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  • How Re-Imagining the Brand and Retailer Relationship Can Drive Retail Media Innovation

    Event Recaps   April 27, 2023  

    Walmart and General Mills shared how they’ve optimized their partnership using retail media, highlighting how doing so has allowed for improved customer experiences, more integrated campaigns, and more innovation.

  • Proactive Steps Marketers Can Take to Mitigate Recessionary Impacts on Their Brand

    Knowledge Partners   October 10, 2022  

    Marina Stuefer, senior partner at Gain Theory, shared steps marketers could take to prepare for a potential oncoming recession.

  • Media Inflation Outlook: 2022 and 2023

    Knowledge Partners   July 25, 2022  

    AuditStar and Cortex Media created a media inflation forecast that covers the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

  • dentsu Creative Trends 2022: New Worlds Order

    Knowledge Partners   April 7, 2022  

    In this report, dentsu explores the role brands and businesses can play in designing for an evolving consumer, consumed by a virtual worlds and emerging technologies.

  • 2022 Media Trends

    Knowledge Partners   March 28, 2022  

    In this report Dentsu looks at three megatrends that are helping to define marketers’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, each with smaller manifestations or sub-trends, with major implications for brands.

  • Brave New Normal: Creative Trends 2021

    Knowledge Partners   March 3, 2021  

    Dentsu examined how a number of developments in technology and consumer behavior are changing the way that marketers and businesses work.

  • 20 Insights for 20 Years

    Knowledge Partners   February 17, 2021  

    Over the past 20 years, Analytic Partners has proven that there is great value and often untapped growth potential by leveraging data and analytics to inform and guide decisions. In celebration of Analytic Partners’ 20th anniversary, the company compiled 20 insights from its experience of turning data into expertise.