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  • The Seven Functional Building Blocks of Great Marketing Analytics Teams

    Event Recaps   February 15, 2023  

    MarketBridge’s Andy Hasselwander shared seven functional capabilities of analytics teams that will drive success and elevate the way in which the team is perceived across the rest of the organization.

  • Why Mapping Demand Drivers is Critical to a Successful Marketing Reorg

    Soundbites   December 7, 2022  

    Portia Mount, VP of marketing at Trane Technologies, outlined how mapping demand drivers was a critical step in reorganizing her brand’s marketing function and creating more efficiency.

  • How a Lack of Assumptions Has Been Critical to this CMO’s Success

    Podcast Clips   November 21, 2022  

    Lynn Teo, who recently became CMO at Northwestern Mutual, explained how coming into her new role with a lack of assumptions was critical for getting up to speed on how to best market the business.

  • Breaking the B2B Sales and Marketing Stalemate

    Champions of Growth   November 15, 2022  

    Jeff Lowe and Jenna Pipchuk join Champions of Growth host Matthew Schwartz to discuss the painful but necessary decisions they made to create legitimate change for Smart Technologies' marketing strategy and provide some major takeaways for other B2B brands.

  • How Smart Technologies Created More Effective Messaging by Eliminating Sales and Marketing Teams

    Podcast Clips   November 15, 2022  

    Jenna Pipchuk of Smart Technologies discusses how her brand has actually been able to create more coordinated and effective messaging strategies by eliminating its sales and marketing teams.

  • Agency Partnerships for 2030

    Event Recaps   September 22, 2022  

    With 65 percent of marketers going beyond traditional agencies to work with specialists and media platforms, how will the future of integrated marketing affect agency partnerships? R3’s Greg Paull shared a forecast on agency models, ways of working, and which model might be best suited for the future.

  • How NI Used Change Management to Sell Its Updated Brand Purpose Internally

    Podcast Clips   September 20, 2022  

    Tabitha Upshaw, senior director of brand, reputation, and impact at NI, shared how she and her team successfully sold the organization’s updated brand purpose to the staff, ensuring everyone bought in and began to use the purpose as the lens through which they make every decision.

  • The Dirty Work of Transformation, with Michael Collins of CFA Institute

    Marketing Futures Podcast   May 27, 2021  

    Michael Collins is a transformer. Not the "able to turn into a midsize sedan" type, the "completely reimagine how an organization engages its customers" type. He joins us to take us through the journey of his latest transformation at the CFA Institute.