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  • Delivering Experiences Consumers Will Love

    Forward   August 4, 2020  

    What can a brand do to differentiate itself and deliver exceptional customer experiences? It starts with connecting data and getting it into an actionable state. Here are four capabilities marketing organizations need to develop insights and take action.

  • Advertising In the Time of COVID-19

    Forward   July 14, 2020  

    As time goes on and consumers get conditioned to a “new normal,” they will likely become increasingly open to hearing promotional messages from brands and organizations. They may also welcome some light-hearted advertising, as a break from a stressful environment.

  • Balancing Linear TV and OTT Advertising in a Topsy-Turvy Market

    Forward   July 7, 2020  

    The coronavirus pandemic has clouded the future of programming, making it difficult for marketers to find strategies that inspire confidence. But there is good news. With a surge in video viewing, lower ad prices, and improvements in targeting and measurement, taking a data-driven approach to linear TV can grant marketers the flexibility, targeting precision, and accountability they need at precisely this moment.

  • The New Formula Fueling Modern Marketing

    Forward   June 25, 2020  

    Blending empathy and intelligence with a strong dose of creativity is the most effective way for brand marketers to deliver consumer-centered experiences that drive purpose, affinity, and revenue.

  • Four Steps to Building an Identity-Based Marketing Strategy

    Forward   June 23, 2020  

    The only way to future-proof against the evolving adtech-martech ecosystem is to design a marketing strategy with an identity-based approach at its center. But that’s no easy task. Doing so successfully requires four critical building blocks.

  • Three Ways for Marketers to Extract More Value from Video Content

    Forward   June 18, 2020  

    To bolster and exceed their ROI goals, marketers need systems and processes to enable their teams and partners to leverage video assets without any friction or slowdowns.

  • The Spirit of Radio

    Forward   June 16, 2020  

    Radio has long been known as a deeply personal, trusted, and supportive partner for consumers, communities, and companies of all stripes. Fostering unity is part of the DNA of the more than 15,000 radio stations across the country.

  • The Changing Face of Beauty During COVID-19

    Forward   June 9, 2020  

    While under stay-at-home orders, fewer women are choosing to wear makeup as often as they were prior to the pandemic, according to a CivicScience study. But that’s not all. Changes in consumer habits brought on by the coronavirus could have long-term implications for the beauty and skincare industries.

  • Marketers Grapple with Taking Creative Personalization to Higher Levels

    Forward   June 4, 2020  

    Personalization is not a matter of simply aggregating data across various first- and third-party sources. The challenge is developing the creative strategies that can leverage the data in a responsible manner, foster new collaboration models, and codify the knowledge.

  • How to Organize Teams for Scoping Season Success

    Forward   May 25, 2020  

    With a sluggish economy and tight budgets, advertisers more than ever must be organized for success as scope season comes around. When it does, here’s who should be at the table and why.

  • They’re Just Not That Into You

    Forward   May 19, 2020  

    The long-held industry belief that TV, CTV, and digital video would eventually converge, as the adoption of streaming devices grew and cord-cutting and cord-stacking behavior accelerated, is happening much faster than originally anticipated. A new study from Innovid explores best practices for brands looking to optimize personalized CTV ads.

  • Are Consumers Getting the Right Message?

    Forward   May 14, 2020  

    An examination of consumer behavior and how consumers view digital advertising’s relevancy has found things have changed between life as normal and life under the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what’s different.

  • How the Industry Can Upskill the Next Generation of Marketers

    Forward   May 12, 2020  

    Uncertainty in the economy and tighter budgets mean marketers must make sure any talent hired is effectively skilled. Agencies and brands that find themselves in the position to hire can afford to be discerning, but that doesn’t mean all the skills they desire in recent grads will be available. Marketing organizations will need to ensure that they give their people the skills they need to thrive.

  • Managing Creative Assets In a Complex Time

    Forward   April 28, 2020  

    Brands are creating more stories for more screens and devices than ever before. These assets also carry strict rights for usage and talent payments, and marketers and their agencies must be ready to make changes quickly to react to a mercurial business landscape.

  • Why You Need to (Re)Assess Your Team

    Forward   April 9, 2020  

    By and large, advertising professionals at all levels are especially interested in professional development and often want to make upward and lateral career moves. And they’re looking to their companies to provide them with the opportunity to do that. Moreover, in a rapidly changing field, marketers need ongoing skill development to keep apace. Are marketing organizations doing enough to keep their teams competitive?

  • How to Build an Attribution Model for TV in 2020

    Forward   April 7, 2020  

    Attributing the results of linear TV advertising is different than digital advertising, but it’s very possible to measure the impact TV campaigns have on consumer behavior and what can be done to improve a campaign’s effectiveness. Here is a comprehensive guide for how to create one’s very own TV attribution model.

  • Tuning Up the Customer Experience

    Forward   March 31, 2020  

    Radio brands continue to embrace and harness technology, AI-based solutions, and new media platforms to broaden the value they provide to consumers and advertisers. Engagement has seldom been stronger.

  • New Urgency for Defining the Enterprise Brand

    Forward   March 24, 2020  

    To define the identity behind brands, include emotional and rational considerations, map against customer needs, and express in both words and design. Marketing and PR executives have an opportunity to lead the effort, but only if they unify on a common front.

  • Moving Public Relations Forward Through a New Level of Measurement

    Forward   March 3, 2020  

    Public relations metrics need to focus less on what’s been done and more on what’s been accomplished. A data-driven approach to PR can make a difference for brands.

  • Why Media Measurement Must Change

    Forward   February 25, 2020  

    CMOs need a robust and modern approach to marketing measurement, independent of any of the commercial interests in the ecosystem. To achieve meaningful progress, there are four critical dimensions to measurement that marketers must now master: commerciality, quality, frameworks, and testing. While the industry is making progress in building a universal solution, here’s what marketers can do now.


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