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  • Your Attribution Model May Be Data Driven – But It’s Still Not the Right Answer

    Industry Insights   February 1, 2023  

    The concept of attribution had noble and necessary beginnings – entering the marketing landscape like a newly anointed royal ready to wave away our collective blindness to which ads were working and which were not. Even with its rules-based and/or data-driven origins, “attribution” has always been a misnomer. While it’s been a reasonable success in understanding basic ad performance – it is one the greatest distractions of our time.

  • Why Performance Is Paramount for Brands in 2023

    Industry Insights   January 30, 2023  

    “Performance Marketing” has had its time as a buzz word, but amid the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever. Consumer behavior has always been unpredictable, particularly in the last few years, and 2023 waters are looking to be quite murky. However, marketers can find clarity in measuring and optimizing performance.

  • 3 Ways Marketers Can Combat Uncertainty and Build Confidence in 2023

    Industry Insights   January 26, 2023  

    What are marketers concerned about right now? Recent discussions I’ve had with CMOs from a range of industries have revealed three consistent themes.

  • Why the Ad Industry’s KPIs Are Broken

    Industry Insights   January 20, 2023  

    Digital advertising has moved performance to center stage, prompting marketers to consider how to best monitor and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Measurement has therefore become one of the most critical aspects of building a successful campaign. However, it has also remained a huge hurdle for the industry despite a wide array of advancements in digital advertising in recent years.

  • 2023 Economic Outlook for Marketing and Advertising

    Event Recaps   January 19, 2023  

    Dan Salmon from New Street Research provided an update on the economy, how it is impacting the marketing and advertising industry, and what to expect in 2023.

  • Marketers' Top Priorities for 2023

    Forward   January 12, 2023  

    Brand advertising budgets are often the first to go as marketers double down on direct, measurable performance. And while it's true that respondents to the Mediaocean survey listed performance-driven paid media as their most critical area of investment in the event of a downturn, that doesn't tell the whole story.

  • Industry Perspectives on the Transition to a Multi-currency TV Market

    Research Reports   January 12, 2023  

    Deloitte, CIMM, The 4A’s, and the ANA joined forces to provide insights and perspectives on the transition to a “multi-currency” TV market.

  • Three Tips for Evaluating Attribution Methodologies

    Knowledge Partners   January 11, 2023  

    Mediastruction CEO Marilois Snowman offers three tips for organizations evaluating attribution partners.

  • Is Marketing Having an Identity Crisis?

    Forward   January 10, 2023  

    Marketers don't often give a lot of thought to identity unless they're wringing their hands at the ever-evolving state of cookie deprecation due to privacy concerns. But disappearing browser-level attribution is only part of that problem.

  • ANA Response Rate Report, 2022

    Research Reports   January 5, 2023  

    The 2022 ANA Response Rate Report is an example of how the ANA takes on the role of industry thought leader, providing the tools and benchmarking studies its members need to plan and optimize their marketing mix while forecasting future marketing impact and driving long-term sustainable growth.

  • Ad Views, Endpoints, and Everything in Between

    Webinars   December 15, 2022  

    In this webinar, Effectv and FreeWheel discussed the current TV landscape and offered insight into reaching audiences based on the latest data. Also, learn how to optimize your 2023 campaigns with the latest TV advertising insights from Comcast Advertising.

  • United, Converged TV Advertising Should Stand

    Forward   December 1, 2022  

    TV is in the midst of a revolution. There's more content than ever before, and the modern viewer consumes it on their own time, in their own way, and through a variety of devices. This fragmentation means one thing for brands and agencies: They need to reimagine the TV advertising experience.

  • Right-Sizing MarTech and Data Investment for Maximum ROI

    Webinars   November 30, 2022  

    For many years, investment in Measurement and Attribution tech and data represented a relatively small percentage of media budgets — but this is no longer always the case. In this webinar, learn about strategic approaches to value creation and optimization that work across a variety of practices.

  • How to Make the Marriage of a New Client/Agency Relationship Last

    Industry Insights   November 29, 2022  

    Like marriage, client-agency relationships require a high level of investment, commitment, and long-term mindset to understand, grow together and respond to each other's needs.

  • How Advertisers Can Give Their Agencies Actionable Feedback

    Industry Insights   November 29, 2022  

    Like marriage, client-agency relationships require a high level of investment, commitment, and long-term mindset to understand, grow together and respond to each other's needs.

  • Addressable Enters the Mainstream

    Webinars   November 17, 2022  

    The industry has evolved with the increased convergence of TV and digital giving rise to new marketing priorities and complexities. This session covered the latest findings from a survey of the marketplace on the current and future state of addressable.

  • Why Data Maintenance Is an Ongoing Endeavor for Marketers

    Podcast Clips   November 17, 2022  

    Jason Rockman of DEFINITION 6 explains why data hygiene is an ongoing process, and one that must be prioritized by marketers if they want to avoid digging themselves into a hole.

  • Marketers Try to Untangle Converged TV

    ANA Magazine   November 4, 2022  

    On the road to a streaming universe, linear TV continues to offer advertisers a still-reliable marketing vehicle with broad reach. The next frontier for marketers is how to optimize their ads across both streaming and linear platforms.

  • Understanding and Navigating the New Identifier Solution Landscape as Technology and Policy Requirements Change

    Webinars   November 2, 2022  

    In this webinar, the DAA's Lou Mastria provided an update on how the leading self-regulatory program for responsible data collection in advertising is adapting to governance changes and discussed the evolution of the new identifier solution landscape incorporating addressability.

  • Exploring the Links Between Creative Execution and Marketing Effectiveness

    Knowledge Partners   October 29, 2022  

    Measuring the efficiency of creativity in advertising has historically been challenging. This paper provides a technical Marketing Mix Modelling approach (object detection algorithms and multi-stage econometric modelling) that demonstrates an objective approach to creative measurement.