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  • Using Data Clean Rooms to Secure Consumer Privacy Among Marketing Partners

    Pulse   May 19, 2022  

    With the (slow) erasure of the third-party tracking cookie, zero, first, and second-party consumer data has emerged as one of the main ways to collect consumer information. But with this large stock of private customer data, marketers now need a secure way to share that data with their partners, while simultaneously maintaining their users’ privacy.

  • Marketing in a Cookie-Less World

    Ask the Expert Answers   May 19, 2022  

    What strategies are developing for marketers to deal with the cookie’s eventual demise?

  • The Convergence of TV, OTT, and Digital Video: Five Factors Disrupting the Media Buying Landscape

    Session Videos   May 13, 2022  

    In this video, Spectrum explores the five key factors contributing to disruption in the media buying landscape and provides actionable insights that can help you evolve and future proof your marketing strategies.

  • TV and Video Through a Generational Lens

    Session Videos   May 13, 2022  

    In this video, Vevo presents research from its recent "The State of Video Consumption" report, conducted in conjunction with Publicis Media, comparing the video and TV viewership habits and preferences of Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

  • Demystifying 3 Questions About Data Clean Rooms

    Industry Insights   May 9, 2022  

    Data clean rooms are the new kids in school. They have the cool backpack, are attracting attention, and incumbents are starting to question whether their appeal has staying power.

  • The Current Consent Model Is Broken — Let’s Give Consumers Something Better

    Industry Insights   May 6, 2022  

    They’re the latest scourge of the internet. No, we’re not talking about meme stonks, crypto bros, or fake news troll farms. We’re talking about the show-stopping, screen-blocking, consumer-hostile data privacy consent messages that are everywhere.

  • A Day in the Life of Marketing Procurement

    Event Recaps   May 4, 2022  

    A panel of experienced procurement professionals provided an overview of the challenges they face and the skills necessary to thrive in the face of those challenges.

  • Challenges Facing Chief Procurement Officers

    Event Recaps   May 2, 2022  

    During the keynote session of the ANA’s Advertising Financial Management Conference, Nestlé’s chief procurement officer, Kate Short, examined some of the challenges facing those working in her discipline.

  • Google Topics API Is a Step in the Right Direction for Privacy, But Still Lacks Granularity

    Industry Insights   April 25, 2022  

    As 2022 continues to fly by, third-party cookies rapidly approach their demise. There are many unanswered questions about the logistics of Google Topics API, but admittedly, Topics is a privacy-safe step forward. Agencies that drag their feet to find a new solution are only hindering their brand clients’ success.

  • Standard Media Index on the Industry: 2021 Year in Review and Look Ahead

    Knowledge Partners   April 21, 2022  

    Standard Media Index offered detailed data and benchmarks on media spending.

  • Five Tips for the First-Time Programmatic CTV Advertiser

    Knowledge Partners   April 11, 2022  

    As pharmaceutical advertisers increasingly embrace CTV, and specifically programmatic CTV, DeepIntent CMO Marcella Milliet-Sciorra breaks down what they need to know.

  • Digital Health Data and Digital Marketing: How Healthcare Marketers Can Unlock Opportunity at the Intersection

    Knowledge Partners   April 7, 2022  

    “Digital health data is the oil; programmatic is the engine,” says DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette, explaining the incredible opportunity at the intersection of anonymized health data and advancements in digital marketing.

  • Maximizing the Connected TV Opportunity

    Session Videos   April 6, 2022  

    In this video, Colgate and The Trade Desk discussed how the brand consolidated its TV buying to reach key audiences on CTV and leveraged incremental reach reporting to understand the reach of its CTV campaigns.

  • What the Metaverse Means for the Future of Marketing

    Industry Insights   April 4, 2022  

    The metaverse is all about bringing customer experience to the forefront of marketing in a whole new way. The pandemic gave way to a boom in virtual shopping methodologies, and the response of the consumer market speaks well to the future possibilities of marketing in the metaverse.

  • Industry Outlook for Advertising, Marketing, and Data 2022: Digital Shifts, Video Convergence, and a Continued Rally

    Session Videos   March 23, 2022  

    In this video, hear what major forces are influencing current trends that give reason for optimism this year despite geopolitical and supply challenges based on an annual industry report from Winterberry Group.

  • Who's on First? Party Data Efficiency in the Wake of the Cookie's Demise

    Pulse   March 16, 2022  

    As the news of the cookie’s so-called demise has spread far and wide (and we’ve previously discussed here), there have been a number of potential strategies laid out for marketers looking to navigate this brave new world. While further leveraging influencers or re-designing loyalty programs have emerged as two possibilities, we’ve also witnessed a natural tendency to focus on party data above all. This makes sense, as it’s the “death” of third-party data (in reality, privacy regulation barriers) that prompted a re-examination of how to properly use consumer data in the first place. Enter (or, re-enter, as it may be) first- and zero-party data, best explained by this chart from Cheetah Digital:

  • Direct Mail, Print, and Supply Chain Issues

    Ask the Expert Answers   March 10, 2022  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How have direct mail and print been impacted by rising papers costs and supply chain issues, and how can my brand adjust to these changes?"

  • CTV’s Place in the Media Mix

    Event Recaps   March 4, 2022  

    Despite the potential of connected TV (CTV), Boehringer Ingelheim’s DJ Perera cautioned that there are many things for marketers to consider before making an investment. Perera outlined key questions marketers must ask themselves, the pros and cons, and action steps marketers must take before they make the CTV investment.

  • Overview of the 2022 ANA Media Conference

    Public Videos   March 4, 2022  

    In this video, get a two-minute overview of the 2022 ANA Media Conference.

  • CTV’s Place in the Media Mix

    Session Videos   March 4, 2022  

    In this video, Boehringer Ingelheim’s DJ Perera cautioned that despite the potential, there are many things for marketers to consider before making an investment in connected TV (CTV).