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  • Campaigns That Drive Connections

    Knowledge Partners   September 27, 2022  

    What if you could tie all your marketing efforts together with a “Big Idea” that stood out from the competition? People will notice, remember, and consider your brand.

  • Molson Coors Brewing Company

    In-House Excellence Awards   September 27, 2022  

    To celebrate its partnership with Team Penske and the unveiling of The Blue Deuce, the smoothest car in NASCAR, Keystone Light designed the smoothest grill in the world and awarded it to one lucky fan during the biggest grilling weekend of the year.

  • Valley Bank Does an Internal Podcast

    In-House Excellence Awards   September 27, 2022  

    Valley Bank created an in-house podcast, amplifying the voices of staff members across the organization, from C-suite executives to interns.

  • This Brand Dialed Up the Nostalgia to Connect with Generation X on Social Media

    In-House Excellence Awards   September 26, 2022  

    To connect with the very brand-resistant generation X audience, Klondike turned back the clock and dialed up the nostalgia, turning its social feeds into a celebration of ’80s and ’90s culture and engaging 40-to-55-year-olds with content that hearkened back to their childhoods.

  • B2B Marketers Look to Unlock Gated Content

    B2B Marketer   September 23, 2022  

    While some B2B firms continue to put their content behind a firewall because that's how they like generating leads, a rising number of companies think that providing free content is a better way of courting prospects and turning them into customers.

  • How Madewell Stole the Summer with #JORTCORE on TikTok

    Event Recaps   September 15, 2022  

    Leveraging key insights about generation Z and a group of TikTok influencers, Madewell created a summer campaign that won over a new audience by celebrating the beauty, functionality, and sustainability of jorts.

  • ANA Awards Live! Part 2 — Elevating Engagement through Content

    Conference Sessions   September 13, 2022  

    In this video, hear from Dan Cappello, VP, Content Strategy Lead, on Valley Bank’s winning case study in the ANA In-House Excellence Awards. He shared how through the podcasts, the brand is able to dig deeper on content and topics and create a forum for everyone to participate.

  • From B2B to B2ME — Harnessing Data to Challenge B2B Marketing Orthodoxy

    Conference Sessions   September 13, 2022  

    In this video, learn why it’s important to engage Business Decision Makers (BDMs) with relevant messaging wherever they consume content, endemic business content, and more.

  • This is How Square is Creating Valuable Content for Gen Z on YouTube

    Podcast Shorts   September 9, 2022  

    Mallory Russell discusses the types of educational and informational content her brand is producing on YouTube to help create better connections with the prized gen Z audience.

  • To Gate or Not To Gate? That’s Not the Question

    Knowledge Partners   September 8, 2022  

    This ebook from Park & Battery provides tips and insights for how B2B marketers can optimize their content marketing strategy to contend with the realities of the 21st century sales cycle.

  • Ecolab Wants to Give You Back Your Social Life

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 29, 2022  

    To promote its Ecolab Science Certified public health and food safety program, and to encourage consumers to get back into the world after COVID, Ecolab created a multi-faceted content campaign in collaboration with sports legend Magic Johnson.

  • Domino’s Let This Inexperienced Twitch Influencer Create Its Newest Pizza

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 28, 2022  

    With the goal of earning greater market share in the Spanish market by connecting with society’s most active pizza eaters — young people — Domino’s tasked a Twitch influencer who had no culinary background with creating his own “gaming-flavored” pizza. The brand live-streamed the entire process and then sold the resulting recipe in stores.

  • L'Eggo with Eggo: The Campaign That Helped Parents and Kids Love Breakfast

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 27, 2022  

    COVID-19 proved to be a booster for the frozen breakfast category. Eggo was no exception to this growth, with new buyers taking Eggo’s penetration to its highest. Its 2021 challenge? Keep those newly acquired buyers, retaining household penetration among parents, and fueling their love for Eggo.

  • Maker’s Mark and Roku Team Up to Give Consumers Some Much Needed “Me Time”

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   August 26, 2022  

    With the goal of creating a deeper connection with consumers and becoming a crucial part of their me-time ritual, Maker’s Mark launched The Show Next Door, a modern-day Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood for adults, hosted by comedian Randall Park and streamed on the Roku Channel.

  • How Bissell Went Viral on TikTok with Influencers

    Event Recaps   August 17, 2022  

    Bissell used a wave of organic content around its Little Green Machine vacuum to launch its first-ever influencer campaign on TikTok, working with seven influencers to create content that was inspired by trends that already existed within the “#cleantok” space.

  • The Future of Content

    Knowledge Partners   August 10, 2022  

    The Future of Content report by Variety Intelligence Platform offers a big-picture perspective of the massive landscape that is the convergence of the media and technology industries.

  • Denny’s Feeds a New Generation of Creators

    Event Recaps   July 19, 2022  

    Denny’s used an AI-powered tool to identify a group of influencers who would help it develop a new brand platform that would win over younger audiences, while not alienating the brand’s loyalists.

  • Degree’s “Trainers for Hire” Campaign Challenges Fitness Brands to Be More Inclusive

    B2 Awards   July 18, 2022  

    With its multi-faceted “Trainer for Hire” campaign, Degree made the exercise world a little more inclusive by helping well-known fitness brands to hire differently abled trainers via an easy-to-use online recruiting tool built and maintained by the deodorant brand.

  • Advancing Black-Owned Media Businesses

    Conference Sessions   July 18, 2022  

    In this video, presenters dove into issues including how current CPM, measurement, and payment models are limiting for independent publishers as well as how such publishers can really shine when providing customized content — yet buyers need to be flexible in order to take full advantage.

  • Celebrate National Junk Food Day

    Industry Insights   July 18, 2022  

    Candy, cookies, and chips sometimes get a bad rap as “empty calories.” Maybe so, but the marketing they inspire is brimful of creativity. As we prepare to celebrate National Junk Food Day on July 21, take a peek at a few of the campaigns used to promote some of the more indulgent snacks in the food pyramid.