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  • Delivering Experiences Consumers Will Love

    Forward   August 4, 2020  

    What can a brand do to differentiate itself and deliver exceptional customer experiences? It starts with connecting data and getting it into an actionable state. Here are four capabilities marketing organizations need to develop insights and take action.

  • Strategies and Insight from EEC Email Marketer Pollard Award Winner

    Webinars   July 28, 2020  

    In this webinar, Sandra Cordero, winner of the 2020 ANA Email Experience Council’s Pollard Email Marketer of the Year, shared some of her award-winning techniques, such as using personalization to support the customer journey and strengthen the customer relationship in such uncertain times, and how she uses data to drive results for a big brand.

  • Using Attention Metrics for Creative Optimization

    Knowledge Partners   July 24, 2020  

    In this guide, Adelaide shared three specific ways brands and agencies can use attention data to measure creative performance more accurately and increase impact.

  • CVS Health: Producing an Ad During the Pandemic

    Event Recaps   July 15, 2020  

    Brett Gerstenblatt from CVS Health and Michael Sharp from Standard Black discussed how they made an ad during the COVID-19 pandemic, the procedures and precautions that were used, and why the ad made such a positive impact.

  • Conducting Agency Search and Pitch Sessions During a Pandemic

    Webinars   July 13, 2020  

    In this webinar, President of Joanne Davis Consulting and ANA faculty member Joanne Davis shared best practices to conduct an agency search or review and vetting during a pandemic and work from home.

  • Reputation, Relevancy, and Response: Adjusting Advertising in 2020

    Webinars   July 6, 2020  

    In this webinar, Angela Laubmeier Schema, vice president of advertising and sponsorships at Lincoln Financial Group, shared how Lincoln has combated budget cuts and bold moves by big-name competitors to maintain awareness and protect corporate reputation in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

  • The New Formula Fueling Modern Marketing

    Forward   June 25, 2020  

    Blending empathy and intelligence with a strong dose of creativity is the most effective way for brand marketers to deliver consumer-centered experiences that drive purpose, affinity, and revenue.

  • No More Digital Dilly-Dallying

    B2B Marketer   June 24, 2020  

    With most every brand having to recalibrate its digital capabilities, CMOs have a new opportunity to help shape their company’s future — and increase the overall value of marketing.

  • The Value of a Brand Safety Officer

    Webinars   June 23, 2020  

    Christine Desrosiers, Brand Safety Officer in Residence and Neal Thurman, Co-founder, discussed the origins of BSI and how it benefits the digital advertising ecosystem.

  • Playing the Long Game: Building Relationships in Times of Uncertainty

    Webinars   June 22, 2020  

    In this webinar, speakers discussed why a focus on customer relationships is more important than ever and how you can deliver email that helps your customers – not just now, but in the future to come.

  • Navigating Changing Consumer Behavior during COVID-19

    Webinars   June 16, 2020  

    In this webinar, data, insights, and consulting leader Kantar examined how consumers and brands have been transformed by COVID-19 and provided guidance for how brands can emerge stronger in the years ahead.

  • Six Ways to Redesign Scope of Work Programs in Uncertain Times

    Webinars   June 5, 2020  

    In this webinar, Decideware shared top recommendations to help shape a successful approach to scope of work programs between advertisers and agencies.

  • How Gen Z Will Save Us and Their Impact on Business

    Webinars   June 3, 2020  

    In this webinar, Moxie outlined what makes gen Z distinct, what approaches are best suited for reaching this uniquely-poised audience, and what impact they will have on your business.

  • Marketing’s Vital Role in Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Webinars   May 29, 2020  

    In this webinar, MASB highlighted the research-supported five essential areas of action marketers can take to support consumers during this anxious time and – as quickly as possible – foster an economic recovery afterward.

  • Coldwell Banker’s COVID-19 Pivot

    Event Recaps   May 28, 2020  

    When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Coldwell Banker NRT’s in-house agency quickly pivoted to support its realtor network.

  • Feeding Kids During a Pandemic

    Event Recaps   May 28, 2020  

    Responding to the COVID-19 crisis, No Kid Hungry’s in-house agency had to not only produce more content more quickly than ever before, but also had to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

  • Don't Market To Gen Z, Engage Them

    Webinars   May 20, 2020  

    This webinar, led by Rutgers University professor Mark Beal, author of Decoding Gen Z and the recently published, Engaging Gen Z, delved into Gen Z's preferred media, the brands that are leading the way in reaching Gen Z, and the critical difference between ineffectively marketing to Gen Z and effectively engaging this all-important cohort.

  • 2020 Vision: Trends to Define the Next Decade and Guide Content Marketing

    Event Recaps   May 19, 2020  

    Geoff Colon, Head of Brand Studio at Microsoft, discussed trends that will help to define the next decade — updated based upon COVID-19 — and how those trends impact content marketing strategies.

  • Why Dollar General Teamed Up with Snickers and WWE

    REGGIE Awards   May 16, 2020  

    To turn its declining business around, re-engage Dollar General shoppers, and encourage Snickers purchases, the Snickers brand created a unique digital experience and exclusive Snickers bars that leveraged its partnership with the WWE.

  • Nike Designed Awesome SpongeBob SquarePants Product Line

    REGGIE Awards   May 16, 2020  

    In celebration of the 20th anniversary of SpongeBob SquarePants, Nickelodeon created a unique product line in collaboration with Nike and SpongeBob super fan and NBA star Kyrie Irving. The goal was to boost the overall brand and the SpongeBob consumer products business.


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