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  • How to Manage Advertising Production’s Bigger Picture

    Forward   September 17, 2020  

    A strategic, companywide approach to governing production spend is still a relatively new concept for many CMOs, but the approach can help marketers simplify and optimize complex processes by consolidating and standardizing data across all production activity. Here’s how to get started.

  • The Next Normal: Surprisingly Positive Outcomes of Production Post-COVID

    Webinars   September 2, 2020  

    In this webinar, global production experts at MCA discussed 10 critical steps you should be taking right now to best position your organization and marketing efforts to take advantage of the Next Normal.

  • Resource List of Certified Diverse Suppliers for Marketing/Advertising

    Industry Insights   August 26, 2020  

    To help the marketing/advertising community, the ANA has curated a list of certified diverse suppliers that work in our industry.

  • Can't Find What You're Looking For? Try Asking the Expert.

    Ask the Expert Answers   August 14, 2020  

    ANA members have access to a free team of researchers who are able to pull the best content and resources for your marketing challenges.

  • 2020 Best Practice Guidelines for Agency Search Consultants

    Research Reports   August 10, 2020  

    Agency search consultants can provide a valuable service to marketers and agencies by running a well-structured agency review. This guide provides the industry with ten Best Practice Guidelines for agency search consultants, with the goal of creating an environment where all parties are clear about the role of search consultants in the agency search process.

  • Media Spending in an Uncertain Environment

    ANA Magazine   August 7, 2020  

    The pandemic will require marketers to master a new set of media buying skills, adopt KPIs that transcend return-on-advertising spending, and move e-commerce toward the center of their marketing strategy.

  • Maximizing Your In-House Budget

    Event Recaps   July 15, 2020  

    Griff Dudley and Leila Garcia from American Express shared finance options for advertising-related payments that in-house agencies may want to use to optimize marketing budgets.

  • BioPharma Company: Working with Your In-House Agency

    Event Recaps   July 15, 2020  

    Dana Small, senior category manager and head of commercial global strategic sourcing at BioMarin Pharmaceutical, offered a case study of a biopharmaceutical company to elucidate the role of the procurement team and how it collaborates with the in-house agency.

  • Can Production Consultants Be Part of the Creative Solution?

    Knowledge Partners   June 30, 2020  

    In today’s constantly transforming production landscape, the old school model of “cost consulting” (i.e. slash and burn) is no longer viable. Instead, marketers should regard their consultant partner as part of the creative solution, rather than a source of creative problems, according to Ian Maynard, Global Client Services Director at Murphy Cobb,

  • Media Mix Modeling: A Case Study in Optimizing Digital and Direct Mail Spend

    Event Recaps   June 23, 2020  

    Pluris Marketing Chief Strategy Officer Mark Voboril used a case study to show how media mix modeling drives changes in digital investments and direct mail, leading to higher sales and marketing ROI.

  • Finance Alternatives For In-House Agencies

    Event Recaps   June 18, 2020  

    American Express examined the benefits that paying for ad buys with a credit card might yield for an in-house agency.

  • You Had Me at Good Buy: Consumers in a Distracted Age

    Event Recaps   June 5, 2020  

    In this session, Sinead Norenius-Raniere answers these questions with three key recommendations that will enable marketing campaigns to perform — moving beyond awareness and toward action — as consumers and the world around us evolves.

  • Oxygen for Growth: The Art of Doing More with Less with your Marketing Budget

    Webinars   May 28, 2020  

    In this webinar, BCG shares ways to redeploy ad spend and accelerate growth in these challenging times.

  • How to Organize Teams for Scoping Season Success

    Forward   May 25, 2020  

    With a sluggish economy and tight budgets, advertisers more than ever must be organized for success as scope season comes around. When it does, here’s who should be at the table and why.

  • The Power of Supplier Diversity

    Research Reports   May 19, 2020  


  • Brand Building in a Recession

    Event Recaps   May 12, 2020  

    This session led by Giant Spoon VP of Strategy shares data that proves strong brands who marketed and activated consistently through an economic downturn recovered nine times faster.

  • Fixing the Leaky Bucket: How to Optimize Value from Programmatic Buying

    Knowledge Partners   May 5, 2020  

    The programmatic digital media supply chain is incredibly – and often unnecessarily – complex. In certain areas, it has become this way almost by design. It's no wonder that many marketers struggle to understand how it works.

  • Effects of the Coronavirus on Marketing May Be Incalculable

    ANA Magazine   April 3, 2020  

    With as much as one-fifth of the world’s population told to stay inside, effects of the novel coronavirus on the economy have been swift and could be long lasting. Here’s how the virus is affecting marketing.

  • Payment Terms: Current Practices for Marketing Services

    Webinars   March 23, 2020  

    In this webinar, learn about the results of an ANA survey which was initiated to determine if changes in payment terms for marketing services were isolated examples or reflective of a broader trend.

  • Payment Terms: Current Practices for Marketing Services

    Research Reports   March 10, 2020  

    ANA initiated research to determine if changes in payment terms for marketing services were isolated examples or reflective of a broader trend. Results are clear: payment term changes, notably extended terms, are reflective of a broader trend.


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