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  • What is the Sustainability Revolution and How Can Brands Capitalize on It?

    Podcast Clips   May 30, 2023  

    Justin Bean, a leading sustainability strategist and “pragmatic optimist,” discussed what the sustainability revolution is and the ways in which brands can capitalize on the moment.

  • What the Federal Government Can Teach Companies About Commitment

    Industry Insights   May 25, 2023  

    The private sector seems to be at an inflection point. Back in 2019, 181 CEOs representing leading U.S. companies — including many of the world’s largest advertisers — declared that the modern corporation had a responsibility to not just shareholders, but to everyone.

  • How HMI Has Raised Critical Funds and Staff Morale with This Fun Twist on a CSR Program

    Podcast Clips   May 24, 2023  

    On the Beyond Profit podcast, Nora Finnerty, marketing content specialist at HMI, outlined some of the benefits that have resulted from integrating corporate social responsibility into the brand’s travel incentive program, including raising overall staff morale and raising nearly $90,000 for neighborhoods in need.

  • It’s Time for Marketing to Take the Lead on Sustainable Business Practices

    Industry Insights   May 22, 2023  

    Sustainability is undoubtedly all the rage for B2C and B2B organizations as a new wave of environmentally-conscious consumers puts their money where their mouths are. Some 70 percent of shoppers say they would pay more for environmentally responsible brands.

  • The Hidden Cost of Digital Advertising

    Knowledge Partners   May 22, 2023  

    "The Hidden Cost of Digital Advertising" report by Ebiquity and Scope3 provides global industry benchmarks for carbon emissions measurement and recommends reallocating investments to high-quality journalism for more effective and lower-emission ads.

  • The Rise of Youth Giving

    Event Recaps   May 17, 2023  

    sparks & honey's Future of Giving report pinpoints five key cultural trends disrupting the Future of Giving, including the rise of youth giving.

  • Sustainability’s Impact on Market Growth

    Money Slides   May 16, 2023  

    Sustainable Brands uses pie charts to visualize how products marketed as sustainable, while only making up 16 percent of the market, represent 55 percent of market growth, dramatizing the impact that sustainability can have on the bottom line.

  • Consumers’ Desire for Sustainability: A Data Roundup

    Money Slides   May 16, 2023  

    Sustainable Brands offers an array of statistics demonstrating the prevalence of people’s desire to live and buy sustainably.

  • Industry Primer for Management: Can Your Brand Profit from the Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition (IRR) Market?

    Knowledge Partners   May 16, 2023  

    EEA’s Bruce Bolger has compiled a comprehensive guide to the incentive, rewards, and recognition (IRR) market for marketers and business owners to help determine if your brand’s products and services have what it takes to succeed in the emerging world of engagement and rewards and recognition in business, event, promotional gifting and rewards, and motivational meetings.

  • Live Nation and Liquid Death Bring #DeathToPlastic

    REGGIE Awards   May 16, 2023  

    Live Nation and Liquid Death entered into a strategic partnership to create #DeathToPlastic, a partnership aimed to remove single-use plastics across Live Nation venues and festivals.

  • Different Generations' Commitment to Sustainability, by the Numbers

    Money Slides   May 11, 2023  

    Dentsu shares data from a GWI research study that illuminates the attitudes toward sustainability maintained by baby boomers, generation X, millennials, and generation Z.

  • Sources of Carbon Emissions in Ad Impressions

    Money Slides   May 11, 2023  

    Environmental data provider Scope3 calculates what percentages of the ad-impression ecosystem’s carbon emissions are attributable to ad selection processes, creative distribution, media distribution, and consumers’ devices.

  • Programmatic Advertising's Carbon Emission Output

    Money Slides   May 10, 2023  

    Environmental data provider Scope3 calculates the carbon emissions produced by the programmatic advertising executed in five major economies.

  • Best Practices for More Sustainable Marketing

    Event Recaps   April 27, 2023  

    Dentu’s Gaurav Gupta shared tips on how companies can effectively communicate sustainability efforts and use their marketing to encourage consumers to embrace more eco-friendly habits in their daily lives.

  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Advertising

    Conference Session Videos   April 26, 2023  

    The marketing of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) messaging has created legal challenges for brands and agencies. In this video, a panel examines the latest enforcement activity, trends in self-regulation, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) process of revising its Green Guides.

  • Your Green Toolkit for Earth Day and Every Day

    Webinar Rewinds   April 20, 2023  

    In this webinar, the ANA’s Center for Ethical Marketing teamed up with the Sustainability Collective to discuss why it's important to prioritize the environment in advertising and how companies can effectively communicate sustainability efforts to their customers.

  • The ANA Sustainability Collective: Industry Update

    Industry Insights   April 17, 2023  

    As sustainability becomes more common to marketing practices across the U.S. and the globe, the question of how to drive growth remains central. At the ANA, we believe sustainable, inclusive marketing practices are a significant growth driver for organizations across industries. We also believe marketers and their supply chain partners have a responsibility to drive positive impact on people and planet alongside business growth.

  • Key Takeaways: Global CMO Growth Council Regional Leadership Forum | APAC

    CMO Content   April 12, 2023  

    The ANA Global CMO Growth Council, together with partners Cannes LIONS and Dentsu APAC, convened a select group of CMOs and brand leaders to elevate two areas of opportunity that will fuel growth for marketers – Creativity and Sustainability.

  • Sustainability and Marketing Earth Day & Beyond

    Pulse   April 11, 2023  

    Tips for sustainable marketing

  • Spring into Your Marketing Campaigns with Green Tips for Earth Day and Every Day

    Ethics Issue Alerts   April 6, 2023  

    As we approach Earth Day, April 22 2023, it is a good time to act as businesses, organizations, and consumers to maximize our limited resources, reduce our carbon footprint, and build trust in our industry as one that respects the environment.