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  • A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry (2021)

    Research Reports   November 16, 2021  

    This report from ANA and ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), based on three separate studies among ANA members, concludes that finally, there has been progress in increasing ethnic diversity in the advertising/marketing industry.

  • ANA 2020 Marketing Word of the Year

    Industry Insights   December 14, 2020  

    “Pivot” has been selected by our members as the ANA 2020 Marketing Word of the Year.

  • Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing

    Research Reports   July 13, 2020  

    In 2019, the ANA partnered with The Content Council to conduct a study on “Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing.” The study revealed that over a two-year period, spending on content marketing showed a 73 percent average budget increase. The report also projected a 42 percent spending hike two years in the future.

  • Marketing, Innovation, & Technology 2020 Survey Findings

    Research Reports   June 10, 2020  

    ANA Marketing Futures partnered with R3 Worldwide to conduct a survey among ANA Members to understand where they are in their innovation journey and what they need to move forward. This report showcases the survey’s findings and highlights the diverse offerings of the Marketing Futures program.

  • 2018 Email Marketing Lookbook

    Industry Insights   May 31, 2019  

    This report highlights some examples of great emails to provide inspiration for your own campaigns. In this second edition, examples are included that represent the best of email marketing.

  • 2021 B2B Marketing Conference Event Recap

    Industry Insights   April 26, 2021  

    The most memorable takeaways and quotes from the 2021 B2B Marketing Conference that took place in March.

  • The Future of MarTech

    Research Reports   April 20, 2021  

    Learn the ins and outs of marketing technology (martech) in this report from ANA Marketing Futures.

  • Consumer Neuroscience Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   November 16, 2020  

    Consumer neuroscience isn’t a fad. It’s a growing trend that has huge potential for marketers looking to influence the way consumers think, feel, and act. This report explores what the trend is, why it matters to marketers, and how to apply the technology in the real world.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   June 16, 2020  

    The 2020 edition of the ANA Marketing Futures Report on the direct-to-consumer model provides a rich picture of the trend’s costs and benefits, as well as perspectives from industry leaders and a case study from a popular travel brand.

  • Future of B2B Marketing Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   December 11, 2019  

    Expert perspectives, case studies, and key data points featured in this report illustrate what’s now, new, and next in the world of business marketing.

  • How ANA Members Are Using Influencer Marketing

    Industry Insights   April 2, 2018  

    New research from the ANA explores how brands are working with influencers. Read the white paper to learn more.

  • Protecting Older Consumers: Role of Self-Regulation in Sweepstakes and Prize Promotions

    Ethics Alerts   November 1, 2021  

    Older consumers rule the marketing landscape in many ways. But as we market to them, areas of concern continue to arise. This ethics update focuses on best practices to employ in sweepstakes and prize promotions to protect the vulnerable — our older and/or mentally impaired Americans.

  • Transcending the Transaction: Resurrecting Customer Experience Post-COVID

    Industry Insights   September 19, 2021  

    Digital Experience and Marketing Technology Executive Shiva Mirhosseini shared her thoughts on how COVID-19 disrupted the health care industry, what organizations are doing to harness that disruption, and what it all means for marketers.

  • The Future of Agencies: Blurred Lines and Reimagined Relationships

    Research Reports   June 1, 2021  

    ANA Marketing Futures gathered perspectives from marketers and subject matter experts to understand how marketers view the future of agency and how its trajectory impacts marketing decision making.

  • Artificial Intelligence Report, 2021 Edition

    Research Reports   January 25, 2021  

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on its way to becoming inextricably linked to the technology that powers marketing platforms, systems, and decision-making. This report lays out what marketers need to know about its current applications and anticipated effects on the industry.

  • Future of Programmatic Report, 2021 Edition

    Research Reports   January 18, 2021  

    Programmatic media opens new doors to modern marketers seeking to spend efficiently and target with precision. The 2021 ANA Marketing Futures report on this topic curates expert perspectives and key stats, illustrating the tech’s current applications and anticipated future impact.

  • The Future of Retail Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   May 6, 2020  

    The 2020 report on the future of retail marketing brings together expert perspectives, key stats, and illustrative case studies to give forward-thinking marketers the information they need to prepare for what’s next.

  • Blockchain Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   April 27, 2020  

    The 2020 report on blockchain technology brings together expert perspectives, key stats, and practical use cases to give forward-thinking marketers the information they need to prepare for the future of the industry.

  • 2 Women in Marketing Share Their Tips on How to Create Diversity

    Industry Insights   January 31, 2020  

    A world that is inclusive, values varying perspectives, and prioritizes the growth of all is a world all marketers should foster.

  • Corporate Venture Capital Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   November 26, 2019  

    Can a corporate venture capital investment strategy future-proof your brand? The 2020 Marketing Futures report on CVC digs into the ways this trend is expected to impact the industry.


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