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  • The FTC’s Updates to the Green Guides

    Event Recaps   January 19, 2023  

    Designed by the FTC to offer guidance on the use of environmental marketing claims, the “Green Guides” are shortly set to be revised, and the FTC is seeking public comments. Law firm Reed Smith’s John Feldman provided an overview of some of the areas on which the FTC is seeking those comments.

  • The Award-Winning Campaigns Highlighting Sustainable Practices

    Industry Insights   January 17, 2023  

    The 2022 Multicultural Excellence Awards showcase and highlight campaigns that do just this. Below are some award-winning campaigns that shine a light on sustainability practices.

  • Marketers Need Better Vision Amid Foggy Economy

    B2B Marketer   January 11, 2023  

    Facing an ailing economy, marketers' major priority this year must be creating a "customer health" score, according to a recent Forrester report. But as some companies look to bolster relations with existing customers, others are continuing to pursue net-new leads. Will it backfire?

  • 5 Things That Should Guide Your 2023 Brand Strategy

    Industry Insights   January 5, 2023  

    The pandemic forced brands and business leaders to acknowledge just how little control they have over the direction and rate at which their enterprises evolve. Representing the single greatest impetus for forced evolution in modern times, COVID-19 pulled the tablecloth out from under all of us. Some shattered. Some tipped over. And some stayed standing, thanks to a surer footing and better position than their counterparts.

  • The Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2023

    Industry Insights   January 5, 2023  

    It’s that time of year when we look into the crystal ball to get insight into trends that will impact the way business is done in the year ahead. From my perspective, I see an exciting trove of classics that when combined with newer iterations of AI and chatbots tech will really drive consumer connection. Let’s take a look.

  • The Fashion Industry Needs to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

    Industry Insights   January 4, 2023  

    Current trends in fashion consumption and production cannot be maintained if the industry wants to reduce its carbon footprint. The manufacturing and logistic practices of clothing brands and their supply chain partners have environmental implications that amount to four percent of global emissions.

  • How Corona Is Helping Fight Plastic Pollution

    Multicultural Excellence Awards   December 11, 2022  

    Corona has been committed to the sea and its preservation since the very beginning, but its awareness and beach cleaning platforms are no longer enough. The state of the oceans is so alarming that the brand decided to take its commitment deep into the ocean.

  • 3 Key Insights for Marketers from the UN’s Climate Change Conference

    Industry Insights   December 8, 2022  

    At this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (known as COP27), held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, business took a seat at the table more than ever. Last year’s COP26 in Glasgow was a breakthrough for private sector participation; the business community came in force to share sustainability commitments and collaborate on advancing a greener future.

  • Driving Toward a More Sustainable Future as a Leading Ingredient Brand

    Event Recaps   December 8, 2022  

    The LYCRA Company discussed its efforts to achieve sustainability as well as how it has marketed those efforts.

  • Eight Questions to Guide ESG

    Event Recaps   December 7, 2022  

    Insurer AXIS shared questions and tips to help guide organizations’ approach to ESG.

  • Lenovo’s Approach to Sustainability

    Event Recaps   December 7, 2022  

    Lenovo shared numerous examples of how its business is pursuing sustainability.

  • Global Green Marketing Issues

    Event Recaps   November 9, 2022  

    Members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance discussed various cases concerning sustainability claims and how regulatory authorities adjudicated against them.

  • Best of the B2 Awards — Part I

    Conference Sessions   November 8, 2022  

    In this video, National Grid's Janae Jones and Mower's Ashley Montanaro shared the case study, "More Opportunities in More Places" Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, which created awareness for National Grid commercial customers on the variety of energy efficiency programs available.

  • Counting Carbon: How U.S. Marketers Are Tackling Adland’s Climate Crisis

    Knowledge Partners   October 10, 2022  

    In order to better understand marketers’ perceptions of the impact digital advertising has on the environment and the actions being taken to reduce carbon emissions, Good-Loop conducted a survey of more than 400 digital marketers in the U.S. and U.K., mainly from media agencies and brands.

  • These Award-Winning Brands Lead with Purpose

    Industry Insights   September 29, 2022  

    Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar has expounded eloquently on this imperative. In an episode of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose’s podcast Beyond Profit, he explained: “As a marketer, you're in a very privileged position. You have access, you have the resources, you have influence, and you have capabilities to shape the cultures of societies. I think all the privilege comes with responsibility. The responsibility is to do something good for the society. Why do you do it? Because it's politically correct? Or because it gives you some better return for your business? You do good because you're in a position to do good. And in the process you do well.”

  • The Future is Mainstream Green: Introducing a New Growth Strategy

    Research Reports   September 23, 2022  

    This report, part of the CMO Sustainability Accelerator, outlines a roadmap for how to achieve “Mainstream Green” — defined as driving sustainable choices by all consumers, not just those who are moved by sustainable claims.

  • Patagonia Has Set a New Precedent

    Industry Insights   September 15, 2022  

    Patagonia embodies brand purpose. Now more than ever. The company’s founder made the rare decision to transfer the ownership of the company to a trust and nonprofit organization, rather than sell it for a profit, as reported by the New York Times.

  • Curbing Media Emissions with Ad Net Zero

    Event Recaps   September 14, 2022  

    At a September 2022 ANA committee meeting, the organization Ad Net Zero shared a plan for reducing the advertising industry’s carbon emissions.

  • This Data-Driven Campaign by Walgreens Saved Thousands of Lives

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 29, 2022  

    In the face of a public health crisis, Walgreens created a tool that allowed the brand to identify individuals who were likely to want to receive a COVID-19 vaccine before they had even begun to seek out an appointment to receive one.

  • How This Company Is Taking Action Against Air Pollution

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 27, 2022  

    Otrivin is the world leader in nasal decongestion, with strong nasal health expertise and consumer understanding. Otrivin has taken action to reduce the health impact of air pollution by providing easy-to-adopt actions that enable people to take control.