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App-Enabled Smart TV Gains Popularity

New research from Parks Associates reports 70% of TV households will have an app-enabled smart TV by 2018.

Majority of US Internet Users to Regularly Use a Connected TV By 2015

Exciting infographic about the rise of Internet-connected TV reveals a huge sea change for the TV ad industry.

Landscape Update: Connected TV

A 44 percent increase in the number of consumers watching connected TVs is leading the shift towards new forms of TV viewing.

BrightLine: Rich Media TV Trends Issue 16

Smart TV advertising is a great way to reach Millennials, who are more likely to pay attention to interactive ads than other demographics.

BrightLine: Advanced TV Trend Report Issue 15

One in three people are now interacting with immersive, rich media ad experiences via their TV.

BrightLine Audience Snapshot: Gamers

This four-page infographic from BrightLine illustrates current statistics and trends about gaming, including demographics and key players and advertisers in the space.

BrightLine: Advanced TV Trend Report Issue 13

According to BrightLine, connected TV has surpassed traditional TV in terms of importance to advertisers.

BrightLine: TV Revealed

Television today still dominates in reach and ad performance, but the way viewers are watching has changed. BrightLine presents the latest viewing behavior statistics and industry trends in this digital booklet.

BrightLine Audience Snapshot: Teens

Learn about the latest media and multi-screen viewing habits of teens in this infographic from BrightLine.

BrightLine: In-Television Spotlight Report

Interactive or connected TV video consumption is on the rise, according to this infographic from BrightLine.

Publicis-Omnicom Merger Provides Much Needed Opportunity to "Step Up"

The merger of Publicis and Omnicom, the second and third largest agency holding companies in the world, represents an opportunity for the newly formed agency to focus on creating real value for its clients.

BrightLine: InTelevision Trend Report Issue 12

When store locators are used on advanced or interactive TV (also known as iTV or In-TV), they can increase a viewer's likelihood of visiting a retail outlet by 65 percent, according to this report from BrightLine.

BrightLine IQ Viewer Behavior Report Advanced Snapshot: Baby Boomers

This viewer behavior report from BrightLine outlines the potential for reaching the Baby Boomer generation, a group of American consumers with the greatest concentration of wealth in history, via interactive TV advertising.

BrightLine: In-Television Trend Report Issue 11

Smart or interactive TV users have the highest ad response rate (84 percent), as compared to users of other connected device, according to BrightLine.

BrightLine: In-Television Trend Report Issue 10

This one-page brief from BrightLine presents the latest statistics around smart TV, multiscreen engagement, and interactive TV advertising.

BrightLine: In-Television Trend Report Issue 9

This new report from BrightLine indicates that over 90 million U.S. households have a digital TV and that 28 percent have a smart TV.

BrightLine: What Was Missing From CES 2013? It Was You

In this article BrightLine discusses the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the evolution of consumer habits as they are impacted by technology.

BrightLine: Reaching the Elusive Young Adult Male

In this article BrightLine shares key insights to help marketers reach the valuable young adult male consumer group.

BrightLine: Advanced TV Trend Report Issue 14

By 2016, connected TV and pay TV will have equal consumer reach, according to this report from BrightLine.

BrightLine Audience Snapshot: Affluent Consumers

In this research brief BrightLine outlines the potential for reaching affluent consumers via In-Television™ advertising.

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