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  • Facebook Looks to Be a Better Friend to Brands

    ANA Magazine   July 31, 2020  

    To both keep advertisers in the fold and attract new ones, Facebook has rolled out new tools to bolster brand safety and make it easier for brands to reach their intended audiences.

  • Writing Copy with a Psychologist

    Webinars   July 30, 2020  

    Social psychologist Otis Fulton explained how to write copy using all of the tools of persuasion and understanding available to a psychologist with deep experience in nonprofit fundraising.

  • Supplier Diversity

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 29, 2020  

    How are brands ensuring diversity among their suppliers and partners?

  • Ensuring Marketing Continuity for Sustainable Growth

    Webinars   July 28, 2020  

    In this webinar, we looked at the five dimensions of Marketing Continuity; discussed how marketers can drive value through smarter use of assets; and shared how to identify areas which can benefit from further efficiencies.

  • What Brands Mean by Brand Purpose

    ANA Magazine   July 22, 2020  

    A crisis may not be the best time for companies to stress test their brand purpose. However, the past few months have forced companies to reexamine why their brand exists, or perhaps more important, what’s needed to better articulate their purpose.

  • A Guide to Growth Marketing During COVID-19

    Webinars   July 20, 2020  

    In this webinar, David Rodnitzky, CEO and Founder at 3Q Digital, shared his recommendations for marketing during COVID-19, including tips on where to pivot your focus if events were a large part of your marketing strategy; how to use real-time data to adjust budgeting, forecasting and KPIs; and what to keep in mind while creating messaging that speaks to the times.

  • Brand Activation Legal Committee: July 2020

    Event Recaps   July 16, 2020  

    For July’s meeting Venable LLP will discuss recent FTC developments, NAD and NARB decisions, and Lanham Act and class action false advertising updates. Presenting from Venable LLP will be Partner Melissa Steinman and Associates Shahin Rothermel, William Lawrence, and Renato Perez.

  • Respond, Recover, and Thrive: Aligning with Human Values

    Knowledge Partners   July 15, 2020  

    Deloitte Digital provided a perspective on American values and how they’ve been shaped by the shared experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Post Pandemic Litigation Outlook

    Webinars   July 14, 2020  

    This panel brought together attorneys to discuss the significant number of case filings stemming from COVID-19-related business disputes.

  • California Privacy: Two Frequently Asked Questions

    Knowledge Partners   July 9, 2020  

    Recently, two questions are being asked repeatedly about California Privacy Law compliance. Should I wait for the CCPA Regulations to be final before doing any further work? Is it worth the additional effort now, considering a new California ballot initiative is going to change the law anyway?

  • Learnings from Crisis-Mode (Things to Take Forward)

    Webinars   July 9, 2020  

    Tim Smith, President of CHEMISTRY, shared how utilizing resources and purpose rather than perfection, along with quick decisions, wins the short-term and sets you up for the future.

  • How Purpose Powers B2B Growth (B2B Marketing Series)

    Webinars   July 8, 2020  

    In this webinar, Carol Cone examined the growing influence of purpose in B2B companies, a trend driven by fundamental shifts in society, the marketplace, and people’s expectations.

  • The Evolution and Outlook for Identity in a Privacy-First Post-Cookie World

    Webinars   July 8, 2020  

    Winterberry Group Senior Managing Partner Bruce Biegel shared the ins-and-outs of the rapidly evolving market segment of identity, including its current state and future outlook in marketing and advertising.

  • A New Norm for Ad Shoots?

    ANA Magazine   July 8, 2020  

    Brands are cutting back on producing commercials as marketing budgets are curtailed and social distancing measures remain in place. The good news is that scaling back on ad shoots can have broader benefits.

  • Back-to-School Marketing

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 7, 2020  

    How are brands approaching back-to-school creative and media in 2020, given the COVID-19 uncertainties in the “new normal”?

  • Brands Doing Good Series: Seventh Generation

    Greater Good   July 6, 2020  

    Over the past several decades, Seventh Generation has grown from a fledgling pioneer of eco-conscious home-cleaning products to a significant player in the market. At the same time, the Unilever brand takes highly vocal and visible stands on such issues as climate change and chemical ingredient disclosure.

  • AI Can Make the World Better—Here’s How

    Industry Insights   July 2, 2020  

    Many times when people hear the word “AI,” they think of a Terminator-esque dystopia where people are becoming disconnected from themselves, where technology is replacing human connection and personability.

  • Plant-Based Brands Turn a New Marketing Leaf

    ANA Magazine   July 1, 2020  

    Plant-based food products continue to expand, along with a marketing strategy that goes beyond a green or environmentally correct message and focuses on what consumers crave: taste. Big brands like IKEA and Disney join the fray.

  • Marketing Through a Crisis: Three Opportunities for Action

    Webinars   June 30, 2020  

    In this webinar, you will learn about the beliefs and concerns marketers have today and the challenges they face moving forward.

  • How to Create Engaging Virtual Events during Social Distancing and Beyond

    Webinars   June 29, 2020  

    In this webinar, Ben Holland, On Q Financial’s Vice President of Marketing and former president of the American Marketing Association Phoenix Chapter, shared best practices for virtual events to help you improve your presentations and engage your audience.


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