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  • World Champion Surfer Explains How Riding Waves Has Taught Him About Purpose and Perseverance

    Podcast Clips   January 9, 2023  

    Former world surfing champion and purpose-focused author Shaun Tomson discusses how the fundamental lessons he’s learned from surfing have taught him about perseverance and never losing sight of hope, which is critical to adhering to one’s purpose.

  • Gamers Say They Don’t Mind Ads as Long As They Don’t Suck

    Podcast Clips   December 12, 2022  

    Devra Prywes, global head of marketing and insights at SuperAwesome, cites data that says young gamers actually don't mind when brands come into the gaming space, just as long as the brand is creating an experience that is additive to the game.

  • How Mastercard Foundry Has Successfully Systematized Business Innovation

    Podcast Clips   December 9, 2022  

    Mastercard’s Cindy Chastain explains how Mastercard Foundry drives innovation for the Mastercard brand by relying on a collective of experts that is tasked with focusing on the future and determining areas rife with innovation opportunities across the company and the market at large.

  • Data Shows Why a Recession is the Worst Time to Cut Your Marketing Budget

    Podcast Clips   December 8, 2022  

    Bob Liodice, CEO at the ANA, joined the Champions of Growth podcast to discuss, among other things, why a recession is the absolute worst time for businesses and their decision makers to choose to cut marketing budgets, using a bevy of data to back up his claim.

  • Preconceived Misconceptions: Why Marketers Have Been Slow to Hit Start on Gaming

    Podcast Clips   December 2, 2022  

    Jonathan Stringfield, VP of global business research and marketing at Activision Blizzard, discusses some of the misconceptions marketers have about gaming that are causing them to drag their feet on the medium despite the massive engagement opportunity it offers to brands.

  • How a Lack of Assumptions Has Been Critical to this CMO’s Success

    Podcast Clips   November 21, 2022  

    Lynn Teo, who recently became CMO at Northwestern Mutual, explained how coming into her new role with a lack of assumptions was critical for getting up to speed on how to best market the business.

  • Why Data Maintenance Is an Ongoing Endeavor for Marketers

    Podcast Clips   November 17, 2022  

    Jason Rockman of DEFINITION 6 explains why data hygiene is an ongoing process, and one that must be prioritized by marketers if they want to avoid digging themselves into a hole.

  • How Smart Technologies Created More Effective Messaging by Eliminating Sales and Marketing Teams

    Podcast Clips   November 15, 2022  

    Jenna Pipchuk of Smart Technologies discusses how her brand has actually been able to create more coordinated and effective messaging strategies by eliminating its sales and marketing teams.

  • Why Brand Purpose Can’t Work If It Ignores Social and Environmental Issues

    Podcast Clips   November 9, 2022  

    Author and purpose expert Anne Bahr Thompson explains why economic and social issues are intrinsically linked and how brands must consider both in order to be good brand citizens and truly embody their purpose.

  • Is the C-Suite Setting Up CMOs to Fail?

    Podcast Clips   October 26, 2022  

    Northwestern’s Jonathan Copulsky discusses the scary unknowns that exist for CMOs and marketers and why the future success of CMOs will be rooted in their ability to become risk management experts and to educate the C-suite and third-party partners on why certain behaviors or actions are enormously damaging to the brand.

  • Companies That Fail to Properly Brand Their Purpose Programs Are Losing Important Engagement

    Podcast Clips   October 24, 2022  

    David Aaker, vice chair of the brand management consultant Prophecy, explains why companies that fail to properly brand their purpose programs are missing out on key business benefits and leaving a wealth of consumer engagement on the table.

  • Why Empathetic Marketing Has Always Been Necessary

    Podcast Clips   October 19, 2022  

    Known’s Ross Martin explains the reasons why, in the face of social justice movements, empathy has by necessity become a greater focal point for the marketing industry. However, it is his contention that empathy was always a necessary quality for someone to be a successful marketer.

  • Why Hershey Sometimes Lets Its Procurement Team Play "Bad Cop" When Working with Agency Partners

    Podcast Clips   October 17, 2022  

    The Hershey Company’s Sherry Ulsh explains why her brand deploys a “good cop/bad cop” approach, of sorts, to assist with agency relationship management, sometimes allowing the marketing procurement side to deliver bad news or a tough message to the agency.

  • Brands in Existential Crisis: Why the Age of Shareholder Capitalism Has to End

    Podcast Clips   October 10, 2022  

    Ty Montague, cofounder, chairman, and chief purpose officer at co:collective, explains how purpose-led companies must be solving the world’s problems, instead of creating them, and why the business world is facing an existential crisis that demands brands begin answering to more than just their shareholders.

  • These Are the Qualities Shared by Marketing’s Longest-Tenured CMOs

    Podcast Clips   September 20, 2022  

    What are some of the qualities shared by the industry’s most resilient and longest tenured CMOs? Greg Welch, partner at Spencer Stuart, reveals some of what he’s seen from a wealth of market research and during his many years working alongside these individuals.

  • How NI Used Change Management to Sell Its Updated Brand Purpose Internally

    Podcast Clips   September 20, 2022  

    Tabitha Upshaw, senior director of brand, reputation, and impact at NI, shared how she and her team successfully sold the organization’s updated brand purpose to the staff, ensuring everyone bought in and began to use the purpose as the lens through which they make every decision.

  • This is How Square is Creating Valuable Content for Gen Z on YouTube

    Podcast Clips   September 9, 2022  

    Mallory Russell discusses the types of educational and informational content her brand is producing on YouTube to help create better connections with the prized gen Z audience.

  • These Four Factors Drive Your Brand’s Purpose Score

    Podcast Clips   September 9, 2022  

    Chip Walker, head of strategy at StrawberryFrog, joins Beyond Profit host Ken Beaulieu to discuss his company’s study, Purpose Power Index, and specifically, which four factors are the most important in influencing how consumers and employees perceive your brand’s commitment to its purpose.

  • The Right CMO for the Right Job

    Podcast Clips   August 19, 2022  

    Katie Klumper, founder and CEO of Black Glass Consulting, joined the Marketing Futures Podcast to discuss why if you asked 30 CMOs what they do, you’d get 30 different job descriptions.

  • How Dana-Farber Is Raising Brand Awareness

    Podcast Clips   August 15, 2022  

    Donna Lee Ubertalli, VP of marketing at Dana-Farber, shares how her nonprofit cancer research and treatment organization uses qualitative research to identify key insights that can be used to power storytelling campaigns that are executed with the help of influencers.


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