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  • 8 Inspiring Quotes from Marketing Leader John Durham

    Industry Insights   November 18, 2021  

    This was just one of the 2,874 social-media musings of John Durham, a leading voice in the digital marketing and advertising industry who passed away November 16, 2021 at the age of 70.

  • In-Housing for Speed and Relevancy: Lessons Learned Over a Five-Year Journey

    Webinars   November 17, 2021  

    In this webinar, VP of marketing Tom Kuhn shared some of the key lessons the PGA TOUR learned in its five-year journey to in-house the majority of its creative and media agency needs and discussed what’s next for the TOUR in the continuing evolution of their in-house capability.

  • Developing an Internal Agency Winning Team Culture

    Webinars   November 10, 2021  

    In this webinar, discover how to inspire and grow an internal agency team that will drive unprecedented business results, crush big goals, and even thrive during critical and difficult moments — a team built to withstand a pandemic.

  • ANA Ask the Expert: The Creative Feedback Playbook

    Ask the Expert Answers   November 1, 2021  

    This playbook guides marketers through every facet of the client creative feedback process, and includes a one-page list of dos and don’ts around giving creative feedback, plus templates for creative evaluations and for conference reports.

  • Media Choices Have Started to Change As a Result of COVID-19

    ANA Magazine   October 29, 2021  

    The pandemic has accelerated major changes in media consumption and revealed sharp differences among the various generations when it comes to the type of content they like — and where they find it. But while traditional media vehicles such as broadcast TV may be on the wane, they still command the biggest audiences.

  • Agency Management as a Risk Mitigation Tool

    Webinars   October 28, 2021  

    Brands usually implement agency-management initiatives with two goals in mind: rationalizing and elevating agency relationships, and driving cost efficiencies to optimize spend. This panel discussion demonstrated how enterprise agency management tools can mitigate risk related to a number of issues.

  • Lionsgate In-House Marketing’s Martech Hollywood Story

    Event Recaps   October 20, 2021  

    Lionsgate shared insights on how it successfully migrated legacy data and project management systems into a new, singular hub that took all of the film studio’s disparate data sources and project management tools and housed them on a cloud accessible to any team member at any time.

  • Agency Management As a Risk-Management Advantage

    Forward   October 19, 2021  

    When brands implement agency-management initiatives, there are usually two drivers or goals. One is to rationalize and optimize agency relationships for more effective marketing programs, another is to achieve cost efficiencies in the form of savings or spend optimization. But such initiatives can help companies address and mitigate business risk as well.

  • How to Forge the Strongest Media Partnerships and Advertise Responsibly and Effectively in Digital

    Webinars   October 13, 2021  

    In this webinar, three leading advertising, privacy, and compliance champions shared how to drive the most efficient partnerships while automating compliance.

  • The Unnecessary Tradeoffs Marketers May Make

    Forward   October 12, 2021  

    Without the ability to execute strategies that are both flexible and simple, marketers are missing out on an opportunity to learn about and engage their customers in the real world — to be where audiences actually are and optimize across platforms, or even to understand which digital campaigns are successfully driving offline sales.

  • Public Relations Calendar 2022

    Tools   October 1, 2021  

    Use this tool to create a public relations calendar that will allow you to plan and report on your public relations activities throughout the year.

  • IHG’s Approach to Agency Management

    Event Recaps   September 23, 2021  

    IHG described its new model for agency management and the collaboration it involves with procurement.

  • 2021 ANA In-House Excellence Awards Virtual Presentation of Winners

    Session Videos   September 21, 2021  

    The 2021 ANA In-House Excellence Awards Virtual Presentation of Winners celebrated and presented awards to winners representing top-performing in-house agencies who were focused on driving demonstrable business growth.

  • 2021 In-House Creative Industry Report

    Knowledge Partners   September 17, 2021  

    In this report, Cella shares highlights from its 2021 In-House Creative Industry Report providing insights to help guide marketers and agencies identify organizational gaps and potential solutions.

  • Be Like Water: Fuel Your Targeting

    Session Videos   September 15, 2021  

    In this video, Chief Marketing Officer Jarrod Jordan discusses how Iovate Health Sciences laid critical digital advertising systems in-house to target their consumers.

  • The Chicken and the Egg Dilemma

    Knowledge Partners   September 14, 2021  

    Agency Mania Solutions indicated some ways in which clients themselves may be contributing to shortcomings in their agencies’ performance.

  • Analytics and Insights Teams: Structures and Roles

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 8, 2021  

    How can I structure my organization to effectively leverage my analytics team?

  • How to Automate a Scope of Work Program

    Forward   September 2, 2021  

    An automated scope of work program can provide several benefits for brands and their agencies, including an improved and more valuable client-agency relationship, but getting there requires a clear vision. Here’s how to get started.

  • Collaborate to Win: How Brand and Performance Marketing Work Together

    Webinars   August 26, 2021  

    In this webinar, presenters walked through the key differences of what a brand agency and performance marketing agency can offer, why you need both, and how to create processes and workflows between each counterpart to drives results.

  • PepsiCo’s Journey at the Intersection of Marketing and Sustainability

    Webinars   August 25, 2021  

    In this webinar, Maddy Kulkarni, Global Marketing Director, Sustainability & Purpose at PepsiCo, shared the stage with four agencies that PepsiCo has been partnering with to advance its work in both environmental and societal issues.