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  • The CMO’s Guide to Programmatic Transparency

    Research Reports   June 28, 2022  

    The ANA, in concert with some of the world’s foremost experts, created a step-by-step guide to help CMOs maximize their investment in programmatic advertising.

  • Power Up! Growth Through Inclusive Marketing

    Research Reports   June 16, 2022  

    This report from AIMM contains irrefutable evidence linking high-growth brands to KPI-driven DEI work, as cultural relevance is embedded across every touchpoint of an inclusive marketing process.

  • ANA Influencer Marketing Measurement Guidelines

    Research Reports   June 13, 2022  

    The ANA’s Influencer Marketing Advisory Board created a set of guidelines for influencer marketing measurement in collaboration with leading agencies and the major social media platforms.

  • Guidelines for Buyers (Agencies and Marketers) When Doing Business with Diverse Media Suppliers

    Research Reports   May 17, 2022  

    Over the past year there has been an increased impetus from the ad industry to support diverse suppliers. The purpose of this guidance is to help buyers (agencies and marketers) and diverse media suppliers improve their ways of working together.

  • ANA In-House Agency Fact Book — 2022

    Research Reports   January 25, 2022  

    The ANA In-House Agency Fact Book highlights the structure, capabilities, and operations of in-house agencies at ANA corporate member companies.

  • ANA Response Rate Report, 2021

    Research Reports   January 10, 2022  

    The 2020–21 ANA Response Rate Report is an example of how the ANA takes on the role of industry thought leader, providing the tools and benchmarking studies its members need to plan and optimize their marketing mix while forecasting future marketing impact and driving long-term sustainable growth.

  • LGBTQ+ Marketing Inclusion Report

    Research Reports   December 13, 2021  

    This report from the ANA is an initial look at the state of LGBTQ+ marketing inclusion and representation among client-side marketer members. As the first of its kind from the ANA, the report shows positive overall movement toward greater LGBTQ+ marketing inclusion in the advertising industry.

  • And Now a Word from the Diverse Suppliers: The Supplier Perspective on Certification

    Research Reports   December 1, 2021  

    This new research surveyed suppliers. Specifically, it surveyed suppliers on the ANA/AIMM list of certified diverse suppliers. The focus was on certification, to understand its importance, benefits, challenges, ease/difficulty of the process, and more.

  • A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry (2021)

    Research Reports   November 16, 2021  

    This report from ANA and ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), based on three separate studies among ANA members, concludes that finally, there has been progress in increasing ethnic diversity in the advertising/marketing industry.

  • Global CMO Growth Council Survey Results

    Research Reports   November 4, 2021  

    This 2021 flash survey focused on CMO's awareness of platform plans to limit the use of third-party data and their preparedness to respond with more effective uses of first-party strategies and other industry solutions being proposed.

  • Privacy and the Consumer: A Market Research Overview

    Research Reports   October 18, 2021  

    This paper is an informative summary of the most relevant recent global research on consumer sentiment related to privacy and the use of identity. It provides actionable steps for advertisers to consider as they adjust and plan to do business in today’s more privacy-responsible marketplace.

  • Consumer Consent 2021: Key Principles Driving Best Practices for Brands

    Research Reports   October 1, 2021  

    This report is focused on the methods and best practices companies are employing to gain consent responsibly within web, app, and email environments as discussed during a mid-July workshop with 14 senior marketers from brands, agencies, and technology companies.

  • Decoding CTV Measurement: An In-Depth Look at Reach, Frequency, and ROI

    Research Reports   September 20, 2021  

    ANA partnered with Innovid on a new study to help marketers better understand the opportunities with CTV and simplify the intricacies of measurement.

  • Consumer Perspectives on Online Activity Tracking

    Research Reports   August 12, 2021  

    This 2021 research focused on current consumer perspectives related to online tracking, opt-in vs. opt-out, and the process associated with each of these experiences on iOS given their recent launch of the ATT prompt.

  • The Future of Agencies: Blurred Lines and Reimagined Relationships

    Research Reports   June 1, 2021  

    ANA Marketing Futures gathered perspectives from marketers and subject matter experts to understand how marketers view the future of agency and how its trajectory impacts marketing decision making.

  • The Growth of Supplier Diversity

    Research Reports   May 26, 2021  

    This report provides a deep dive into supplier diversity in marketing/advertising, covering areas including benefits, challenges, spend, goals, and measurement. The report is based on both quantitative and qualitative research.

  • Media KPIs That Matter

    Research Reports   May 18, 2021  

    Media KPIs have been identified by the ANA Media Leadership Growth Council as one of its areas of initial interest due to the direct connection between KPIs and business results. This survey found that the most important KPIs are generally not the most used KPIs.

  • The Future of MarTech

    Research Reports   April 20, 2021  

    Learn the ins and outs of marketing technology (martech) in this report from ANA Marketing Futures.

  • Artificial Intelligence Report, 2021 Edition

    Research Reports   January 25, 2021  

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on its way to becoming inextricably linked to the technology that powers marketing platforms, systems, and decision-making. This report lays out what marketers need to know about its current applications and anticipated effects on the industry.

  • Behind the Campaign: Inner Nature

    Research Reports   January 25, 2021  

    Natural beauty brand Weleda turned around declining sales in the North American market by leveraging influencer content and robust consumer data for its “Inner Nature” campaign.