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  • These Award-Winning Brands Lead with Purpose

    Industry Insights   September 29, 2022  

    Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar has expounded eloquently on this imperative. In an episode of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose’s podcast Beyond Profit, he explained: “As a marketer, you're in a very privileged position. You have access, you have the resources, you have influence, and you have capabilities to shape the cultures of societies. I think all the privilege comes with responsibility. The responsibility is to do something good for the society. Why do you do it? Because it's politically correct? Or because it gives you some better return for your business? You do good because you're in a position to do good. And in the process you do well.”

  • The Future is Mainstream Green: Introducing a New Growth Strategy

    Research Reports   September 23, 2022  

    This report, part of the CMO Sustainability Accelerator, outlines a roadmap for how to achieve “Mainstream Green” — defined as driving sustainable choices by all consumers, not just those who are moved by sustainable claims.

  • Patagonia Has Set a New Precedent

    Industry Insights   September 15, 2022  

    Patagonia embodies brand purpose. Now more than ever. The company’s founder made the rare decision to transfer the ownership of the company to a trust and nonprofit organization, rather than sell it for a profit, as reported by the New York Times.

  • This Data-Driven Campaign by Walgreens Saved Thousands of Lives

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 29, 2022  

    In the face of a public health crisis, Walgreens created a tool that allowed the brand to identify individuals who were likely to want to receive a COVID-19 vaccine before they had even begun to seek out an appointment to receive one.

  • How This Company Is Taking Action Against Air Pollution

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 27, 2022  

    Otrivin is the world leader in nasal decongestion, with strong nasal health expertise and consumer understanding. Otrivin has taken action to reduce the health impact of air pollution by providing easy-to-adopt actions that enable people to take control.

  • B2B Going Green

    Industry Insights   August 4, 2022  

    If the peril currently faced by the planet was not enough to impress upon marketers the importance of sustainable business practices, they have had that importance underscored for them by one of their industry’s leaders, namely, Marc Pritchard. ANA Newsstand has quoted the chief brand officer of Procter & Gamble insisting that "marketing is in a state of disruption, and people expect more from brands and companies. They expect us to do good for society and for the planet. Brands really have the opportunity and responsibility to step up and do good — and do so in a way that's good for growth."

  • Trane Technologies Uses Omni-Channel Campaign to Share New Purpose and Engage Key Audiences

    B2 Awards   July 16, 2022  

    With the goal of raising awareness of itself as the enterprise brand for Trane and ThermoKing, Trane Technologies developed a new brand purpose and produced a campaign to share it that was centered around engaging video creative, which was served to key audiences via a number of different channels.

  • Cisco Human x Nature: Helping Businesses Achieve Sustainability

    B2 Awards   July 10, 2022  

    Cisco launched a campaign educating IT leaders on how its smart building solutions can help companies reduce their carbon impact and drive business performance.

  • VP of Brand Engagement at Denny’s on TikTok-Inspired Menu

    Industry Insights   July 1, 2022  

    COVID-19 caused a significant category-wide decline in in-store traffic, with consumers spending more time engaging with a brand’s digital presence, ordering delivery, and spending more time on social in general - with TikTok playing a starring role. We needed to generate #FOMO for the brand to drive traffic back in-store once COVID-19 receded. To do so, we worked with 24 up-and-coming TikTok stars to act as hype machines to welcome the world back to Denny’s, co-collaborating on unique menu items and social/digital content to drive urgency among their social communities and re-ignite crave for our food.

  • Connecting to Gen Z Purposefully

    Greater Good   June 20, 2022  

    An environmental activist, social entrepreneur, and artist, 22-year-old Maya Penn has already launched a sustainable fashion brand and a related nonprofit organization, among other noteworthy accomplishments. She shares her perspective on how brands can best weave purpose into their business and speak to the concerns of gen Z.

  • Turning Trash into Jet Fuel? How United Is Leveraging Green Initiatives to Build Better Campaigns

    Podcast Shorts   June 14, 2022  

    United's Maggie Schmerin explains how she and her team are working to get the message out about some of the airline's green initiatives, like its quest to turn garbage into jet fuel or its investment in a massive carbon sequestration program.

  • Roadmap to Becoming a Sustainable Brand

    Event Recaps   May 25, 2022  

    Sustainable Brands defined “sustainability” and “sustainable brand” and outlined an approach to becoming sustainable.

  • Nine Sustainable Behaviors

    Event Recaps   May 25, 2022  

    Sustainable Brands gave advice to consumers and brands looking to become more sustainable.

  • Finding Your Brand Purpose by Turning Yourself Inside Out

    Conference Sessions   May 24, 2022  

    In this video, Land O’Lakes shared how it’s acting on its mission to drive sustainable business practices across the farming industry and driving positive impact in the world.

  • Finding Your Brand Purpose by Turning Yourself Inside Out

    Event Recaps   May 24, 2022  

    Land O’Lakes shared how it’s acting on its mission to drive sustainable business practices across the farming industry and driving positive impact in the world.

  • Marketing Sustainability in a High Inflation Economy

    Webinars   May 11, 2022  

    In this webinar, R3's Greg Paull reviewed the challenges of marketing sustainability and highlighted best practices in measuring the effectiveness and role of specialist partners.

  • Foursquare Insights: Sustainable Consumer Behavior

    Knowledge Partners   April 29, 2022  

    To better understand how Americans are approaching sustainable living, Foursquare examined foot traffic patterns alongside self-reported survey data to analyze the shifts in consumers’ efforts in becoming sustainable in various aspects of life — transportation, food consumption, and shopping habits.

  • How Brands Enhance Their Sustainability Efforts

    Champions of Growth   April 19, 2022  

    In the latest episode of Champions of Growth, Procter & Gamble's Virginie Helias speaks with host Matthew Schwartz about how brands and organizations can enhance their sustainability efforts and develop a corporate framework, so environmentalism is built into the organization and not bolted on.

  • Brand and Sustainability: The Planet, People, and Society

    Ask the Expert Answers   April 13, 2022  

    How are brands embracing and promoting sustainability?

  • Heroes at Zero: How Marketers Can Help Companies Reach Their Net Zero Sustainability Targets

    Pulse   April 6, 2022  

    Net0 defines net zero emissions as “the balance between the greenhouse gases that have been emitted and the offsets that have brought those emissions to zero. Zero carbon is when no GHGs were emitted to begin with. Successful carbon reduction strategies include lower emissions targets every year until zero emissions are achieved.