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  • ANA Influencer Marketing Measurement Guidelines

    Research Reports   June 13, 2022  

    The ANA’s Influencer Marketing Advisory Board created a set of guidelines for influencer marketing measurement in collaboration with leading agencies and the major social media platforms.

  • How ANA Members Are Using Influencer Marketing

    Industry Insights   April 2, 2018  

    New research from the ANA explores how brands are working with influencers. Read the white paper to learn more.

  • The State of Influence: Challenges and Opportunities in Influencer Marketing

    Research Reports   December 8, 2020  

    The ANA surveyed its members to gain a greater understanding of marketers’ experiences with, usage of, and needs surrounding influencer marketing. This report covers the findings from both quantitative and qualitative research, with data from 97 respondents.

  • The 2017 ANA Guide to Influencer Marketing

    Industry Insights   January 10, 2018  

    This comprehensive guide features the latest on influencer and advocacy marketing, accurate campaign measurement, and proper disclosure when engaging influencers.

  • 3 Steps to Standardize Measurement in Influencer Marketing

    Industry Insights   August 15, 2022  

    Influencer marketing is growing fast, and the desire to standardize measurement is growing alongside it. The Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Association of National Advertisers are exploring standards to measure the impact of influencer spend, which will be key to evolving the channel as it takes a regular role in the mix alongside search, display, TV, and other advertising staples.

  • How and Why Brands Need to Up Their Influencer Game

    Industry Insights   September 29, 2022  

    Influencer marketing is no longer in its infancy. Globally, it now feels like it’s going through its messy teenage years but is quickly moving toward maturity. One sign is the shift from campaign-based influencer interactions to fully-fledged always-on influencer programs.

  • Guidelines for Diverse Media Suppliers When Doing Business with Buyers (Agencies and Marketers)

    Research Reports   August 9, 2022  

    Over the past year there has been an increased impetus from the ad industry to support diverse suppliers. The purpose of this guidance is to help buyers (agencies and marketers) and diverse media suppliers improve their ways of working together.

  • How D2C Brands Can Leverage Influencers and Affiliate Marketing

    Industry Insights   August 1, 2022  

    As D2C brands enjoy hyper-growth mode thanks to consumers’ increasingly digital habits, savvy marketers are looking to influencers and affiliate marketers to expand their reach. The key to running a successful campaign, regardless of which method you choose, is simple: design it around your goals and customers, and the results you desire will follow.

  • Power Up! Growth Through Inclusive Marketing

    Research Reports   June 16, 2022  

    This report from AIMM contains irrefutable evidence linking high-growth brands to KPI-driven DEI work, as cultural relevance is embedded across every touchpoint of an inclusive marketing process.

  • A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry (2021)

    Research Reports   November 16, 2021  

    This report from ANA and ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), based on three separate studies among ANA members, concludes that finally, there has been progress in increasing ethnic diversity in the advertising/marketing industry.

  • Leveraging Influencers to Advance Brand Purpose

    Industry Insights   April 14, 2021  

    When brands turn to influencers to promote their products and services, they know how important it is to find ones who share a natural affinity with them; this is perhaps even more true when the brand turns to the influencer not just for a review of their wares, but as a partner in advancing a brand purpose. In these cases, even a hint of inauthenticity can poison the effort.

  • Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing

    Research Reports   July 13, 2020  

    In 2019, the ANA partnered with The Content Council to conduct a study on “Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing.” The study revealed that over a two-year period, spending on content marketing showed a 73 percent average budget increase. The report also projected a 42 percent spending hike two years in the future.

  • Marketing, Innovation, & Technology 2020 Survey Findings

    Research Reports   June 10, 2020  

    ANA Marketing Futures partnered with R3 Worldwide to conduct a survey among ANA Members to understand where they are in their innovation journey and what they need to move forward. This report showcases the survey’s findings and highlights the diverse offerings of the Marketing Futures program.

  • 3 Ways Marketers Can Combat Uncertainty and Build Confidence in 2023

    Industry Insights   January 26, 2023  

    What are marketers concerned about right now? Recent discussions I’ve had with CMOs from a range of industries have revealed three consistent themes.

  • How Inflation Influences Travel Sentiment

    Industry Insights   January 20, 2023  

    As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s only right to assume individuals will be more likely and willing to travel. According to Statista, the travel and tourism market is projected to reach $175.4 billion in 2022 and projected to grow to $211.10 billion by the year 2026. However, in this post-pandemic era, travelers have changed their sentiments drastically when it comes to travel. Trying to generate business based on pre-pandemic data may now be leading brands to target the wrong demographic.

  • Industry Perspectives on the Transition to a Multi-currency TV Market

    Research Reports   January 12, 2023  

    Deloitte, CIMM, The 4A’s, and the ANA joined forces to provide insights and perspectives on the transition to a “multi-currency” TV market.

  • What Brands Misunderstand About Influencers

    Industry Insights   January 4, 2023  

    The creator economy is on fire, and brands are turning to influencer campaigns to increase their ROAS as the digital advertising ecosystem shifts and CPMs rise. Unfortunately, most brands fail to work effectively with creators and influencers.

  • A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry (2022)

    Research Reports   November 7, 2022  

    This report from ANA and ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) reveals that representation of women in the industry overall and in leadership positions continues to be strong and that there has been an increase in the ethnic diversity of the marketing teams of ANA member companies.

  • Is the Marketing Pendulum Swinging in the Right Direction?

    Industry Insights   October 25, 2022  

    Today, it’s no question that brand marketers and advertisers recognize the value of smart digital advertising. In fact, digital advertising is well on trend to exceed 60 percent of global ad spend by the end of this year, according to Zenith Media. Although performance marketing is all the rage, it hasn’t necessarily been hitting its stride in the way it once did.

  • Are Gaming Platforms the Next Addition to the Omnichannel Marketing Strategy?

    Industry Insights   October 14, 2022  

    Over the past few years, the marketing industry has seen a substantial increase in digital ad spend and brand exploration in terms of virtual and immersive strategies for customer engagement. While statistics show that ad spend on gaming sits at around $6 to $8 billion in the U.S., representing less than 6 percent of total digital advertising spend, the growth trajectory for advertising across gaming platforms is projected to be fast-paced with very minimal limits on the potential these platforms offer brands in terms of customer engagement.