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  • 10 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Compliance Strategy

    Industry Insights   October 4, 2021  

    The email compliance area is growing and changing as we continue to witness an evolution in the development of privacy and data protection regulations around the world. For the email marketer, it’s no longer a completely domestic effort, but rather it’s about the impact of your message on a global scale. How you communicate and engage with your stakeholders via email whether at the local, U.S.-based, or global level means more reviews of best practices.

  • ANA MarTech Glossary

    Industry Insights   February 18, 2020  

    The ANA Data and Technology Practice has curated a collection of marketing data and technology terminology citing publicly published definitions from industry leading data, MarTech, and AdTech companies and trade organizations.

  • Email Glossary of Key Terms

    Industry Insights   April 15, 2019  

    This resource offers definitions for an extensive catalog of terms related to email marketing — everything from “A/B test” to “Whitelist.”