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  • Ketchup Hold Out

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   January 9, 2017  

    Doritos created a mobile game to increase its relevance in the snack category and engage with the Millennial audience.

  • Rin Career Ready

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   January 9, 2017  

    Rin, a popular Indian detergent brand, helped rural women gain confidence and employment through virtual training they could access through a mobile device.

  • Virtually Porsche

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   January 9, 2017  

    To reach Porsche fans all over the country, Porsche created a virtual reality app that allows users to test drive a Porsche car right from their mobile device.

  • Give These Three Areas Special Attention in 2017

    MediaPost   December 20, 2016  

    As marketers begin planning their search marketing for 2017, it’s worth paying special attention to three areas in particular, which will likely see continued growth.

  • The Mobile Wallet is Making Holiday Shopping More Jolly

    Nielsen   December 5, 2016  

    In addition to providing agility, the mobile wallet provides opportunities for marketers to reach consumers looking for ease and efficiency as they do their holiday shopping.

  • Shoppers Gobble Up In-Store Black Friday Deals on Mobile

    Google   November 30, 2016  

    Store foot traffic surged on Black Friday compared to an average weekend day in November. Black Friday also had the highest number of mobile shopping searches, with Thanksgiving coming in a close second.

  • Tapping the Full Potential of Mobile Advertising with the Personal Touch

    Nielsen   November 22, 2016  

    Nielsen explored how successfully mobile ads in the U.S. are reaching their intended audience as well as trends to watch in this space.

  • Snapchat

    Ask the Expert Answers   November 21, 2016  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How is Snapchat being used by brands to connect with consumers? What are some examples that illustrate the current trends and emerging uses of Snapchat in social media campaigns?

  • How to Attract Top Talent: Interview with Joe Jaffe, CEO and Co-Founder of Evol8tion

    Industry Insights   November 14, 2016  

    Joe Jaffe, CEO and co-founder of Evol8tion, shared insights from startups that can help brands attract talent with digital skillsets.

  • Brand Activation — Law in Review

    Session Videos   November 11, 2016  

    In this video, the presenter focused on what the risks and rewards of social, mobile, and digital marketing are, the pitfalls and practice tips, and what others are doing that you should be doing.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Session Videos   November 9, 2016  

    In this video, industry experts discussed issues surrounding mobile marketing.

  • PG&E: B-to-B Insights in Digital and Mobile Outreach

    Event Recaps   November 8, 2016  

    PG&E revealed how it’s tapping into current mobile and digital trends to engage its customers to take an active role in managing their energy.

  • A Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Supershoppers

    Google   November 4, 2016  

    A brief look at how mobile-savvy shoppers will behave this holiday season, featuring research from Google.

  • Why Mobile Advertising Is Missing Its Target

    MediaPost   November 4, 2016  

    Because mobile campaigns don’t address the nuance of mobile experiences, they often feel as if they are designed for devices instead of humans.

  • 2017 Internet of Things Predictions

    MediaPost   November 1, 2016  

    Forrester provided some interesting insights into what is likely to happen in 2017 in the area of IoT.

  • How to Win Hearts of Hispanic Millennials with Mobile Marketing

    MediaPost   October 31, 2016  

    It’s key to leverage mobile marketing to engage Hispanic Millennials, and there are five best practices that all brands should follow to succeed.

  • The Top Three Ways to Calculate User Retention Rate

    Knowledge Partners   October 26, 2016  

    Appboy breaks down each method (classic, range, and rolling retention) to discuss strengths and limitations.

  • Location Targeting: Insights to Going Beyond Places

    Webinars   October 26, 2016  

    Learn why marketers need a new way of thinking in order to develop an innovative mobile strategy.

  • #ComeOnIn

    Cannes Mobile Lions Awards   October 24, 2016  

    The Sydney Opera House was a popular photo opportunity, but not many tourists entered the iconic venue. By leveraging Instagram, the opera house invited consumers to #ComeOnIn.


    Cannes Mobile Lions Awards   October 24, 2016  

    Samsung used its high-definition color quality technology to give people with color vision deficiency (CVD) a chance to see a wider spectrum of colors than their condition normally allowed.


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