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  • ETHICS ALERT: Fake Warranties and Marketing Offers Cloaked as Unpaid Invoices

    Ethics Issue Alerts   May 22, 2022  

    ANA’s Consumer Affairs department has seen an increase in fake car warranty offers and marketing offers cloaked as unpaid invoices. In response, the group has create this update, providing guidance and resources on the subject.

  • Consumers Seek Greater Control Over How Marketing Offers are Communicated

    Ethics Issue Alerts   March 17, 2022  

    As we move toward a new normal, there are shifts in behaviors and trends in how and where we work and live and do business. Part of the consumers’ focus on data and privacy issues includes seeking greater control on how marketing offers are being communicated in promotional mail and online display ads.

  • Privacy: It's About the Data!

    Ethics Issue Alerts   February 16, 2022  

    This ethics update focuses on where data privacy intersects an evolving landscape of shifts in consumer expectations, technology providers’ practices, and regulatory focus. We spotlight the trends in the industry and tools and guidance for developing a data privacy plan.

  • Marketing and Protecting Children

    Ethics Issue Alerts   January 11, 2022  

    This ethics update focuses on the pitfalls to avoid when marketing to children as well as provides you with key tips for how to do so in an effective, respectful, and safe manner.

  • Protecting Older Consumers: Role of Self-Regulation in Sweepstakes and Prize Promotions

    Ethics Issue Alerts   November 1, 2021  

    Older consumers rule the marketing landscape in many ways. But as we market to them, areas of concern continue to arise. This ethics update focuses on best practices to employ in sweepstakes and prize promotions to protect the vulnerable — our older and/or mentally impaired Americans.

  • Role of Self-Regulation in the Direct Mail Space

    Ethics Issue Alerts   August 23, 2021  

    Building consumer trust and brand trust is vital! ANA offers key guidance and a robust toolkit to help meet the needs of consumers and manage your direct mail campaigns.

  • Role of Self-Regulation in the Digital Ad Space

    Ethics Issue Alerts   July 1, 2021  

    Technological advancements, big-tech privacy moves, regulatory and legislative changes continue to shape the digital advertising landscape. ANA, DAA, and PRAM offer committees, guidance, principles, and other resources to help your company stay abreast of these issues.

  • Dark Patterns and Ethical Marketing Practices

    Ethics Issue Alerts   May 29, 2021  

    Dark patterns are defined as web design tricks some companies use to intentionally confuse and take advantage of consumers — i.e., pop-ups with tiny X’s that make a window hard to close and subscriptions with hidden fees that a person cannot cancel without making a lengthy customer service call.