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  • How to Avoid CTV's Double Whammy

    Forward   September 19, 2023  

    TV viewers are likely united in at least one thing: they have endured a bad ad experience marred by either too many repeat ads, irrelevant ads, or, gasp, an empty ad slot. To make a better customer experience, marketers need to understand that linear and CTV don't always work perfectly together, and a true cross-channel plan requires a bit of extra work.

  • The Future of CX Starts In-House

    Forward   September 14, 2023  

    The future of customer experience (CX) is promising, and its impact on in-house marketing and creative teams in Fortune 500 companies is set to be transformative. As businesses recognize the importance of CX in driving customer loyalty, differentiation, and revenue growth, these teams will evolve into vital contributors to a company's success in the CX era.

  • The Importance of All-Party Data in a Cookieless World

    Forward   September 12, 2023  

    Brands can prepare for a cookieless future by prioritizing first-party data collection and using it with second- and third-party data to derive deep insights about consumers. Doing so requires building trust, providing value, and prioritizing transparency.

  • Cross-Garden, Not Cross-Channel, Is the Future of TV Advertising

    Forward   August 29, 2023  

    Most of the streaming video world is happening in "walled gardens," proprietary media and ad delivery platforms that work either somewhat or entirely independently from one another. As marketers wade into the future of television, they'll need a cross-platform approach that works for the brand and the viewer.

  • Innovative Ways to Use AI in Marketing

    Forward   August 24, 2023  

    With its unique memorability and digital capabilities, direct mail has seemingly endless creative potential to enhance the effectiveness of a brand's omnichannel campaigns. AI can work with these elements to make mail marketing even more powerful.

  • The Secret to Standout Campaigns

    Forward   August 17, 2023  

    As constant access to smartphones, laptops, and tablets makes it increasingly difficult to avoid digital overload, customers may be ignoring — or even actively avoiding — much of the marketing they're exposed to. Direct mail can provide customers with a break from the onslaught of digital ads and connect them with a brand on a more tangible, personal level.

  • Implementing a Martech Software Solution

    Forward   August 15, 2023  

    Marketers' initial approach to implementing martech software can make or break its future as a viable tool in their marketing stack. Its implementation is best conducted in four phases to align internally and with the martech provider on the goals of the initiative.

  • What to Know About the Premium TV Advertising Ecosystem

    Forward   August 10, 2023  

    What does it take for brand advertisers to maximize the value of their investment in TV and reach audiences across a fragmented landscape? A new report from Comcast Advertising provides answers.

  • DOOH Is Omnichannel Marketing's Missing Link

    Forward   August 8, 2023  

    OOH advertising has long been known for delivering ad experiences that grab consumer attention in the physical world and dazzle audiences. However, the addition of programmatic technology, data-driven audience targeting (and retargeting) capabilities, and in-depth measurement within the OOH industry has transformed this once-siloed medium into an integral piece of any modern omnichannel marketing strategy.

  • What B2B Marketers Should Consider When Selecting a Data Partner

    Forward   August 3, 2023  

    Marketers know they need to use the highest-quality data possible, whether they're sourcing it from their own properties or working with a third party. Working with a data partner to access second- and third-party data gives marketers the benefit of expanding the scope of data available to them. But how to select the right partner?

  • The Catalyst for Innovation

    Forward   August 1, 2023  

    Innovative marketing can help businesses differentiate themselves and capture customer attention, but many brands struggle to find effective, accessible ways to shake up the status quo and fight through the digital clutter. As businesses today seek new ways to innovate, one (perhaps unexpected) medium is coming into the spotlight: direct mail.

  • Connecting with Consumers in an Age of Change

    Forward   July 25, 2023  

    Consumers have a large menu of entertainment options across both linear and streaming media, putting them in control of what, when, where, and how they watch. As the marketplace caters to consumers' changing viewing preferences, there are several guiding principles that advertisers can follow to connect with viewers in a dawning age of change.

  • Enhancing Shopper Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

    Forward   July 20, 2023  

    Artificial intelligence can help retailers stay agile while making it easier for marketers to reach customer, but using AI to its full potential will require companies to reimagine their business models and existing workflows. Now is the time for businesses of all sizes to start thinking about their AI marketing strategy.

  • Using Radio to Drive Growth in Local Markets

    Forward   July 18, 2023  

    Supporting local economies and resonating with people in local communities (i.e., keeping them informed, entertained, and connected) is a fitting definition for radio. As CMOs face pressure to reach profitable goals and are often expected to do more with less, radio can help brands drive local demand and sustainable growth in neighborhoods across the country.

  • Will 2023 Be an Upfront for the Ages?

    Forward   July 13, 2023  

    The nature of TV continues to change, but reaching consumers with video commercials remains critically important. While consumers still have an insatiable desire for "television" programming, they are now opportunistic about the devices and services they use to watch content. Have the 2023 upfronts cleared a path to the future of advertising in the world of converged TV?

  • The Increasing Importance of the In-house Agency

    Forward   June 27, 2023  

    Conventionally, the value proposition of an in-house creative services group was based solely on the triad of price, quality, and speed of delivery, but as brands deal with a shaky economy and the quickening pace of a technological evolution, a fourth criterion has emerged: the ability to pivot and adapt to clients' needs and mandates and those of the organization as a whole.

  • Managing Fragmentation Across the Major Shifts in Advertising

    Forward   June 15, 2023  

    Whether it's the future of linear TV or the evolution of digital identity, the marketing industry is moving to a state where media sellers have more data to leverage. Capabilities for targeting, reach, and measurement, along with creative standards and formats, are being siloed within each publisher's ecosystem. As a result, the advertiser's job has grown increasingly complex.

  • How Commercial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Decision-Making

    Forward   June 13, 2023  

    No matter the industry, it's becoming clear that traditional measurement methodologies are no more effective than the "spray and pray" approach ever was. Is it time for a more holistic approach?

  • Audio Fuels the Funnel

    Forward   June 8, 2023  

    Since the earliest days of AM radio, marketers have leaned into radio's megaphone to build reach, but today's audio is capable of so much more. By combining AM/FM radio, podcasts, and streaming audio forms, marketers can build a full-funnel audio experience capable of guiding consumers along the entire path to purchase.

  • The Ongoing Appeal of the Household TV

    Forward   May 23, 2023  

    While consumer views of what TV is are evolving, the dominance of the largest screen in viewers' homes is not. Here's what it means for advertisers.