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  • Handicapping the Race for Political Advertising in 2020

    Forward   September 19, 2019  

    Although there are significant differences in campaign spending, more than half of campaign budgets target paid media — and that share is expected to grow in 2020.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Insight Briefs   September 18, 2019  

    This Insight Brief discusses everything influencer marketing, including how to measure it and remain compliant and best practices. It also includes case studies from Turtle Wax and Kohl’s.

  • The Evolution of UGC: Advertisers’ Attitudes on Sourced Content as a Medium

    Knowledge Partners   September 16, 2019  

    Catch&Release recently surveyed 100 advertising professionals and they all agree: UGC is a powerful creative medium that moves the needle in ways traditionally-produced ads just can’t.

  • Media Agency Compensation Practices

    Research Reports   September 16, 2019  

    Given the rapidly changing digital, social, and programmatic media landscape, the ANA fielded this survey to delve into the topic of media agency compensation practices and the related issues of performance incentives, programmatic compensation/transparency, as well as rebates, discounts, and principal based buying.

  • Can't Find What You're Looking For? Try Asking the Expert.

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 15, 2019  

    ANA members have access to a free team of researchers who are able to pull the best content and resources for your marketing challenges.

  • In the Battle for Attention, Marketers Are Going Long

    ANA Magazine   September 14, 2019  

    To increase the odds that their content will cut through the clutter, marketing departments must behave more like media companies.

  • Key Takeaways from the 2019 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

    ANA Magazine   September 13, 2019  

    From AI to gen Z and everywhere in between, the 2019 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference covered all of the cutting-edge trends that will make a difference in your marketing today and in the future. In this piece, we cover our favorite speaker takeaways.

  • Crafting Radio Creative That Works!

    Webinars   September 12, 2019  

    In this webinar, get empirical evidence and insights from award-winning radio creative directors on best practices and important tips to guide the creation of engaging and effective radio creative.

  • Dialing Up Creative Strategies for Radio Ads

    Forward   September 12, 2019  

    Akin to brand identity, every radio commercial (or campaign) has its own unique idea, personality, tone, and voice.

  • TV Gets with the Programmatic

    Forward   September 10, 2019  

    Most descriptions of programmatic TV imply that it’s merely following a digital advertising programmatic blueprint, but that’s misleading. In fact, TV’s version of programmatic advertising differs from digital media in many ways — but none more so than the relationship between supply and demand of advertising inventory.

  • ADA Title III Website and Mobile App Accessibility

    Webinars   September 10, 2019  

    In this webinar, Jim Rockney, partner at Reed Smith LLP, provided an overview of the current legal landscape for website and mobile application accessibility issues.

  • What’s a Nano Influencer?

    ANA Magazine   September 7, 2019  

    Influencers, it turns out, come in all different sizes. Nano influencers — those with followings that range from 1,000 to 5,000 people — are proving they can help brands in ways the mega influencers can’t.

  • Magna: Podcast Ad Spending Approaching $1 Billion

    MediaPost   September 6, 2019  

    A recent report predicts that U.S. podcast ad spending will reach $960 million in 2020 and will pass $1 billion in 2022.

  • Left to Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption In Today’s Connected World, Q1 2019

    Knowledge Partners   September 6, 2019  

    A detailed overview of device consumption with a focus on TV viewing and connected device usage.

  • DTC Market Delivers New Opportunities for Traditional Brands

    ANA Magazine   September 6, 2019  

    Direct-to-consumer brands put a new and popular spin on delivering products and services — and give traditional brands a run for their money.

  • Getting Back to Basics

    Forward   September 5, 2019  

    The sophistication and technical capabilities of programmatic advertising can be bright shiny objects that distract marketers from the fundamentals of TV advertising. Here are three points marketers should keep in mind to ensure their programmatic TV campaigns are seated on solid ground.

  • The Long and the Short of B2B Online Video

    B-to-B Marketer   September 4, 2019  

    For a growing number of B2B marketers, developing online video programming puts a human face on what might otherwise be fairly mundane content.

  • The Year of Inclusivity, Creativity, and Letting Go

    Forward   September 3, 2019  

    CMOs have arguably the toughest job in the C-suite. They need to stay abreast of consumer trends and evolving expectations, advances in technology, and the latest innovations. Here are six trends for CMOs and their teams to consider right now when planning for 2020 and beyond.

  • What's at the Heart of the ‘Hyper-Relevant’ CMO?

    ANA Magazine   August 30, 2019  

    Adapt or die. In order to succeed these days — and bolster their overall value — CMOs must be true agents of change.

  • How Digital Integration Helps Direct Mail Deliver

    Forward   August 29, 2019  

    Today’s consumer-driven marketing requires a new level of sophistication to meet customers in the right moment on the right channel. Combining digital intelligence with direct mail can be an effective way to get customers to take action.


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