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  • Marketing Sustainability in a High Inflation Economy

    Webinars   May 11, 2022  

    In this webinar, R3's Greg Paull reviewed the challenges of marketing sustainability and highlighted best practices in measuring the effectiveness and role of specialist partners.

  • Foursquare Insights: Sustainable Consumer Behavior

    Knowledge Partners   April 29, 2022  

    To better understand how Americans are approaching sustainable living, Foursquare examined foot traffic patterns alongside self-reported survey data to analyze the shifts in consumers’ efforts in becoming sustainable in various aspects of life — transportation, food consumption, and shopping habits.

  • How Brands Enhance Their Sustainability Efforts

    Champions of Growth   April 19, 2022  

    In the latest episode of Champions of Growth, Procter & Gamble's Virginie Helias speaks with host Matthew Schwartz about how brands and organizations can enhance their sustainability efforts and develop a corporate framework, so environmentalism is built into the organization and not bolted on.

  • Brand and Sustainability: The Planet, People, and Society

    Ask the Expert Answers   April 13, 2022  

    How are brands embracing and promoting sustainability?

  • Heroes at Zero: How Marketers Can Help Companies Reach Their Net Zero Sustainability Targets

    Pulse   April 6, 2022  

    Net0 defines net zero emissions as “the balance between the greenhouse gases that have been emitted and the offsets that have brought those emissions to zero. Zero carbon is when no GHGs were emitted to begin with. Successful carbon reduction strategies include lower emissions targets every year until zero emissions are achieved.

  • Draw the Line Against Malaria

    ECHO Awards   March 29, 2022  

    Malaria No More (MNM) partnered with Nigerian artist and activist Láolú Sebanjo for a global brand campaign aimed at raising awareness, galvanizing communities, and influencing world leaders to take immediate action against malaria.

  • How EsPlásticos Recycled an Entire Museum to Change Public Perceptions About Plastic

    ECHO Awards   March 29, 2022  

    With its “The Plastic Museum” campaign, EsPlásticos constructed a museum made entirely of plastic materials and then dismantled the building one week later, turning the materials into recycled souvenirs that were used to shed light on how plastic can be a positive for the environment when properly recycled.

  • Everyone Can't Do Everything at the Same Time

    ECHO Awards   March 29, 2022  

    Göteborg Energi, a Swedish energy company in Gothenburg, launched a campaign encouraging citizens to moderate their use of electricity, conserving energy and reducing fossil emissions in the process.

  • On a Mission for Plant-Forward Living: A Q&A with Michelle Peterson of Pressed

    Industry Insights   March 15, 2022  

    Twelve years ago Pressed Juicery set out on a mission to pave the way for plant-forward living by making real, healthy food accessible to everyone. Pressed Juicery has now evolved to simply Pressed, expanding to a full array of plant-based foods to keep their customers nourished throughout the day.

  • Corona Is Opening an Island

    ANA Magazine   March 11, 2022  

    Corona Island is taking brand extension to another level. The island, which opens this summer, will offer visitors a slew of environmental lessons that they can apply at home. Felipe Ambra, global VP for Corona at Anheuser-Busch InBev, hopes the destination will also serve as a beacon for other brands eager to accelerate their sustainability efforts.

  • Why Brand Responsibility Should Be Your Priority

    Industry Insights   March 9, 2022  

    Over the past few years, brands have wrestled with the question: What is a brand’s responsibility to consumers and to the world? Based on the amount of ink dedicated to the topic, it’s clear that brands have no easy answer. Whether you want your brand to serve as an advocate for social justice, climate action, or for nothing at all, you can’t escape brand responsibility in 2022.

  • Regulation of Plastics in California

    Event Recaps   February 2, 2022  

    Adam Regele of the California Chamber of Commerce examined recent efforts in California to take a more environmentally friendly approach to the use of plastics.

  • Content Creation in Crisis Culture

    Event Recaps   January 21, 2022  

    Etienne White of Sustainable Brands considered how companies can promote sustainability during the many crises currently facing society.

  • VinFast Leads Has Record-Breaking Pre-Sale Campaign on Vietnam’s First-Ever Electric Vehicle

    Smarties Awards   December 28, 2021  

    VinFast wanted to give the nation of Vietnam its first electric vehicle. With the launch of its VF e34 model, VinFast used organic social media buzz and a PR campaign to drive a pre-order campaign that was likely the most successful in the history of Vietnam.

  • Brewing Change

    In-House Excellence Awards   December 21, 2021  

    The Black community is extremely underrepresented in the brewing industry. Only 0.6 percent of brewers are Black. As a leader in the beer industry, Budweiser set out to take a first step to make change toward a more inclusive future for brewers.

  • Meeting the Sustainability Mandate: Equipping Marketers for Full Systems Change

    Webinars   December 1, 2021  

    Climate change necessitates a full-systems change. In this webinar, learn what this means for marketers and how can we equip brands to drive the adoption of sustainable consumption habits while also conferring a competitive advantage.

  • Beyond Profit Podcast: GM’s Drive for an All-Electric Fleet

    Beyond Profit   November 30, 2021  

    In this episode of Beyond Profit, host Ken Beaulieu welcomes Sarah Schrode, head of entertainment and influencer marketing at GM, and Erin Schmidt, chief product placement officer at Branded Entertainment Network, to discuss GM’s path forward, the value of entertainment marketing, and more.

  • B2B, Sustainability, and Brand Health: Key Considerations for Brand Marketers

    Webinars   November 11, 2021  

    Coinciding with COP26, where world leaders gathered to address the climate crisis, Bloomberg Media explored several questions about the climate through a business lens in this webinar.

  • Marketers Join the Fight Against Climate Change

    ANA Magazine   October 25, 2021  

    The escalating threat posed by climate change has prompted some of the globe’s largest brands to take steps to dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As they bolster their sustainability efforts, marketers must strike a delicate balance between communicating how they’re helping to improve the environment and keeping the focus on the benefits of their products and services.

  • Accelerating Your Brand’s Sustainability Journey

    Event Recaps   October 8, 2021  

    Darren Beck from media thinktank Sustainable Brands offered case studies of the transformative journeys of Clorox, P&G, and other leading brands, providing insight into the best practices and tools available to help brands accelerate their journeys toward true sustainability.