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  • Q4 and Full Year 2019 Video Benchmarks Report from Extreme Reach

    Knowledge Partners   March 24, 2020  

    Extreme Reach’s latest video benchmarks report reveals that video ad impressions on CTV tripled in just two years, and highlights the rapid transformation of digital advertising driven by streaming and ad supported video on demand.

  • Why Media Measurement Must Change

    Forward   February 25, 2020  

    CMOs need a robust and modern approach to marketing measurement, independent of any of the commercial interests in the ecosystem. To achieve meaningful progress, there are four critical dimensions to measurement that marketers must now master: commerciality, quality, frameworks, and testing. While the industry is making progress in building a universal solution, here’s what marketers can do now.

  • 2020 ANA MarTech Glossary

    Industry Insights   February 18, 2020  

    The ANA Data and Technology Practice has curated a collection of marketing data and technology terminology citing publicly published definitions from industry leading data, MarTech, and AdTech companies and trade organizations.

  • The State of Connected TV Report 2020

    Research Reports   February 13, 2020  

    ANA and Innovid have partnered on a new study, “The State of Connected TV Report 2020.” Key findings: connected TV significantly extends reach, provides more interactivity, and increases earned time over standard ad experiences.

  • The State of Content Marketing in 2020 — Content as a Business Strategy

    Webinars   February 12, 2020  

    In this webinar, The Content Advisory went through new research on Content Marketing, explored the business model of content, and discussed how to develop the optimal business purpose and focus for a truly measurable content strategy.

  • Automated Display Campaigns: Measurement and Reporting to Improve ROAS

    Event Recaps   February 5, 2020  

    Marketing automation is now widely available via big digital advertising players, like Facebook and Google. In recent years, advertisers spent billions of dollars on various display advertising campaigns directly through Facebook or third-party vendors.

  • Proving That Outcome-Based Results Drive Business

    Webinars   January 30, 2020  

    In this webinar, Erica Barnes, Precision + Performance Specialist at A+E Networks, shared a brief overview of the process by which we measure campaigns, then revealed recent results from completed campaigns that have helped marketers grow their business and keep up with marketplace demands.

  • The Fight Over Fraud

    ANA Magazine   January 24, 2020  

    Fueled in part by a lack of transparency in the media buying process, the marketing industry faces a troubling rise in the number of fraudulent websites and bots that convert illegitimate traffic into ill-gotten revenue. The problem is so pervasive that it’s begun to skew data and give an inaccurate view of the digital marketplace. For brands, it means keeping an eye on where the money goes is more important than ever.

  • Left to Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption in Today’s Connected World, Q2 2019

    Knowledge Partners   January 23, 2020  

    In VAB’s latest quarterly report surveying the video landscape it updated the media consumption habits of major demographic segments based on Q2 ’19 data.

  • The Universal Ad-ID Guide

    Knowledge Partners   January 16, 2020  

    The Universal AD ID Guide is an overview of the new standard of measurement created by FreeWheel and Ad-ID (jointly owned by the ANA and the 4As), the industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms.

  • Q3 2019 Video Benchmarks Report from Extreme Reach

    Knowledge Partners   December 20, 2019  

    Extreme Reach’s latest report reveals relatively stable trends this year in how marketers are using digital video to build business.

  • How TCMA Balances Automation with a Personal Touch

    B2B Marketer   December 18, 2019  

    Considered the ‘third stage’ in sales and marketing transformation, through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) plays into the growing reliance on partner relationships throughout the B2B sector.

  • New Impressions for Local TV Are Key to Succeeding in a Multiplatform Universe

    Forward   December 10, 2019  

    With an impressions-based ad model, marketers will be able to more easily include local broadcast TV in cross-platform campaign planning — and more quickly assess performance.

  • Defining B2B Marketing Success in a Post-Digital Era

    B2B Marketer   November 27, 2019  

    Fast-emerging technologies are turning B2B marketers into data scientists — and enabling them to be more creative than ever before. Job one: striking a balance between automation and the human touch.

  • Launching Video Campaigns That Can Measure Up

    Forward   November 21, 2019  

    The OTT product is essentially defined by the content available, and new OTT services are using popular historical content and trending content creators to build their viewership. It’s creating opportunities — and obstacles — for brands. Marketers looking to get the most from their video advertising campaigns need to make sure they have the right set of metrics in place.

  • The Google ID Is Gone, Now What?

    Forward   November 12, 2019  

    Without the Google ID, marketers need to find new ways to build datasets to drive personalized marketing campaigns across multiple devices. Here are three obstacles and the priorities marketers must face in dealing with the massive shift the ID’s absence leaves behind.

  • Your Digital Media KPI's Are All Wrong. Can In-House Models Solve It?

    Webinars   November 7, 2019  

    Most advertisers do not realize that their digital marketing KPI's are completely wrong. In this webinar, learn why hybrid in-housing models such as owning your data and tech vendor contracts are critical.

  • Q2 2019 Video Benchmarks Report from Extreme Reach

    Knowledge Partners   November 6, 2019  

    Extreme Reach’s latest report shares CTV metrics for two advertising verticals: automotive and direct-to-consumer (DTC).

  • Identity Resolution: The Key to Effective Consumer-Centric Marketing

    Webinars   October 24, 2019  

    In this webinar, LiveRamp showed how adding Identity Resolution to your technology stack can help marketers deliver a customer-centric strategy across all channels of your media plan — including TV — while improving MROI.

  • Understanding Connected TV

    Forward   October 22, 2019  

    Marketers are looking for ways to take advantage of this expanding new medium to drive results and deliver important KPIs in ways that traditional linear television cannot.


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