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  • Generate Revenue with These Five B2B Marketing Principles

    Industry Insights   March 17, 2023  

    No matter how pretty your analytics are, if marketing does not contribute to an organization’s bottom line, leadership will never fully recognize the value it provides. At the end of the day, it does not matter if your marketing dashboard is in the green if the business is in the red.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Marketing Ethics

    Ethics Issue Alerts   March 16, 2023  

    With the advent of AI and synthetic media across the marketing ecosystem, ethics may not always be factored in and may instead become an afterthought. This can lead to risk for brands.

  • How the Future of Identity Will Transform the Competitive Landscape

    Industry Insights   March 15, 2023  

    The identity landscape is in a dramatic state of upheaval right now, and today’s changes have massive implications for the reality that advertisers and publishers will be operating within the next one to three years. Suffice to say, things are going to look different.

  • The Anatomy of a Performance Marketing Organization

    Industry Insights   March 9, 2023  

    It’s no surprise that CMOs have been under constant pressure in recent years to deliver more from existing budgets. Advances in martech and adtech, coupled with availability of larger datasets to analyze, have helped the entire marketing ecosystem; this also means that marketers must find new ways to push scale and efficiency, as general improvements are available to everyone as “best practices.”

  • Understanding CTV Attribution

    Industry Insights   March 8, 2023  

    Over the years, advertisers have had to rely on a combination of faith and indirect measurement to infer that their advertising on broadcast and CTV works. However, as CTV advertising has gained momentum, conversations around attribution and measurement have become front of mind to better understand how it all works and which ads drive real business outcomes.

  • 6 Things Marketers Can Do to Boost Effectiveness

    Industry Insights   March 7, 2023  

    Discussions about improving marketing effectiveness can often focus on the different measurement approaches and advanced analytics tools that marketers should employ.

  • 3 Drivers of the Brand Purpose Movement

    Industry Insights   March 6, 2023  

    Guests of the ANA’s Beyond Profit podcast offer an array of insights that illuminate the purpose movement, including its origins and the demands it places on companies. For instance, recent guests have identified three main drivers inducing organizations to embrace brand purpose.

  • The Top 5 Reasons for Using Diverse-Owned Media Outlets

    Industry Insights   March 6, 2023  

    In today's increasingly complex business environment, brands are facing market conditions that are profoundly different from generations past. Consumers have more choices than ever, are more brand savvy and are socially invested in the brands they use.

  • Marketers Who Elevate Women and Assist Their Causes

    Industry Insights   March 2, 2023  

    March is Women’s History Month, a period that celebrates the strengths and achievements of women and strives to advance the causes most important to them. In keeping with this important theme of the month, consider the following case studies from the ANA’s portfolio of award programs. The following examples demonstrate the marketing community’s commitment to elevating women’s issues and aiding their causes.

  • Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Own Your Audience Data

    Industry Insights   March 1, 2023  

    In 2010, there were a mere 400 million people on Facebook. The company was young and growing, and was friendly to brands and publishers. “Build your audience on Facebook!” they said. “Make them like your page and everyone will find you!” So, that’s exactly what brands and publishers did. Every small business did it. Every restaurant did it. Life was good!

  • The Next Frontier for Programmatic Ad Tech

    Industry Insights   February 28, 2023  

    Programmatic ad tech has certainly come a long way. Some might say it’s come all the way — all the way, that is, to reaching the initial goals we set out to achieve. Back when the industry began taking shape, it did so with focused purpose: to build the tech infrastructure and business processes to enable highly efficient media buying in a digital world. We’ve climbed that mountain.

  • It’s Time to Build Creative into Your Performance Strategy

    Industry Insights   February 27, 2023  

    Brands and agencies are collecting record amounts of data about their customers and are building data-driven processes into nearly every aspect of marketing. The one area that has not traditionally been data informed the way it should be is creative.

  • Protecting Brand in a Performance-Driven World

    Industry Insights   February 23, 2023  

    Everyone loves measurement. Put simply, it helps us confirm, amend, and deny various hypotheses and gives us the proof that marketing matters.

  • 4 Crucial Business Trends According to Gen Z

    Industry Insights   February 22, 2023  

    As business leaders begin to set course for 2023, they face more uncertainty than ever – a perhaps preposterous statement considering the last three years. Economic downturn is crunching budgets, a distrusted media landscape is clouding judgement, and cultural pressures to “get it right” have never been higher.

  • Using Programmatic DOOH to Reach the Right Audience

    Industry Insights   February 20, 2023  

    How many times per iPhone update have you accidentally discovered a new feature you didn’t know existed? I recently learned of the ability to shuffle through a batch of images sent via an iMessage thread, like the way you would shuffle through a deck of cards. I could immediately see the way in which the feature is intended to save me time and energy and make the experience itself more enjoyable.

  • Marketers Elevating Black Communities and Assisting the Causes Most Important to Them

    Industry Insights   February 16, 2023  

    February is Black History Month, a time for celebrating, with a special attentiveness, the achievements of Black Americans and for elevating the causes that are most important to their communities. Of course, this isn’t work that can be confined to a single month, and, in recognition of that fact, the 2022 Multicultural Excellence Awards honored marketing to and on behalf of the Black community that took place across the year.

  • How to Incorporate Measurement into a Brand Purpose Program

    Industry Insights   February 13, 2023  

    As more and more organizations seek to pursue brand purpose, they often find themselves looking for a way to gauge the success of these efforts with a reliable program of measurement. An old adage tells us that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” The best approach to such a program can seem elusive, though. Fortunately, guests on the ANA Center for Brand Purpose’s Beyond Profit podcast periodically offer advice on this topic, and five tips from the show follow below.

  • The Rebirth of the QR Code (And Why It’s More Important Than You Think)

    Industry Insights   February 10, 2023  

    The QR code is back at the top of the marketing industry’s trends-to-watch lists, and this time, consumers are actually on board. For brands and agencies, this is more than just a case of “what’s old is new again.” Rather, what’s old is better this time around — and capable of providing solutions that have been on marketers’ wish lists for years.

  • Don't Be Ageist: Marketing to People 50 and Older

    Industry Insights   February 7, 2023  

    Over the past several years, marketers, brands, creative teams, and media agencies have done a meaningful job of focusing on the importance of diversity in the representation of images and strategies in their advertising and communications efforts. Making sure that the BIPOC community, as well as people in the LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities groups are presented in authentic ways has been an important evolution that reflects a world of inclusiveness.

  • 5 Tips for Bringing Employees on Board with a Brand Purpose

    Industry Insights   February 6, 2023  

    According to Chip Walker of the agency StrawberryFrog, brand purpose is often a preoccupation in the upper echelons of companies, but, despite that fact, it often fails to resonate with the rank and file.