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  • Giving Teeth to Agency Evaluations

    Forward   September 22, 2022  

    Creating an effective action plan takes a focused effort, but when done well, it can strengthen client–agency relationships and lead to better work with greater returns. Here are the key elements to a good action plan and the steps required to build one.

  • How NI Used Change Management to Sell Its Updated Brand Purpose Internally

    Podcast Shorts   September 20, 2022  

    Tabitha Upshaw, senior director of brand, reputation, and impact at NI, shared how she and her team successfully sold the organization’s updated brand purpose to the staff, ensuring everyone bought in and began to use the purpose as the lens through which they make every decision.

  • Back to Basics for Agency-Client Relations?

    Champions of Growth   September 13, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Caroline Reed, founder and CEO of Creed Consulting, about how to improve agency-client relations and stem the growing tide of agency account reviews among brands and organizations of all stripes.

  • 2022 In-House Creative Report

    Knowledge Partners   September 13, 2022  

    This benchmarking report from Cella strives to gain insights into industry standards and best practices for in-house agencies, which will support marketers in driving business decisions and validating the direction of their efforts.

  • When Brands Break Up

    ANA Magazine   September 9, 2022  

    Companies that break up into smaller companies create challenges for marketers. At the same time, breakups can enable brand marketers to align more closely with the goals of the new entity and compete more effectively against scrappier brands.

  • Stars Shed a Different Light on Advertising

    ANA Magazine   August 26, 2022  

    Celebrity-run ad agencies continue to proliferate, offering brands an unorthodox approach to marketing and advertising strategies. But while celebrity shops run by the likes of Shaquille O'Neal, Dwyane Wade, and Tony Hawk bring a certain glow to the table, brand managers need to approach such agencies with eyes wide open and make sure they're in sync with the brand's goals and objectives.

  • The Value of a Solid Scope of Work Program

    Forward   August 25, 2022  

    A concise document describing the major initiatives and tangible deliverables the agency has been tasked to undertake and that details what is both in and out of scope helps avoid uncomfortable conversations later in the year (or project) when perspectives diverge. But sometimes overlooked is the effect a good scope has across the broader organization.

  • Is Your Preferred Partner Program Painful or Prosperous?

    Knowledge Partners   August 19, 2022  

    Agency Mania Solutions highlighted the value to brands of preferred partner programs, also known as P3.

  • Looking for Better Agency Relationships? Ask Better Questions.

    Knowledge Partners   August 15, 2022  

    Agency Mania Solutions offered sample questions that can valuably be used to guide planning and scope alignment, briefing, and agency reviews.

  • Marketing Operations

    Ask the Expert Answers   August 10, 2022  

    What are trends in marketing operations? How are marketing operations managed?

  • Guidelines for Diverse Media Suppliers When Doing Business with Buyers (Agencies and Marketers)

    Research Reports   August 9, 2022  

    Over the past year there has been an increased impetus from the ad industry to support diverse suppliers. The purpose of this guidance is to help buyers (agencies and marketers) and diverse media suppliers improve their ways of working together.

  • Procurement 2022: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Research Reports   July 28, 2022  

    In 2010, the ANA published a landmark report on the state of marketing procurement and measured practices and perceptions among professionals in three functional areas. In 2022, we repeated and built upon this prior research to track progress (or lack thereof).

  • The Legal Issues Involved in Producing Advertising Content

    Event Recaps   July 27, 2022  

    Samantha Rothaus, associate at Davis+Gilbert LLP, reviewed important legal issues and potential liabilities that arise during commercial productions. She outlined budgeting and bidding considerations, talent and union obligations, matters of insurance, and more.

  • How to Build an In-House Agency

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 19, 2022  

    How can my brand bring media or creative in-house?

  • Marketing Success Is All in the Timing

    ANA Magazine   July 15, 2022  

    As marketers’ roles expand to encompass customer experience, product innovation, content marketing, and data analytics, among other areas, how one manages their time will be increasingly important to keeping crucial goals on track. There are a handful of steps marketers can take to beat the clock, some of them hiding in plain sight.

  • 2022 ANA In-House Excellence Awards Virtual Presentation of Winners

    Conference Sessions   July 14, 2022  

    The 2022 ANA In-House Excellence Awards Virtual Presentation of Winners celebrated and presented awards to winners representing top-performing in-house agencies who were focused on driving demonstrable business growth.

  • E&J Gallo Winery: Creating and Balancing Success in a House of Many Brands

    Event Recaps   June 29, 2022  

    Michelle Clark, senior director of creative at E&J Gallo Winery, discussed some of the core practices required to serve a plethora of brands and stakeholders, including flexible resourcing models, chargeback funding, collaboration with agencies, and the importance of account management.

  • In-Housing at T-Mobile: A Story of Transformation and Value Creation

    Event Recaps   June 29, 2022  

    T-Mobile and in-housing consulting partner Media.Monks explained how they created an in-housing strategy and executed a smooth transition through collaboration based on openness, flexibility, and an unparalleled focus on people.

  • How To Build Your In-House Agency for True Success

    Industry Insights   June 14, 2022  

    With the promise of higher Marketing Return On Investment, MROI, the shift of work from external agencies to the in-house agency model continues to increase. It’s an easy model to justify — if the in-house delivers.

  • How Do Marketers Express Digital Empathy?

    Champions of Growth   June 10, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Brian Solis, VP-global innovation evangelist at Salesforce, about digital empathy, or how online marketing and advertising connect to the person behind the data.