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  • Marketers Balance the Promise and Peril of Generative AI

    ANA Magazine   September 22, 2023  

    The promise of AI is tempered by growing concerns regarding the risks the technology presents, leading the Biden administration to pressure the seven leading AI companies to commit to new standards for safety, security, and trust as they aggressively compete to dominate the space. Brands and agencies are diving in.

  • Marketers Need to Be More Selective With the Data They Use

    ANA Magazine   September 20, 2023  

    Marketers continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of data they collect. A big part of the problem is that companies tend to acquire technology without thinking about the specific marketing goals and objectives for which the resulting data will be used. To tame the tech stack, CMOs and their teams need to do a better job of planning and figure out what the end game for the data is well before executing.

  • How to Avoid CTV's Double Whammy

    Forward   September 19, 2023  

    TV viewers are likely united in at least one thing: they have endured a bad ad experience marred by either too many repeat ads, irrelevant ads, or, gasp, an empty ad slot. To make a better customer experience, marketers need to understand that linear and CTV don't always work perfectly together, and a true cross-channel plan requires a bit of extra work.

  • Cyclists Put Cities on Notice

    Greater Good   September 18, 2023  

    Through its City Ratings program, the nonprofit PeopleForBikes seeks to make biking safer and more accessible to people across the U.S.

  • Marketing News Quiz for September 16, 2023

    Marketing News Quiz   September 16, 2023  

    Can AI win your vote in this week's five-question news quiz?

  • Do Marketers Go Big for the Holidays?

    ANA Magazine   September 15, 2023  

    Most people will be watching their wallets during the 2023 holidays, with more than half of consumers (53 percent) saying inflation will have a moderate or significant impact on their spending. To ensure that they are buying wisely, consumers are demanding more from brands and retailers. They want flexible return policies, discounts, loyalty programs, and the capability to buy online and pick up in-store.

  • The Future of CX Starts In-House

    Forward   September 14, 2023  

    The future of customer experience (CX) is promising, and its impact on in-house marketing and creative teams in Fortune 500 companies is set to be transformative. As businesses recognize the importance of CX in driving customer loyalty, differentiation, and revenue growth, these teams will evolve into vital contributors to a company's success in the CX era.

  • Widening the Pipeline

    B2B Marketer   September 13, 2023  

    Pipeline marketing, or widening the sales funnel throughout every stage of the customer journey, is becoming a more effective way for B2B marketers to generate revenue, according to a recent study. But the process is not linear. It's more of an ecosystem, in which marketers need to be able to respond quickly with the right tools to keep wayward customers and prospects on track.

  • The Importance of All-Party Data in a Cookieless World

    Forward   September 12, 2023  

    Brands can prepare for a cookieless future by prioritizing first-party data collection and using it with second- and third-party data to derive deep insights about consumers. Doing so requires building trust, providing value, and prioritizing transparency.

  • Marketing News Quiz for September 9, 2023

    Marketing News Quiz   September 9, 2023  

    See how your knowledge of what's going on in marketing world adds up by taking this week's five-question news quiz from <em>ANA</em> magazine.

  • What Retail Media Networks Have in Store for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   September 8, 2023  

    Two-thirds of companies viewed retail media as a sales driver, but only 12 percent used it to build their brand, according to a new survey. Only 31 percent said it was a valuable marketing tool right now. The lack of consistent and industrywide measurement on the effectiveness of retail media investments is one reason brands remain cool to the market.

  • B2B Brand-Building Is Having a Moment

    B2B Marketer   September 6, 2023  

    "The B2B Marketing Benchmark" report released in June by LinkedIn and Ipsos notes a growing number of B2B organizations recognize the importance of branding, which they had previously relegated to the back burner. The report also found that three quarters of respondents plan to use or keep using generative artificial intelligence to aid marketing efforts.

  • Marketing News Quiz for September 2, 2023

    Marketing News Quiz   September 2, 2023  

    Test how up-to-date you are on who's who and what's what in the world of marketing by taking this week's five-question news quiz from <em>ANA</em> magazine.

  • What's Keeping CMOs Up at Night?

    B2B Marketer   August 30, 2023  

    The fifth annual "Marketing On My Mind" report from Brand Keys, based on a survey of more than 500 CMOs, offers insight into what's top of mind for marketers facing what the report calls a "perfect storm" of miseries. Inflation and a possible recession, as well as pressure over increased profits/shareholder value, top the list.

  • Cross-Garden, Not Cross-Channel, Is the Future of TV Advertising

    Forward   August 29, 2023  

    Most of the streaming video world is happening in "walled gardens," proprietary media and ad delivery platforms that work either somewhat or entirely independently from one another. As marketers wade into the future of television, they'll need a cross-platform approach that works for the brand and the viewer.

  • Marketing News Quiz for August 26, 2023

    Marketing News Quiz   August 26, 2023  

    Crank up the volume on this week's five-question marketing news quiz from <em>ANA</em> magazine.

  • Catering to Hispanic Communities Means Overcoming Stereotypes

    ANA Magazine   August 25, 2023  

    Marketing to Hispanic consumers requires that brands heavily research the distinctive factors that matter most to them. Influencers can help brands connect with the various communities, as well as cultural elements like music and humor, but it's important to consult market experts to ensure the campaign is effective.

  • Innovative Ways to Use AI in Marketing

    Forward   August 24, 2023  

    With its unique memorability and digital capabilities, direct mail has seemingly endless creative potential to enhance the effectiveness of a brand's omnichannel campaigns. AI can work with these elements to make mail marketing even more powerful.

  • Marketing News Quiz for August 19, 2023

    Marketing News Quiz   August 19, 2023  

    Flex your marketing muscles by testing your knowledge with this week's five-question marketing news quiz from <em>ANA</em> magazine.

  • The Secret to Standout Campaigns

    Forward   August 17, 2023  

    As constant access to smartphones, laptops, and tablets makes it increasingly difficult to avoid digital overload, customers may be ignoring — or even actively avoiding — much of the marketing they're exposed to. Direct mail can provide customers with a break from the onslaught of digital ads and connect them with a brand on a more tangible, personal level.