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  • A Customer Data Platform to Rule Them All: How Marketers Can Manage Data Using a CDP

    Industry Insights   November 29, 2021  

    With the eventual and final phase out of the third-party cookie, marketers will need to rely on the data they can collect directly from consumers. This first- and -zero-party data will come from a multitude of sources and, if not managed properly, can end up as a disorganized, in-actionable mess. Enter the Customer Data Platform, which grew from the more familiar Data Management Platform, to centralize, organize, and house all of this disparate data in a way that it can be disseminated and made useful to marketers. The resources here discuss CDP uses, benefits, selection, and how they’ve changed in the wake of the pandemic.

  • Cross-Platform Measurement and the Key to Unlocking Buyer Journey Knowledge

    Forward   November 18, 2021  

    TV has changed. To reach the masses today, messages must appear everywhere people watch video. This means advertisers must embrace both linear TV and streaming. Cross-platform, unified impression measurement is now essential.

  • Email Marketing Is Changing

    B2B Marketer   November 10, 2021  

    Marketplace and industry factors are forcing marketers to adopt new metrics for measuring email engagement, and they’re taking a close look at the value (and content) they’re providing to customers and prospects while they’re at it.

  • ANA Data & Direct Marketing Committee Meeting

    Session Videos   November 10, 2021  

    In this video, hear from industry experts on the latest research into direct marketing and on how the lines between digital marketing and direct mail have blurred.

  • There's Less and Less Daylight Between CMOs and CIOs

    ANA Magazine   November 5, 2021  

    When CMOs and CIOs collaborate the results include more engaged customers and healthier returns from marketing technology investments. However, without both sides first agreeing on governing principles, merging marketing and IT teams may end up being a wasted exercise.

  • Three Data-Driven Ways to Drive Revenue Through Deeper Multicultural Understanding

    Webinars   November 4, 2021  

    In this webinar, learn how understanding multicultural consumers can help you drive revenue, optimize ad spend, and meet your KPIs.

  • ANA Masters Circle Survey Results

    Research Reports   November 4, 2021  

    This 2021 flash survey focused on CMO's awareness of platform plans to limit the use of third-party data and their preparedness to respond with more effective uses of first-party strategies and other industry solutions being proposed.

  • Signal Loss and Creative Data, with Stephanie Bohn of VidMob

    Marketing Futures   November 3, 2021  

    Stephanie Bohn, Global Chief Brand Officer for VidMob, joined us on the podcast to discuss the company's new report — "The Essential Guide to Signal Loss for Digital Marketers."

  • Behind the Campaign: Laugh Tracker

    Marketing Futures   November 1, 2021  

    How did the Tennessee Department of Tourism use technology to provide parents with a trusted source of honest and authentic feedback? By leveraging neuroscience technology to create a new metric to help parents understand visitor satisfaction: laughter.

  • Marketers Must Modernize Budget Reallocation Practices to Maximize ROI

    Knowledge Partners   October 29, 2021  

    New research from BrandMaker and Forrester Research shows how an industry-wide inability to quickly make adjustments to budget and resource allocation leaves marketers in a position where they’re unable to ring the most of ROI out of their efforts.

  • Trends in B2B and CX

    Event Recaps   October 28, 2021  

    Matthew Powell from B2B International shared B2B customer experience (CX) trends of 2021 from his company’s latest research and explained how these trends will shift and evolve in 2022.

  • Reimagining Customer Experience

    Session Videos   October 28, 2021  

    Speakers at the October 2021 ANA Customer Experience committee meeting discussed the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing and in B2B customer experience trends.

  • What’s Old is New: Marrying Classic DM Principles with Facebook AI to Drive Efficiency

    Webinars   October 27, 2021  

    Increasingly, performance marketers are relying on Facebook’s AI to drive marketing efficiency. But is this bot really so hot … or is it not? We used good old fashioned direct marketing principles to put Facebook’s AI to the test, and the results may surprise you.

  • Injecting Inclusion into the Creative Process

    Session Videos   October 26, 2021  

    In this video, learn about an industry model designed to inject inclusion into the creative process end-to-end in order to maximize purchase intent and ROI.

  • Why Addressable TV and CTV Need to Coexist in a Cross-Screen World

    Forward   October 21, 2021  

    The convergence of traditional television and digital video presents unique opportunities for marketers but also adds a layer of complexity. The goal for advertisers is to get away from siloed approaches when it comes to media selection, as the current landscape enables companies to reach audiences whenever and wherever they may be consuming content.

  • Effective Attention: The Power of Creativity

    Session Videos   October 21, 2021  

    In this video, BBDO CEO of the Americas St. John Walshe shared how paying attention to attention metrics, and the factors that drive them, can lead to more powerful creative solutions for marketers.

  • How Google’s Machine Learning Models Unlock More Accurate Measurement and Better Performance

    Webinars   October 21, 2021  

    In this webinar, Google product experts illustrated how they are using machine learning models to help future-proof measurement while upholding the user’s experience, respecting their privacy, and protecting their data.

  • How Adelaide AU Ratings Predict Tune-In for the NBA

    Session Videos   October 21, 2021  

    In this video, learn how the NBA assessed attention metrics in relation to tune-in for the 2021 playoff season.

  • Attention Metrics Fundamentals

    Session Videos   October 21, 2021  

    In this session, Marc Guldimann, co-founder and CEO of Adelaide, spotlights how attention metrics work, the nuances of applying them to media quality measurement, and how industry leaders are using them as a bold new media currency.

  • How the Application of Attention Metrics in Media Drives Better Brand and Business Growth

    Session Videos   October 21, 2021  

    In this video, global chief strategy officer Chrissie Hanson shares important and actionable insights gathered from the work that OMD has conducted around the world to assess the impact of attention metrics on brand performance.