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What Each European Country Does Best According to Eurostat

Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU, provides comparisons between all 28 member countries. Yahoo Travel recently sifted through the latest annual data to come up with fun facts on what each European country does best.

The Reinvention of Marketing

To say that marketing has changed in an understatement. The acceleration of the last several years can aptly be defined as a “reinvention.”

37 Outstanding Marketers Are Named Internationalists

Thirty-seven marketing leaders have been names Internationalists of the Year by The Internationalist in its effort to celebrate the people behind the brands.

Living That Cloudy Dream in Seattle

Seattle is one of America’s fastest growing metro areas and has become a magnet for lifestyle testing around all types of cloud technology.

ANA Survey Results Identify Five Marketing Blind Spots

Disruptive forces are changing the business landscape in the forms of complexity, content demands, and customer expectations, challenging marketing organizations to undergo significant transformations rather than incremental change. The destination is clear for marketers but the path isn’t.

Battling Banner Blindness: Cxense Pioneers 3D Display Ads

Olso Norway-based Cxense has introduced an eye-catching 3D advertising capability to help publishers and advertisers capture consumers’ attention and combat “banner blindness.”

Increased Fears About Environment, but Little Change in Consumer Behavior, According to New National Geographic/GlobeScan Study

A new global analysis finds that concern about environmental problems has increased in most countries surveyed, and that more people now expect global warming will negatively affect them during their lifetime than in 2012.

General Mills Hires A Chief Creative Officer. Is This Crazy, Or The Future?

The appointment of a chief creative officer was announced, which is not big news if it’s an ad agency appointment. But this was General Mills announcing the hiring of Michael Fanuele, former chief strategy officer of ad agency Fallon in Minneapolis, as its chief creative officer.

Winners in the Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Solutions

Terms like Programmatic, Big Data and mCommerce have moved beyond buzzwords. This year’s winners underscore experimentation, faster implementation, and results.

The Death of Privacy

Moore’s Law, named for Intel Founder Gordon Moore, tells us that processing power doubles every two years. It also seems that his law could apply to the current evolution of marketing, advertising and media.

FOMO: Fatigue in Black Rock City

Did you ever get the feeling that somewhere just out of your field of vision, something amazing was happening, perhaps in a parallel universe only just out of reach? That’s basically how everyone’s Facebook experience felt in the days after Burning Man.

Brand Equity as a Gauge of the Economy

Over the past decade, there has been a steady decline in the CoreBrand 500 average, dropping from a high of 7.4% in 2004 down to 5.1% in 2011. This is a fair reflection of a lethargic economy recovery.

R3’s Annual China Agency Scope Provides New Insights of Global Interest

The duration of agency relationships in China is among the shortest in the world. Integrated agencies have great appeal and potential, but they have not gained major momentum within the market.

Innovation Is Critical to Reinvention

Today, innovation is integral to so many new disciplines that underscore the breadth of expanding agency responsibilities — content creation, programmatic buying, analytics, strategy, ecommerce, mobility, as well as creative, media, digital, and, of course, inspirational leadership that embraces future vision.

The Changing Landscape for Marketing Talent

The reinvention of the marketing industry continues to be well documented, but these changes are also having a profound knock-on effect on how companies staff their marketing teams and the kinds of skilled talent needed — representing a significant shift in the DNA of future marketing leaders.

The Re-Invention of Media

For far too long marketers may have overlooked media, but expertise in this area will define competitive advantage and success for brands over the next two years.

The Future of International Media Representation

Moore’s Law, named for Intel Founder Gordon Moore, tells us that processing power doubles every two years. It also seems that his law could apply to the current evolution of marketing, advertising and media.

Could Brand Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Surprising new global research from marketing agency Momentum Worldwide reveals that people in countries with long-established consumer spending power – Japan, the UK and the USA – feel less connected with brands than those in emerging markets.

Advertising Expenditure Forecasts June 2014

ZenithOptimedia predicts global ad expenditure will grow 5.4% in 2014, reaching US$524 billion by year-end 2014. The World Cup will help the global ad market grow 5.4% in 2014, up from 3.9% in 2013.

Two Sources on "Ambush Marketing" Timed to World Cup

The World Cup may be a premiere global brand sponsorship opportunity, but it also raises questions about consumer misperceptions surrounding key sponsors, as well as controversial marketing practices among non-sponsors.

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