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  • Your Attribution Model May Be Data Driven – But It’s Still Not the Right Answer

    Industry Insights   February 1, 2023  

    The concept of attribution had noble and necessary beginnings – entering the marketing landscape like a newly anointed royal ready to wave away our collective blindness to which ads were working and which were not. Even with its rules-based and/or data-driven origins, “attribution” has always been a misnomer. While it’s been a reasonable success in understanding basic ad performance – it is one the greatest distractions of our time.

  • With More Marketing Data Sources in 2023, Watch Out for These 3 Pitfalls

    Industry Insights   February 1, 2023  

    More data means more insights. At least, that seems to be the presumption behind a recent Salesforce survey of 6,000 marketers about 2023. The research finds that brands are looking to greatly diversify their data sources, from identity data to transactional records. From 10 sources on average in 2021 to 15 in 2022, they anticipate increasing to 18 sources this year.

  • Why Performance Is Paramount for Brands in 2023

    Industry Insights   January 30, 2023  

    “Performance Marketing” has had its time as a buzz word, but amid the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever. Consumer behavior has always been unpredictable, particularly in the last few years, and 2023 waters are looking to be quite murky. However, marketers can find clarity in measuring and optimizing performance.

  • 3 Ways Marketers Can Combat Uncertainty and Build Confidence in 2023

    Industry Insights   January 26, 2023  

    What are marketers concerned about right now? Recent discussions I’ve had with CMOs from a range of industries have revealed three consistent themes.

  • 2023 ANA Policy Preview for Advertisers

    Industry Insights   January 25, 2023  

    The year was 1864, and the Confederate harbor of Mobile Bay was heavily fortified with “torpedoes” (i.e., sea mines). Despite warnings from his crew, Union Admiral David Farragut charged ahead, issuing his famous order, “Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead,” an act of courage that resulted in his victory. That about sums up what advertisers must do to succeed in the perilous policy waters of 2023.

  • How Inflation Influences Travel Sentiment

    Industry Insights   January 20, 2023  

    As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s only right to assume individuals will be more likely and willing to travel. According to Statista, the travel and tourism market is projected to reach $175.4 billion in 2022 and projected to grow to $211.10 billion by the year 2026. However, in this post-pandemic era, travelers have changed their sentiments drastically when it comes to travel. Trying to generate business based on pre-pandemic data may now be leading brands to target the wrong demographic.

  • Why the Ad Industry’s KPIs Are Broken

    Industry Insights   January 20, 2023  

    Digital advertising has moved performance to center stage, prompting marketers to consider how to best monitor and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Measurement has therefore become one of the most critical aspects of building a successful campaign. However, it has also remained a huge hurdle for the industry despite a wide array of advancements in digital advertising in recent years.

  • 2023 Economic Outlook for Marketing and Advertising

    Event Recaps   January 19, 2023  

    Dan Salmon from New Street Research provided an update on the economy, how it is impacting the marketing and advertising industry, and what to expect in 2023.

  • The Four Stages of Relationship Marketing

    Knowledge Partners   January 18, 2023  

    Cheetah Digital explores the four stages of establishing a relationship marketing strategy.

  • Going Dark: The Consequences of Pausing Ad Spend

    Ask the Expert Answers   January 18, 2023  

    What happens if I pause or stop my ad spending due to extraordinary times?

  • Colony’s IMS Product Selection Model Uses Machine Learning for a Winning Strategy

    Webinars   January 18, 2023  

    Which products should a brand keep in the assortment next year? Which metric(s) lead to the best outcomes? In this session, Colony's IMS introduced its own Product Score, a product selection model that uses Machine Learning to optimize decision-making.

  • Democratizing Measurement Calls for Quality Data and Transparency: Six Questions to Ask Potential Measurement Partners

    Knowledge Partners   January 17, 2023  

    Democratizing measurement is a trending topic in the advertising industry, but as DeepIntent’s SVP of Analytics John Mangano notes, it requires quality data, quality analysis, and transparency. If you’re using digital health data to power your campaigns, these are six questions you should ask your measurement partner.

  • Marketers' Top Priorities for 2023

    Forward   January 12, 2023  

    Brand advertising budgets are often the first to go as marketers double down on direct, measurable performance. And while it's true that respondents to the Mediaocean survey listed performance-driven paid media as their most critical area of investment in the event of a downturn, that doesn't tell the whole story.

  • Industry Perspectives on the Transition to a Multi-currency TV Market

    Research Reports   January 12, 2023  

    Deloitte, CIMM, The 4A’s, and the ANA joined forces to provide insights and perspectives on the transition to a “multi-currency” TV market.

  • Three Tips for Evaluating Attribution Methodologies

    Knowledge Partners   January 11, 2023  

    Mediastruction CEO Marilois Snowman offers three tips for organizations evaluating attribution partners.

  • Is Marketing Having an Identity Crisis?

    Forward   January 10, 2023  

    Marketers don't often give a lot of thought to identity unless they're wringing their hands at the ever-evolving state of cookie deprecation due to privacy concerns. But disappearing browser-level attribution is only part of that problem.

  • 2023 Forecast: Legislative and Regulatory Outlook for Advertisers and Marketers

    Webinars   January 10, 2023  

    In this webinar, learn what can advertisers and marketers expect on the policy and regulatory front as Washington and state legislatures come back to session at the start of the new year.

  • The Patient POV: Pharma Advertising on Linear TV Versus Connected TV

    Knowledge Partners   January 9, 2023  

    Following up on an earlier study on patient attitudes toward pharmaceutical advertising, DeepIntent surveyed patients to see if they find ads more relevant on linear TV or connected TV.

  • Ford's Marla Skiko on Inclusion, Diversity, and Gaming

    Industry Insights   January 6, 2023  

    Marla Skiko is Global Head of Consumer Connections, Marketing at the Ford Motor Company. She will be a speaker at the ANA Media Conference in February. Bill Duggan, Group Executive Vice President at ANA, sat down with Marla for this interview.

  • 5 Things That Should Guide Your 2023 Brand Strategy

    Industry Insights   January 5, 2023  

    The pandemic forced brands and business leaders to acknowledge just how little control they have over the direction and rate at which their enterprises evolve. Representing the single greatest impetus for forced evolution in modern times, COVID-19 pulled the tablecloth out from under all of us. Some shattered. Some tipped over. And some stayed standing, thanks to a surer footing and better position than their counterparts.