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  • Defining B2B Marketing Success in a Post-Digital Era

    B2B Marketer   November 27, 2019  

    Fast-emerging technologies are turning B2B marketers into data scientists — and enabling them to be more creative than ever before. Job one: striking a balance between automation and the human touch.

  • Launching Video Campaigns That Can Measure Up

    Forward   November 21, 2019  

    The OTT product is essentially defined by the content available, and new OTT services are using popular historical content and trending content creators to build their viewership. It’s creating opportunities — and obstacles — for brands. Marketers looking to get the most from their video advertising campaigns need to make sure they have the right set of metrics in place.

  • The Google ID Is Gone, Now What?

    Forward   November 12, 2019  

    Without the Google ID, marketers need to find new ways to build datasets to drive personalized marketing campaigns across multiple devices. Here are three obstacles and the priorities marketers must face in dealing with the massive shift the ID’s absence leaves behind.

  • Your Digital Media KPI's Are All Wrong. Can In-House Models Solve It?

    Webinars   November 7, 2019  

    Most advertisers do not realize that their digital marketing KPI's are completely wrong. In this webinar, learn why hybrid in-housing models such as owning your data and tech vendor contracts are critical.

  • Q2 2019 Video Benchmarks Report from Extreme Reach

    Knowledge Partners   November 6, 2019  

    Extreme Reach’s latest report shares CTV metrics for two advertising verticals: automotive and direct-to-consumer (DTC).

  • Identity Resolution: The Key to Effective Consumer-Centric Marketing

    Webinars   October 24, 2019  

    In this webinar, LiveRamp showed how adding Identity Resolution to your technology stack can help marketers deliver a customer-centric strategy across all channels of your media plan — including TV — while improving MROI.

  • Understanding Connected TV

    Forward   October 22, 2019  

    Marketers are looking for ways to take advantage of this expanding new medium to drive results and deliver important KPIs in ways that traditional linear television cannot.

  • How Jack in the Box Improved its Data and Analytics Approach

    Event Recaps   October 18, 2019  

    Jack in the Box shared how it enhance the speed, granularity, and actionability of its approach to data and analytics.

  • Buying Into TV’s Future

    Forward   October 17, 2019  

    New online platforms are boosting marketers’ ability to deliver relevant TV ads that drive both short- and long-term business outcomes.

  • Fraud in The Digital Advertising Ecosystem

    Event Recaps   October 15, 2019  

    A panel of experts shared insights on the threat that ad fraud poses to advertisers and how to mitigate it.

  • Trust and Transparency in Media and Marketing

    Forward   October 15, 2019  

    In the three years since the ANA’s landmark report on media transparency, progress has been made but issues of opaque practices still plague the industry. As the methods for media buying evolve, marketers must maintain their vigilance.

  • ANA Trust Summit Town Hall

    Event Recaps   October 15, 2019  

    A panel of experts suggested short- and long-term measures that can be taken in the advertising ecosystem to address the deficits of trust that exist between the parties involved in media buying and selling.

  • Using Log Data to Achieve Transparency in Programmatic Media Buying

    Event Recaps   October 15, 2019  

    A panel discussed steps that programmatic media buyers can take to develop more informed strategies by capitalizing on log data.

  • Building Trust and Transparency in Data

    Event Recaps   October 15, 2019  

    Dave Morgan of Simulmedia shared his thoughts on the causes of ad fraud and opacity in the advertising industry as well as some steps that can be taken to combat the trends.

  • TV Advertising in a Connected World: Understanding Measurement, Creative, and Engagement

    Webinars   October 10, 2019  

    In this webinar, the speaker shared guidance and best practices to help marketers understand the value of connected TV advertising and offered constructive tips for how to prepare your brand to make an investment in this rapidly growing medium.

  • A Culture of Extremes: Exposing the Myths About Video Viewing Behaviors

    Knowledge Partners   October 8, 2019  

    In its latest guide for marketers, VAB explores 15 most common myths about TV viewing.

  • Turning the Page on Magazines

    ANA Magazine   October 5, 2019  

    While the glory days of glossy periodicals may never return, magazines still capture the attention of highly desirable consumers — and new methods to measure marketing effectiveness are helping print advertising prove its worth.

  • Taping TV’s Fractured Viewership Back Together

    Forward   October 3, 2019  

    For years, only digital media had the ability to get so granular as to accurately measure return on advertising spend (ROAS). Thanks to advanced data science and machine learning, it is now a reality for TV as well. And while moving a TV measurement program to a more advanced level may seem daunting, there are ways for marketers to start small and scale their efforts as they go.

  • The Rise of News and Politics as “Sport” and How It Affects Advertisers

    Knowledge Partners   October 1, 2019  

    In its latest insights report, VAB observed the increased viewership and “sport-like” interest and passion exhibited by TV news viewers and how advertisers have taken note.

  • Programmatic Video Advertising Sharpens Messaging Strategy for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   September 27, 2019  

    U.S. marketers will spend nearly $30 billion on programmatic video this year. There are myriad ways for brands to maximize those investments.


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