Integrated Marketing

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Promotion Marketing Association: Integrated Marketing Discussion

Bonnie Carlson, president, Promotion Marketing Association (PMA), discussed the PMA's efforts to better promote and understand integrated marketing.

Medill Student Case Studies: Best Buy and Condé Nast

Professors at Northwestern University's Medill graduate program in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) led their students in a discussion of how IMC learnings were successfully applied to two very tough challenges being faced by Best Buy and Condé Nast.

The New Media Mix: Connecting the Dots in a Multi-Screen Environment

Vince Messina, senior director of west region sales at Microsoft Advertising, discussed why marketers must evolve to succeed in reaching consumers across multiple screens.

Kraft Case Study: Global IMC Awards and Hockeyville

Edward Bayer, director, media planning, Kraft Foods, Inc., discussed Kraft's Global IMC Awards program, which celebrates the most impactful and innovative integrated marketing campaign plans across all Kraft brands worldwide.

New, Newer, Newest: Evolving Stages of IMC

Don Schultz, president of Agora, Inc. and professor emeritus of service at Northwestern University's Medill School, discussed how integrated marketing communications has evolved since the 1980s and presented new approaches for today's marketers.

New, Newer, Newest: Evolving Stages of IMC

Don Schultz, president of Agora, Inc. and professor emeritus of service at Northwestern University's Medill School, discussed how integrated marketing communications has evolved since the 1980s and presented new approaches for today's marketers.

Merrill Lynch Case Study: Integrating Strategic Marketing Platform Across Organizations and Business Processes

Representatives from Merrill Lynch and the Boathouse Group, discussed the evolution of the Merrill Lynch brand from 2000-2007.

Using Digital Marketing Communications More Effectively

Jim Garrity and Kerry O'Conner from Bellwether Digital Bridge presented key findings of surveys on digital media companies and offered actionable suggestions for working with your digital media company.

How Ten Really Bad Clichés Can Lead to Great Integrated Marketing

MaryAnn Bekkedahl, Group Publisher at Rodale, discussed ten clichés that actually work in integrated marketing.

Advertisers Disappointed With Marketing Integration

These materials share the results of the 2003 ANA/Blueprint survey on managing integrated marketing communications resources.

3Dudes Gone 3D

3Dudes Gone 3D is an engineering software advertising campaign. Its main goal was to increase brand awareness and continue to help build community among design engineers in a highly competitive category.

A Whole Different Animal

The Frontier brand needed to be built from the ground up; increasing brand awareness while fending off current and unforeseen competition that threatened to erode market share and growth. The brand's campaign strategy allowed it to create an unparalleled emotional bond in the cold, uncaring airline industry.


In January 2009, in the depths of America's worst economy since the Great Depression, Hyundai managed to sell 14 percent more cars than the same period in 2008. The Assurance campaign bolstered consumer confidence by removing the financial risk from buying a new car, and as a result, drove positive brand perception as well as sales.

Bauer is Back

Bauer was sold by Nike and with that lost the marketing power of the swoosh. We leveraged the heritage and strength of the Bauer brand and connected directly to the people who brought them to the industry leading position — the players. The result — Bauer became stronger, more profitable and the most talked about brand in hockey.

Can The Atlantic Turn a Profit?

The Atlantic magazine was an old and stodgy institution. Its circulation was stagnant. It was losing money. Rather than trying to convince people that The Atlantic wasn't as dull as they feared, we set our ambitions much higher: to become the source of mental stimulation so many craved; to bring back deep, nuanced-thinking; to incite people to Think. Again.

Carfun Footprint

In 2008, one in four people considering the MINI were also cross-shopping the Prius. Cultural values were clearly moving toward being more environmentally responsible, and the fun of driving was getting lost in the shuffle. The Carfun Footprint campaign proved that you don't have to sacrifice fun in order to be green.


Phillips Distilling literally invented flavored vodka in the 1950s. Unfortunately, the only people still drinking Phillips' flavored vodka 60 years later were also born in the 1950s. Enter UV: our ultra-hip, ultra-violet re-invention of this dusty spirit; and a glowing example of what happens when you get into the hands (and down the throats) of 21-30 year old trendsetters.


United Technologies is a 58 billion dollar company that few people knew about. We needed to get Wall Street investors to take notice of this solid diversified industrial in a way that would inspire them to research, recommend and purchase United Technologies stock — with serious levels of investment.

Do You Know Your Number?

ING needed to a 10-20 percent improvement in key brand metrics with a 2.5 percent SOV during a period when trust in financial institutions was at an all time low. ING encouraged consumers to find their number — the amount of money they needed to save to retire the way they want. They made 'the number' an arresting, evocative icon and used a media strategy that maximized each dollar.

Dogs Just Know

In 2008, Pup-Peroni faced 20 straight months of declining share with their primary competitor dominating the marketplace in both share of media and consumer perception. Pup-Peroni was repositioned to evoke a more emotionally relevant relationship connected to an ownable reason to buy.

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