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  • Growth of Influencer Marketing Brings New Rewards, Raises Tough Questions

    ANA Magazine   January 20, 2023  

    Spending on influencer marketing is expected to grow to $6.1 billion in 2023 and $7.1 billion in 2024, per Insider Intelligence. But as the market expands, brand managers are starting to ask tougher questions about the advantages — and drawbacks — of using influencers to help boost engagement efforts and land new customers.

  • A Happy Medium in the Agency Search Process Is Still Hard to Find

    ANA Magazine   January 18, 2023  

    While there were many points of agreement between clients and agency prospects, sharply different views emerged in multiple areas including IP ownership, budget size, and establishing a timeline for success, according to a recent ANA/4A's survey. Industry observers say the solution to many of the issues that pit agencies against their clients often comes down to overcoming the lack of clarity in communication between the two parties.

  • Marketers' Top Priorities for 2023

    Forward   January 12, 2023  

    Brand advertising budgets are often the first to go as marketers double down on direct, measurable performance. And while it's true that respondents to the Mediaocean survey listed performance-driven paid media as their most critical area of investment in the event of a downturn, that doesn't tell the whole story.

  • Marketers Need Better Vision Amid Foggy Economy

    B2B Marketer   January 11, 2023  

    Facing an ailing economy, marketers' major priority this year must be creating a "customer health" score, according to a recent Forrester report. But as some companies look to bolster relations with existing customers, others are continuing to pursue net-new leads. Will it backfire?

  • Is Marketing Having an Identity Crisis?

    Forward   January 10, 2023  

    Marketers don't often give a lot of thought to identity unless they're wringing their hands at the ever-evolving state of cookie deprecation due to privacy concerns. But disappearing browser-level attribution is only part of that problem.

  • More Women Are Listening to Podcasts

    Forward   January 3, 2023  

    Recent studies reveal an increasing number of women are becoming loyal podcasts listeners. The trend may sound a new opportunity for brands that want to reach an important demographic.

  • Account-Based Marketing Is On the Rise

    B2B Marketer   December 28, 2022  

    Account-based marketing (ABM) is no longer the domain of giant tech companies with the resources to deploy bespoke programs targeting accounts that are likely to have the most profitable impact in the long run. According to a recent survey, most B2B organizations that have not yet adopted an ABM strategy plan to do so within the next 12 months.

  • Building Brand Love in Tough Times

    ANA Magazine   December 23, 2022  

    The key to cultivating brand love in a sluggish economy is not only being reliable but also demonstrating to consumers how their affection for certain products and/or services can make a tangible contribution to improving society.

  • Winning Over Hispanic Audiences Requires Long-term Planning

    ANA Magazine   December 16, 2022  

    Despite increasing purchasing power in the past several years, Latin American communities tend to get the most attention from marketers only during Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15–October 15), with too many companies focused on the short-term. To cultivate relationships and build brand loyalty long-term, markers must uncover deeper consumer insights about American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

  • Changes to California's Privacy Law Will Affect B2B Brands

    B2B Marketer   December 14, 2022  

    Exemptions in the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) related to B2B marketing expire in January 2023. Despite having more than two years to ready themselves, many companies are ill-prepared for the change.

  • Direct Mail Belongs in the Omnichannel Customer Journey

    Forward   December 13, 2022  

    Direct mail marketing can help create customer touchpoints that encourage engagement. Here's how brands can use direct mail in tandem with digital media to create touchpoints that help drive action throughout the entire omnichannel customer journey.

  • Will CMOs Face New Pressure to Prove Their Worth?

    ANA Magazine   December 9, 2022  

    As companies began to double down on their online marketing efforts due to the pandemic, newly hired CMOs were able to command higher salaries. But the calculus for CMO pay may be changing, as companies face a possible recession.

  • Radio Paves the Way for Growth

    Forward   December 6, 2022  

    Through increased engagement with home-based smart speakers, online audio, and a growing number of podcasts, marketers have the potential to reach more listeners than ever before.

  • Inspiring the Differently Abled to Move

    Greater Good   December 5, 2022  

    To foster inclusivity and representation across the fitness industry among people with disabilities, the personal care brand Degree created the #TrainersforHire platform. The B2 Award-winning platform provides fitness brands with a repository of qualified differently abled trainers and educational resources to make fitness centers more accessible.

  • United, Converged TV Advertising Should Stand

    Forward   December 1, 2022  

    TV is in the midst of a revolution. There's more content than ever before, and the modern viewer consumes it on their own time, in their own way, and through a variety of devices. This fragmentation means one thing for brands and agencies: They need to reimagine the TV advertising experience.

  • The State of Ad Tech Is Changing

    Forward   November 29, 2022  

    With the looming deprecation of third-party cookies, marketers face a series of headwinds when determining the value of their campaigns. Fortunately, there are several macro forces working in marketers' favor — if brands can adapt in time.

  • Marketers Take a Perpetual View of Women's History Month

    ANA Magazine   November 25, 2022  

    As brands and organizations gear up for Women's History Month in March, marketers are viewing the celebration though a long lens and delivering ad campaigns showing women succeeding in roles traditionally associated with men.

  • How Marketers Can Leverage Tech to Avoid Disruption

    Forward   November 24, 2022  

    While most CMOs want to invest in new tools and tech, budgets are tight, which means there's pressure to connect spending with ROI. Further complicating the matter: Tastes and trends evolved during the pandemic and even more disruption is on the way.

  • Marketers Must Be More Agile

    B2B Marketer   November 23, 2022  

    Long-term planning may be turning into a bit of an oxymoron due to the furious pace of change among B2B customers and prospects. However, marketers still need vision when it comes to preparing for the future, as the B2B terrain is shaping up to look radically different just a few years from now, a recent study reveals.

  • Podcast Listeners Are Different — and That's Good for Brands

    Forward   November 22, 2022  

    In recent years the popularity of podcasts has exploded to make the medium a massive source of entertainment. Listenership is high and growing, and audiences are listening throughout the day — ads and all.