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  • It’s a Two-Way Street

    Forward   November 26, 2019  

    To have transformative value in a brand-agency partnership, the client-agency evaluation process must have true buy-in from both sides. So say industry experts from WPP, Omnicom, Interpublic Group, and Havas Health, among others. It’s more than a critique; it’s a two-way conversation that can lead to major benefits for both sides. Here’s what experts had to say.

  • Trust and Transparency in Media and Marketing

    Forward   October 15, 2019  

    In the three years since the ANA’s landmark report on media transparency, progress has been made but issues of opaque practices still plague the industry. As the methods for media buying evolve, marketers must maintain their vigilance.

  • You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Greatness

    Knowledge Partners   September 30, 2019  

    Agency Mania Solutions reflected on the risks of recklessly cutting agency fees.

  • Developing a New Retainer Model for an In-House Agency

    Event Recaps   September 25, 2019  

    MGM Resorts explained how its in-house agency revised its business model to ensure that its clients made a responsible use of its resources.

  • Media Agency Compensation Practices

    Research Reports   September 16, 2019  

    Given the rapidly changing digital, social, and programmatic media landscape, the ANA fielded this survey to delve into the topic of media agency compensation practices and the related issues of performance incentives, programmatic compensation/transparency, as well as rebates, discounts, and principal based buying.

  • Can't Find What You're Looking For? Try Asking the Expert.

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 15, 2019  

    ANA members have access to a free team of researchers who are able to pull the best content and resources for your marketing challenges.

  • The Hidden Gem

    Knowledge Partners   June 28, 2019  

    Agency Mania Solutions discussed the value of maintaining long-term relationships with agencies.

  • Alternatives to Agency Reviews

    Event Recaps   June 20, 2019  

    A number of alternatives to agency reviews were offered by Resources International, a firm specializing in agency searches and relationship management.

  • Trust in the Marketing Industry

    Event Recaps   May 15, 2019  

    Industry veterans Bill Duggan and Tony Pace discussed the deficit of trust that characterizes relationships between clients and agencies across the industry.

  • It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

    Public Videos   April 29, 2019  

    To get the best results from their agency partners, marketers should focus on value creation rather than paying less.

  • It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

    Session Videos   April 29, 2019  

    It can be difficult to talk business with your agency, while also maximizing the value for your organization. Carl Johnson, founding partner and chairman of Anomaly, provided an alternative point of view for creating a partnership between agency and brand.

  • Current Practices in Media Agency Compensation

    Session Videos   April 28, 2019  

    In this video, researchers shared the results of a recent study of media agency compensation.

  • Current Practices in Media Agency Compensation

    Event Recaps   April 28, 2019  

    Researchers shared the results of a recent study of media agency compensation.

  • Rethinking Agency Performance: The Value Index

    Knowledge Partners   April 15, 2019  

    Agency Mania Solutions shared advice for optimizing the value of advertisers’ relationships with their agencies.

  • Enhancing Trust Between Marketers and Agencies

    Research Reports   March 19, 2019  

    The ANA fielded a survey focusing on the current level of trust between client-side marketers and advertising agencies.

  • Avoiding Deadly Scope of Work Traps

    Knowledge Partners   January 15, 2019  

    Agency Mania Solutions identified five obstacles to fully capitalizing on tools for automating the management of scopes of work.

  • ANA Agency Compensation Task Force Webinar Series Recap

    Industry Insights   December 16, 2018  

    This report provides an overview of the ANA's webinar series on the topic of agency compensation.

  • Managing Agency Relations: Five Tips for Efficiency and Transparency

    Industry Insights   November 20, 2018  

    ANA contributors shared five tips for streamlining and otherwise improving the working relationships shared by clients and agencies.

  • ANA Agency Compensation Webinar 11

    Webinars   November 16, 2018  

    In this webinar, Dave Beals, President and CEO – JLB + Partners, provided perspectives on the current state of agency compensation and any changes he foresees.

  • ANA Agency Compensation Webinar 10

    Webinars   November 2, 2018  

    In this webinar, Dodie Martz with Eleven, Inc. provided an agency perspective on the current state of agency compensation and how compensation may change over the next few years.


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