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  • AI Language Generation and the Marketing Function

    Event Recaps   March 16, 2023  

    Katrin Ribant, CEO at Multifaktorial, and Michael Berberich, ANA Marketing Futures Committee leader, discussed ChatGPT’s potential to transform the way brands communicate with customers and explored whether AI will ever take marketers’ jobs.

  • Opportunities for Small- and Mid-Sized Brands in the Metaverse

    Podcast Clips   February 15, 2023  

    Infinite Reality's Elliott Jobe shares his perspective on how small- and mid-sized brands can ride the coattails of larger brands developing the technology necessary to realize the metaverse, ultimately developing a creator strategy that allows them to connect more deeply with consumers.

  • Are Humans Right to be Worried About Microchip Implants?

    Podcast Clips   February 10, 2023  

    Using the example of knee replacements or pacemakers, futurist Faith Popcorn and Marketing Futures host Michael Berberich offer some comfort to people who may be weary of a future where the human body is bound to technology via something like a microchip being implanted into the brain.

  • Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar on the Most Effective Technology of the Next Decade

    Soundbites   October 26, 2022  

    Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, shares his opinion on which technology will have the biggest impact over the next five to ten years.

  • Do Marketers Need to Know How to Code?

    ANA Magazine   July 29, 2022  

    Amid a dizzying amount of change, CMOs who collaborate effectively with their CTOs are likely to generate better returns. Establishing strategic alliances with chief technology officers is fast becoming a cost of entry for marketers who want to ascend in their organization.

  • How Do Marketers Get a Better Grip on Martech?

    Champions of Growth   July 7, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Jason Cherok, partner at McKinsey & Co., about how CMOs and marketers can get a better handle on martech and provide more adequate returns for the C-suite.

  • Reclaiming Our Data Destiny, with Arun Kumar of IPG and Kinesso

    Marketing Futures Podcast   February 3, 2022  

    Data-driven marketing has revolutionized the landscape over the past 10 years, but as the entire industry waits to see the consequences of a cookie-less future, our guest Arun Kumar wants to know: how did we get here?