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  • Striking a Positive Tone

    ANA Magazine   July 16, 2021  

    Marketers are adapting their messaging as the U.S. starts to emerge from a tragic period. But without a single ecstatic moment to mark the pandemic’s end, brands will have to continue to recalibrate their strategies and update their ad creative on a fairly constant basis.

  • Privacy, Data, and Consent: Consumer Attitudes

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 14, 2021  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How do consumers feel about how their personal data is managed online?"

  • Making Websites and Digital Content Accessible

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 8, 2021  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “What can brands do to make digital content more accessible to audience?"

  • Enhancing Enterprise Value Through Purpose-Driven Marketing

    Event Recaps   June 29, 2021  

    Executives from creative agency Heart & Soul Marketing discussed the importance of purpose-driven marketing for brands to appeal to younger consumers.

  • The Subscription Economy in 2021

    Ask the Expert Answers   June 29, 2021  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How has the subscription economy evolved, both from a consumer and a brand perspective?"

  • Enhancing Enterprise Value Through Purpose-Driven Marketing

    Session Videos   June 29, 2021  

    In this video, executives from creative agency Heart & Soul Marketing discussed the importance of purpose-driven marketing for brands to appeal to younger consumers.

  • The Evolution of Gender-Related Marketing

    Champions of Growth   June 28, 2021  

    An increasing number of companies realize that moving beyond the binary of gender-related marketing is not only good business, it cultivates brand affinity among communities that might not otherwise pay attention to their products and services.

  • Coloring a Diverse and Inclusive World

    Event Recaps   June 24, 2021  

    Crayola discussed its partnership with a global skin tone expert and how an integrated marketing campaign was developed and communicated to the diverse world we see today to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

  • Slowly, Brands Are Improving Their Digital Accessibility

    ANA Magazine   June 18, 2021  

    There are deaf people who like to use sign language while others prefer using their voice. There are people hard of hearing who culturally identify as Deaf and those who do not. As brands add more assistive tools to their advertising and marketing campaigns, marketers and organizations need to keep such nuances top of mind.

  • Women’s Sports: A More Important Force Than Ever for Your Brand

    Session Videos   June 17, 2021  

    In this video, hear a conversation with the pre-eminent voice/brand in the sporting goods industry and the creator of the upcoming Fifty/50 film series celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

  • MightyHive Helps Sprint Shine a Light and Take Control

    Knowledge Partners   June 15, 2021  

    Sprint, the fourth-largest network operator in the United States, provides wireless services to over 50 million customers. As part of a company-wide digital transformation initiative, Sprint needed greater transparency into the digital media it was buying, closer control over marketing data, and more agility in a competitive industry.

  • Building Your Own Table, with Selle Evans of Masterly Business Solutions

    Marketing Futures   June 11, 2021  

    We here at the Marketing Futures Podcast are tired of "waiting for a seat at the table." That's why we're taking inspiration from today's guest and building our own! Selle Evans founded Masterly Business Solutions to help women of color grow their businesses through the power of data-driven personalization, and on today's episode she talks about common mistakes made by young companies, as well as take us through a step-by-step marketing personalization case study.

  • Partly Sunny! Forecasting Improvements in Multicultural Targeting Data

    Webinars   June 9, 2021  

    In this webinar, leading data providers and identity services Acxiom, Throtle, V12, and Webbula discussed the multicultural commitments they’ve made, how they measure improvement, and the plans they have for increasing the quality of race/ethnicity data that’s critical to relevant advertising campaigns.

  • Getting Representation Right

    Event Recaps   June 9, 2021  

    This session highligted how Walmart ensures that their creative work is representative, inclusive, and culturally sensitive.

  • How Better Cybersecurity Creates Better Customer Experiences

    Webinars   June 9, 2021  

    In this webinar, Richard Bird, Chief Customer Information Officer at Ping Identity, shared how having unified digital identity experiences can create seamless and personalized customer interactions, which in turn drives revenue and customer loyalty.

  • ANA/Swayable ESG Brand Perception Index

    Industry Insights   June 9, 2021  

    Available to ANA members only and conducted independently from brands, the index lists the top 20 ranked brands in the U.S. across seven verticals, along with key insights. The index is based on daily surveys of consumer opinions on the environmental, social, and governance performance of more than 430 brands.

  • Pepsi Leveraged Influencers to Deepen Consumer Engagement

    Event Recaps   June 3, 2021  

    Tapping into consumers’ increased time on their phones and social media during the pandemic, Pepsi partnered with Echelon Entertainment to find a new way to meet audiences where they were while breaking through the noise in a saturated market.

  • 5 Groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Campaigns

    Industry Insights   June 2, 2021  

    Being inclusive doesn’t just mean making ads to appease people, but authentically connecting to pain points and issues that real people face.

  • BIC’s Journey to Global Digital Acceleration

    Event Recaps   June 1, 2021  

    In this session, the marketing team at BIC outlined their “Ws” framework, which uses five “W” questions to quickly identify important information and key goals for any given campaign. The framework has been critical to BIC’s pivot from brand marketing to performance marketing.

  • Marketing to People with Disabilities

    Insight Briefs   May 31, 2021  

    This Insight Brief examines the misconceptions associated with people with disabilities and best practices on how marketers can better engage the differently-abled consumer.