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  • How to Improve Marketing’s Value Within the Organization

    Podcast POVs   September 20, 2023  

    Champions of Growth host Matthew Schwartz key questions marketers need to answer if they want to get a handle on their myriad responsibilities and improving their standing in the eyes of other executives.

  • How CMOs Can Cultivate Relationships Throughout the Organization

    Podcast Clips   August 16, 2023  

    Sandeep Chennakeshu, COO at Uhnder, provides three ways in which marketers and CMOs can improve their standing within the overall organization.

  • How to Create Stronger Relationships Within the C-Suite

    Event Recaps   June 6, 2023  

    A panel of B2B marketing executives from top brands came together to discuss how they forge stronger relationships with other members of the C-suite and how they effectively sell the merits of various marketing investments.

  • How to Create Stronger Relationships Within the C-Suite

    Conference Session Videos   June 6, 2023  

    In this video, a panel of B2B marketing executives from top brands came together to discuss how they forge stronger relationships with other members of the C-suite and how they effectively sell the merits of various marketing investments.

  • What Do CFOs Want from CMOs?

    ANA Magazine   June 2, 2023  

    As difficult as it may be when it comes to aligning marketing with financial outcomes, there is a path for CMOs and CFOs to have a more productive relationship.

  • Staying on the Cutting Edge Through Analytics Adoption at Hilton

    Event Recaps   March 15, 2023  

    Representatives from Hilton discussed how they transformed their brand’s marketing measurement — including a critical shift in how they viewed KPIs — by shifting to marketing mix modeling.

  • Here’s Why Hilton Had to Go Away from ROAS to Succeed with Media Mix Modeling

    Soundbites   March 15, 2023  

    Representatives from Hilton explain why a shift away from ROAS and toward ROI as their measurement North Star was critical to the success of the brand’s media mix modeling program.

  • The CMO Salary Slope

    Champions of Growth Podcast   March 7, 2023  

    Nicole Balsam with Eastward Partners joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the results of the research firm's U.S. CMO Market Report released in 2022. Balsam talks about the trendlines in CMO compensation and why the growing pressure on CMOs to bolster their digital capabilities transcends tenure.

  • Brand Guardianship Index, 2023

    Knowledge Partners   March 7, 2023  

    Brand Finance presents its annual report on the world’s top CEOs.

  • How Marketers Steer Clear of Purpose Washing

    ANA Magazine   February 3, 2023  

    The rise in brand purpose has led to a surge in so-called purpose washing, in which a company claims solidarity with a certain cause — the environment, empowering women, or LGBTQ+ rights, for examples — only to do little to nothing to support. With an ever-discerning public waiting to pounce, marketers have to ensure that before they start touting their purpose they are taking actions that have a real impact on people's lives.

  • Data Shows Why a Recession Is the Worst Time to Cut Your Marketing Budget

    Podcast Clips   December 8, 2022  

    Bob Liodice, CEO at the ANA, joined the Champions of Growth podcast to discuss, among other things, why a recession is the absolute worst time for businesses and their decision makers to choose to cut marketing budgets, using a bevy of data to back up his claim.

  • How Akamai Answered the 'Why' Regarding Its Brand Purpose

    B2B Marketer   November 9, 2022  

    Soon after Kim Salem-Jackson was promoted to EVP and CMO at Akamai in 2021, she realized the company was missing its "why," or how to articulate its brand purpose. After getting buy-in from the CEO, she proceeded to build a coalition across the company to answer the question and integrate the brand purpose throughout the organization.

  • Is the C-Suite Setting Up CMOs to Fail?

    Podcast Clips   October 26, 2022  

    Northwestern’s Jonathan Copulsky discusses the scary unknowns that exist for CMOs and marketers and why the future success of CMOs will be rooted in their ability to become risk management experts and to educate the C-suite and third-party partners on why certain behaviors or actions are enormously damaging to the brand.

  • Marketers Need to Pivot From Tasks to Solutions

    ANA Magazine   October 21, 2022  

    A growing number of brands are cutting the CMO role altogether and shifting marketing responsibilities to other members of the C-suite. The churn rate is also accelerating. Kirsten Allegri Williams, CMO at Optimizely, says the overriding challenge for CMOs is closing the gap between the expectations among their customers and what marketers can deliver — and then effectively communicating the process back to the C-suite.

  • These Are the Qualities Shared by Marketing’s Longest-Tenured CMOs

    Podcast Clips   September 20, 2022  

    What are some of the qualities shared by the industry’s most resilient and longest tenured CMOs? Greg Welch, partner at Spencer Stuart, reveals some of what he’s seen from a wealth of market research and during his many years working alongside these individuals.

  • Unlocking ABM Success: How to Use Insights and Personalization to Drive

    Conference Session Videos   September 20, 2022  

    In this session, learn how ZS evolved to an ABM approach that works, makes sales more effective with insights and enablement tools, delivers an ABM program that’s recognized by executives as driving results for the firm, and more.

  • The New CMO Toolkit, with Katie Klumper of Black Glass Consulting

    Marketing Futures Podcast   June 27, 2022  

    Katie Klumper of Black Glass Consulting discussed the most common challenges CMOs face, explained why they and other members of the C-suite don’t always see eye to eye, and shared the new skill set every marketing leader needs to master.

  • To Spur Change, CMOs Need More Managerial Discretion

    Industry Insights   May 19, 2022  

    CMOs cite a lack authority when their companies enter foreign markets, and they feel frustrated by the experience, according to a recent study. But chief marketers can play an instrumental role for brands that are expanding their global footprint — if senior management has the will to provide more managerial discretion.

  • Why Chief Executives Run Out of Patience with Their CMOs

    ANA Magazine   April 22, 2022  

    A recent survey paints an ominous picture of the level of confidence chief executives have in their CMOs, with most thinking that CMOs put their own interest above that of the organization. At the same time, about a third of CEOs have great confidence in their CMOs. That presents an opportunity for chief marketers to change the dynamic and demonstrate their business acumen.

  • How Can CMOs Rebuild Trust with CEOs?

    Industry Insights   March 8, 2022  

    Over the past decade, chief marketing officers have experienced a regression of trust, appreciation, and longevity. With average tenure of CMOs falling below 40 months and the median tenure at 25.5 months, corporate marketing leaders are searching for answers as the value and recognition of their work is minimized and marginalized.


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