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  • Why Addressable TV and CTV Need to Coexist in a Cross-Screen World

    Forward   October 21, 2021  

    The convergence of traditional television and digital video presents unique opportunities for marketers but also adds a layer of complexity. The goal for advertisers is to get away from siloed approaches when it comes to media selection, as the current landscape enables companies to reach audiences whenever and wherever they may be consuming content.

  • Agency Management As a Risk-Management Advantage

    Forward   October 19, 2021  

    When brands implement agency-management initiatives, there are usually two drivers or goals. One is to rationalize and optimize agency relationships for more effective marketing programs, another is to achieve cost efficiencies in the form of savings or spend optimization. But such initiatives can help companies address and mitigate business risk as well.

  • New Meal Plan for Marketers

    Forward   October 14, 2021  

    Third-party cookies, which provide brands with consumer data to create targeted advertising campaigns, are starting to get phased out already, with Google’s Çhrome apps going to pasture in 2023. But CMOs can’t wait to prepare for a cookieless world. Marketers and their teams will need time to understand new tools and technologies and incorporate them into their workflows.

  • The Unnecessary Tradeoffs Marketers May Make

    Forward   October 12, 2021  

    Without the ability to execute strategies that are both flexible and simple, marketers are missing out on an opportunity to learn about and engage their customers in the real world — to be where audiences actually are and optimize across platforms, or even to understand which digital campaigns are successfully driving offline sales.

  • Personalization Done Right

    Forward   October 7, 2021  

    While data and technology are still the right way to drive scale and automation, perhaps it’s time for marketers to take a step back and consider how those resources can be aligned in new ways to enlighten the customer, to inspire them, maybe even to help them grow in new and unexpected ways.

  • How Influential Leaders Are Building DEI Across Their Organizations

    Forward   October 5, 2021  

    Marketers seeking to hardwire DEI into their organizations need to understand what factors into decisions their customers make, what is driving brand perceptions, and what role strategy and communications can play. To do that, they need relevant data as well as expert perspective.

  • How to Maximize the Value of Your Marketing Budget

    Forward   September 30, 2021  

    In a perfect world, organizations should be able to make budgetary changes in near real-time, but only 11 percent of respondents say they can make the necessary updates within a day. It’s time to put away the spreadsheets and adopt 21st century solutions.

  • Out-of-Home Advertising Is the Ultimate Contextual Medium

    Forward   September 28, 2021  

    Out-of-home (OOH) may be advertising’s oldest medium, but time and time again, OOH has proven resilient in a dynamic ad industry that has evolved greatly over many decades.

  • Why First-Party Data Might Not Be Enough

    Forward   September 23, 2021  

    Marketers have to change how they evaluate success in a first-party world. The question to ask now is, “How can I help this person with what they need?” Not “How can I get this person to convert?”

  • Marketers Ride New Waves of Radio Advertising

    Forward   September 21, 2021  

    HBO Max, Macy’s, and other major companies are singing the praises of radio as a way to help brands distinguish their voice in an ever-crowded marketplace. The diversification of audio platforms and the rise of so-called screen-free media has expanded the opportunity for brands to expand their audio strategies and grow their audiences.

  • Preventing the Perils of Programmatic for Premium Video

    Forward   September 14, 2021  

    The theoretical advantages of programmatic advertising for a marketer are substantial. Lower transaction costs, more precise media targeting, greater flexibility, the ability to optimize creative and media in real time, and, of course, more competitive pricing should all lead to more efficient and more effective marketing. But how does the industry move beyond theory? There is a way.

  • Legacy Tech Is Driving Your Best People Away

    Forward   September 7, 2021  

    For brands and organizations that need to compete for talent in today’s marketplace, creating a seamless and connected work environment is nonnegotiable. Collaboration tools can help marketers operating in virtually any industry make the typical workday better — and strive to create a pleasant experience for both their teams and companies.

  • How to Automate a Scope of Work Program

    Forward   September 2, 2021  

    An automated scope of work program can provide several benefits for brands and their agencies, including an improved and more valuable client-agency relationship, but getting there requires a clear vision. Here’s how to get started.

  • Your Market Doesn’t Exist

    Forward   August 31, 2021  

    While it’s always been true that a business needs great products and great marketing to be successful, in today’s world, great marketing can’t save a so-so product, and products don’t become great without marketing. Here are a few reasons why marketers should feel empowered to lead a new growth agenda within their organizations.

  • Fix the Metrics, Fix the Incentives, Fix the Problems

    Forward   August 24, 2021  

    Digital media is hardly the first casualty of perverse incentives caused by bad metrics. Many markets have broken down thanks to poor proxies for quality, but history indicates there’s still hope to set things straight.

  • Decoding CTV Measurement

    Forward   August 3, 2021  

    It’s no secret that 2020’s lockdowns ushered in a boom of home streaming, and CTV was no small part of it. To shed light on the shift to CTV, Innovid partnered with the ANA for a first-of-its-kind study to give marketers the answers and tools they need to decode CTV measurement.

  • Why CMOs Are Going All-In on Marketing Operations

    Forward   July 27, 2021  

    As complex market conditions and sudden disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on marketers to respond to new realities at a moment’s notice, it’s putting marketing operations at the forefront as the key to agility, collaboration, and customer focus.

  • How Marketers Sharpen Their Personalization Playbook

    Forward   July 20, 2021  

    Adding personalization to marketing and advertising programs seems pretty straightforward (at least on paper). However, to generate the most value out of personalization, brands need to establish a framework that empowers teams across the enterprise, while maintaining governance regarding the company’s business processes.

  • Why Video Out-of-Home Can’t Be Overlooked

    Forward   July 8, 2021  

    With the average person served thousands of ads per day, advertisers need frequency alongside a medium that is effective in reaching their audiences to make a lasting impression. Here are four reasons it’s time for advertisers to embrace video out-of-home advertising (VOOH) as part of the larger marketing mix.

  • Omnichannel Advertising in a Streaming-Centric World

    Forward   June 29, 2021  

    Like the shift from landlines to mobile devices, society is likely to continue its preference for CTV and digital video over linear TV. For marketers, this requires a shift in media strategy. Though marketers have been operating in an omnichannel world for a while, they must now confront the complexity of a fragmented digital environment and refocus their omnichannel advertising strategies with CTV rather than linear TV at the center.