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  • Purposeful People Series: Leigh "Perk" Perkins

    ANA Magazine   March 22, 2019  

    For more than a quarter century at Orvis, Leigh "Perk" Perkins has championed the company's support of conservation and the protection of the last great wild places.

  • Four Steps to Break Down Silos at Your B2B Organization

    B-to-B Marketer   March 20, 2019  

    Silos are the bane of every corporate marketer’s existence. Ahead, we’ll cover a quick four-step guide to help you break them down.

  • Quick Bits for the Week of March 18, 2019

    ANA Magazine   March 18, 2019  

    What marketers need to know this week: Facebook suffers its longest-ever outage, esports advertising projected to top $200 billion in 2020, and more.

  • How Brands Weather the Next Recession

    ANA Magazine   March 15, 2019  

    After several years of rolling right along, the economy could be headed for another recession. There are a number of steps marketers can take to inoculate their brand from the next downturn.

  • Esports Catching Marketers’ Attention

    ANA Magazine   March 13, 2019  

    Meta description: Brands are projected to invest $694 million in the esports industry in 2019 — and for good reason. The global audience for esports is nearing 400 million and growing at a double-digit rate. Here’s how brands like Turtle Wax and Brisk Mate are engaging athletes and fans alike.

  • Quick Bits for the Week of March 11, 2019

    ANA Magazine   March 11, 2019  

    What marketers need to know this week: Amazon closes its pop-ups, Buzzfeed crosses over to print, and more.

  • Five Ways to Make Your Marketing More Purposeful

    ANA Magazine   March 8, 2019  

    For modern brands looking to get ahead of the competition, it is crucial to have a purpose designed to elevate communities and make the world a better place. These five practical tips will allow marketers to start injecting purpose into their brand's messaging and campaigns, raising ROI along the way.

  • Programmatic Creative

    Forward   March 7, 2019  

    The key to a successful programmatically created ad involves factoring in four major considerations: segmentation, context, circumstance, and time. Here’s what marketers need to do to ensure programmatic creative delivers the right message to the right person at the exact right time.

  • The Future of B2B Marketing?

    B-to-B Marketer   March 6, 2019  

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning have enormous potential for helping marketers create a better experience for their customers and improve campaign performance metrics.

  • Was Shakespeare Really Talking About Ad Delivery?

    Forward   March 5, 2019  

    Is there 21st-century wisdom for marketers in the 16th-century words of William Shakespeare? Marketers must adopt a new workflow for putting ads in front of consumers — one that ensures a brand’s love doesn’t go unrequited.

  • Quick Bits for the Week of March 4, 2019

    ANA Magazine   March 4, 2019  

    What marketers need to know this week: Coscto outpaces Amazon in customer satisfaction, Facebook announces “clear history” feature, and more.

  • The Value of Rewarded Video Ads

    ANA Magazine   March 1, 2019  

    For advertisers struggling to break through to audiences in the era of ad blocking and skipping, rewarded video ads present a promising antidote.

  • Financial Services Firms Fall Far Short with Women

    Forward   February 28, 2019  

    U.S. financial services firms are leaving money on the table when it comes to their relationships with female investors, a new Kantar study finds. Women hold $782 billion in investable assets — here's how they approach investing, and what financial marketers can do to win their business.

  • Quick Bits for the Week of February 25, 2019

    ANA Magazine   February 25, 2019  

    What marketers need to know this week: Brands are boycotting YouTube, KFC has hired RoboCop, and three others news items from the past week.

  • The Budding Business of Cannabis

    ANA Magazine   February 22, 2019  

    Cannabis is a potential boon for the advertising industry, which will be tasked not just with creating new brands, but with educating consumers regarding the uses and benefits of marijuana products. Here's what experts recommend.

  • Next-Gen Customer Advocacy

    B-to-B Marketer   February 20, 2019  

    B2B companies increasingly are rethinking their customer advocacy programs to better engage ambassadors and fuel business growth.

  • Radio’s Social Influencers

    Forward   February 19, 2019  

    While the online influencer marketing industry is facing issues with fraudulent accounts and phantom traffic, marketing’s original influencer, the on-air radio personality, is still a reliable, highly trusted connection to a large percent of the consumer population.

  • Quick Bits for the Week of February 18, 2019

    ANA Magazine   February 18, 2019  

    What marketers need to know this week: JPMorgan launches its own cryptocurrency, influencer fraud continues to hurt marketing budgets, and more.

  • Purposeful People Series: Lisa Sherman

    ANA Magazine   February 15, 2019  

    In this exclusive Q&A with the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Ad Council president and CEO Lisa Sherman discusses the organization’s legacy of harnessing media to tackle important social issues and what it takes to lead an effective purpose-driven campaign.

  • Raising the Bar at Anheuser-Busch

    ANA Magazine   February 13, 2019  

    As VP of marketing culture and learning at Anheuser-Busch, Jodi Harris is determined to help the world’s largest brewer earn the distinction as the most nurturing environment for women marketers in the beer and alcoholic beverage industry.


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