up

Feminine Care category leader P&G saw U by Kotex's (UBK) successful launch as a threat. In response, they unveiled an attack campaign targeting the effectiveness of UBK's products, slowing trial and hurting girls' confidence in UBK. UBK called attention to issues in the category and asked girls to demand better by "breaking up" with their current products and trying something new.

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