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  • An AI-Driven Future, with Mari Joller of Snackable

    Marketing Futures Podcast   August 12, 2022  

    Mari Joller, founder and CEO of Snackable, joined the pod to discuss the potential for AI to impact not only business, but our everyday lives.

  • Metaverse Deep Dive, with Media.Monks

    Marketing Futures Podcast   August 4, 2022  

    Catherine D. Henry and Lewis Smithingham of Media.Monks take us on a deep dive into the world of virtualization. They discuss how the rise of the metaverse will affect the future of work, product development, and, of course, marketing.

  • The Customer's Journey into the Future, with Shiva Mirhosseini of AAA

    Marketing Futures Podcast   July 29, 2022  

    Shiva Mirhosseini, member of the Board of Directors at AAA and chairwoman of the Marketing Futures Committee, discussed customer journey disruption and the need for a new, modern marketing playbook.

  • AI Voice Generation, with Katrin Ribant of Multifaktorial

    Marketing Futures Podcast   July 8, 2022  

    Katrin Ribant, CEO of Multifaktorial, takes us behind the scenes of the AI voice generation platform Anyword on the latest episode of the Marketing Futures Podcast.

  • The New CMO Toolkit, with Katie Klumper of Black Glass Consulting

    Marketing Futures Podcast   June 27, 2022  

    Katie Klumper of Black Glass Consulting discussed the most common challenges CMOs face, explained why they and other members of the C-suite don’t always see eye to eye, and shared the new skill set every marketing leader needs to master.

  • Cracking the Innovation Code, with Tony Ulwick of Strategyn

    Marketing Futures Podcast   June 1, 2022  

    Innovation doesn’t have to be a mystery. In reality, it’s a process like any other, grounded in concrete, repeatable steps that just about anyone can learn, and ultimately perfect. Today’s guest, Tony Ulwick, CEO and founder of Strategyn, shows us how.

  • That's So Meta, with Jason Velliquette of R3

    Marketing Futures Podcast   May 13, 2022  

    The metaverse is the talk of the marketing industry, yet technically it doesn't even exist yet. Today we talk to Jason Velliquette, Head of Digital at R3, about what the real metaverse will look like in the future, and how brands can prepare today for a virtualized tomorrow.

  • Forecasting the Future, with Sheri Bachstein, CEO of the Weather Company

    Marketing Futures Podcast   April 29, 2022  

    Grab your raincoat, because on today’s pod, we welcome Sheri Bachstein, CEO of the Weather Company, and General Manager of IBM Watson. Sheri explained the concept of “Selfless Innovation,” gave tips on how brands can connect to their purpose, and shared stories from her time as a storm chaser.

  • The Digital Native, with George Popstefanov of PMG

    Marketing Futures Podcast   April 15, 2022  

    George Popstefanov is a digital native in every sense of the word. We spoke to the founder and CEO of PMG about innovation, the metaverse, the Great Resignation, and more.

  • Revolutionizing Health Care, with Brian Deffaa of LifeBridge

    Marketing Futures Podcast   March 25, 2022  

    On this episode of the Marketing Futures Podcast, LifeBridge Health CMO Brian Deffaa offered tips marketers could learn from the health care industry and shared the incredible story behind his passion to bring high-quality health care to everyone.

  • Tectonic Shifts in Media, with Colin Mitchell of Vice Media Group and Virtue

    Marketing Futures Podcast   March 17, 2022  

    Colin Mitchell, Chief Innovation Office of Vice Media Group and Co-President of Virtue, joined the pod today to discuss the different innovation challenges he helps brands overcome and give us a glimpse into the Vice Verse, the organization's foray into the metaverse.

  • A Legacy of Innovation, with Chris Karpenko of USPS

    Marketing Futures Podcast   February 25, 2022  

    Chris Karpenko, Executive Director of Brand Marketing at the United States Postal Service, joined us on the pod to discuss the evolution of direct mail marketing, share new innovations being rolled out by the company, and give us an idea of what the Postal Service could look like in five to 10 years.

  • Reclaiming Our Data Destiny, with Arun Kumar of IPG and Kinesso

    Marketing Futures Podcast   February 3, 2022  

    Data-driven marketing has revolutionized the landscape over the past 10 years, but as the entire industry waits to see the consequences of a cookie-less future, our guest Arun Kumar wants to know: how did we get here?

  • Bridging Business and Creativity, with Thas Naseemuddeen of Omelet

    Marketing Futures Podcast   January 12, 2022  

    We're busting down silos in the studio with our guest Thas Naseemuddeen, CEO of Omelet. Thas explained why great marketing is the sum of creativity and business savvy and shared the "secret sauce" behind her agency's success.

  • Trailblazing Research, with Duane Varan of MediaScience

    Marketing Futures Podcast   December 14, 2021  

    MediaScience founder and CEO Duane Varan joined us on the podcast to discuss neuroscience in marketing research, his firm's culture of curiosity, and — interestingly enough — Chicago crime boss Al Capone.

  • Signal Loss and Creative Data, with Stephanie Bohn of VidMob

    Marketing Futures Podcast   November 3, 2021  

    Stephanie Bohn, Global Chief Brand Officer for VidMob, joined us on the podcast to discuss the company's new report — "The Essential Guide to Signal Loss for Digital Marketers."

  • Chief Tik Tok Officer, with Nerf and Movers+Shakers

    Marketing Futures Podcast   October 28, 2021  

    We spoke with Sarah Madey, Director of Global Franchise Strategy & Management at NERF, and Evan Kaufman, Associate Creative Director at Movers+Shakers, about their innovative "Chief Tik Tok Officer" campaign.

  • Living the Pivot Part II, with Joseph Jaffe

    Marketing Futures Podcast   October 15, 2021  

    In the conclusion of our two-part Marketing Futures Podcast with Joseph Jaffe, we discuss cryptocurrency, the new brand/customer relationship, and the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the future of marketing.

  • Living the Pivot Part I, with Joseph Jaffe

    Marketing Futures Podcast   September 17, 2021  

    Joseph Jaffe is a jack of all trades—author, CEO, futurist, and now, a late-night talk show host. He joins the pod to discuss the creator economy, livestreaming, and more in part one of a special two-part series.

  • A Personalized Future, with Mike Barclay of MoEngage

    Marketing Futures Podcast   September 7, 2021  

    We're making it personal today at the Marketing Futures Podcast. Mike Barclay of MoEngage joins us to talk the history and future of personalization in marketing.


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