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  • Some B2B Brands Are Going All-in On Digital Advertising

    B2B Marketer   November 25, 2020  

    With lower-than-average CPMs, B2B companies are turning to digital advertising to combat the decline in their traditional marketing channels. This reallocation doesn’t equate dollar for dollar, but there has been enough of a budget shift to drive substantial growth via paid digital channels.

  • The Halo Effect: TV as a Growth Engine

    Knowledge Partners   November 24, 2020  

    This paper published by VAB and Effectv offers a rich analysis of the impact TV has on a brand’s digital storefront and platform.

  • B2B Email Marketer Speakeasy — Straight Talk and Insider Tips for 2021 Success

    Webinars   November 19, 2020  

    After a distracting and chaotic year for consumer marketers and retailers, many lessons have been learned. In this webinar, refocus and learn how to tighten up your prospecting, lead nurturing, and customer conversion funnels plus leverage marketing automation and email at every step of the way.

  • Behind The Lens: Free The Work Shines A Light On Diversity, Opportunity, And Representation

    Event Recaps   November 19, 2020  

    But I don't book the crews on set." "I don't see it on the reel." "We wanted to work with an underrepresented creator, but we couldn't find one in time." You've heard it. Heck, you may have even said it. These mythical statements stand in the way of progress toward real, authentic inclusion across the creative production pipeline. In this session, Pamala Buzick, COO and Director of Partnerships at FREE THE WORK will break down how old ways of working have led to systemic lack of opportunity and representation behind the lens in the advertising ecosystem. We will discuss what current lack of representation and opportunity looks like in our industry and discuss big-picture strategy for how you can make actionable change through intentional hiring goals and data.

  • Radio Listener Insights and Strategies to Reach Them

    Webinars   November 19, 2020  

    In this webinar, get an inside look into the current trends and insights recent studies about radio have surfaced to help define your media and radio strategies for the coming quarter and year.

  • How Ford Put Young Female Creators Of Color In The Drivers Seat For Its 2020 Campaign

    Event Recaps   November 19, 2020  

    Ford's latest campaign for the all-new 2020 Escape celebrates the defiance, transformation and versatility of black women as creators, marketers, and performers who own their uniqueness and live phenomenally. In this session, hear how Ford partnered with nonprofit organizations Made In Her Image and Girls Make Beats to forward the brand's real-world commitment to hiring women of color and help build the next generation of female production professionals.

  • P&G Uses Its Voice As A Force For Good And For Growth.

    Event Recaps   November 19, 2020  

    Procter & Gamble is seeking to leverage its strength and the voices of its brands to tackle gender and multicultural bias and drive change across the entire creative pipeline. In this session, Ilse Verbunt, one of P&G's production directors, will share how this lofty goal translates to the production process via commitments from internal stakeholders, external agencies, and production partners.

  • Marketers Raise Podcast Volume to Eleven

    ANA Magazine   November 13, 2020  

    The recent decline in podcast advertising is merely a pandemic-induced blip on the radar. The longer-term outlook remains quite attractive, with spending projected to reach more than $1 billion in 2021. Marketers are whetting their appetite.

  • Ten Tips for Acquisition Email Success

    Knowledge Partners   November 13, 2020  

    Claritas shares real-world tips from more than 300 client acquisition email campaigns — including what metrics provide a true measure of a campaign’s success.

  • Real CDP Talk: What’s Next for Marketers Looking to Future-Proof Their Digital Strategy?

    Webinars   November 12, 2020  

    Since COVID-19, there are more people online than ever before, and the opportunity for marketers to reach them with a laser focus is the highest it’s ever been. In this webinar, learn why brands must rely heavily on the ability to connect the dots with data.

  • Redefining Identity for the New Television Landscape

    Forward   November 12, 2020  

    With streaming at an all-time high, having a CTV-focused media strategy is now table stakes for advertisers. But it’s not smooth sailing just yet. At the same time as marketers shift ad dollars to streaming TV, they’re waking up to a world with holes in identity resolution, which makes it difficult to accurately engage and report on the new CTV audience.

  • U.S. Video Benchmarks Report — Fall 2020

    Knowledge Partners   November 12, 2020  

    Between July 1 and September 30, 2020, Innovid analyzed over 60 billion advertising impressions across mobile, desktop, CTV devices, and social platforms to provide a complete view of U.S. video advertising.

  • The Evolution of Social Advertising in 2020

    Webinars   November 11, 2020  

    To help marketers prepare and keep up with changes in consumer preferences and expectations, surveyed over 2,000 consumers globally to better understand how social advertising impacts the way they view brands. In this webinar, learn more about the results of this survey.

  • Roadmap for Using Data and Insights to Market Confidently in an Uncertain Time

    Webinars   November 10, 2020  

    In this webinar, learn how to harness first-party data to extract insights to grow your business, how to use traditional and non-traditional data to get a true 360-degree view of customers, and how to leverage the power of these new insights across multi-channel digital marketing platforms.

  • Monetizing the New Path to Purchase

    Forward   November 10, 2020  

    One of the most pronounced effects of the pandemic has been the change in how people shop at brick-and-mortar stores: They have become more deliberate in their behavior, focused on keeping within budgets, making fewer visits, and getting in and out as fast as possible.

  • More Competition, Fewer Ads

    Forward   November 5, 2020  

    TV is undergoing a generational shift from linear to a fragmented landscape of digital, over-the-top (OTT), and connected TV (CTV). Now it falls on whether walled gardens or advertisers dictate the terms of this massive transition.

  • Five Marketing Strategies for the Historic 2020 Holiday Season

    Webinars   November 5, 2020  

    In this webinar, get an inside look into current online consumer shopping trends and how holiday shopping will change in 2020.

  • A Big Help to Small Business

    B2B Marketer   November 4, 2020  

    Across the country, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are suffering from closures, restrictions, and changes brought about by the novel coronavirus, and many are scrambling to do what they can to stay in business. To help, a number of B2B brands, including Deluxe, Vistaprint, American Express, and The UPS Store, are developing tools, grants, and resources for SMBs.

  • B2B Demand Generation: Top Five Ways to Use Video Content to Generate and Qualify Leads

    Webinars   November 4, 2020  

    In this webinar, join Tyler Lessard at Vidyard for an interactive discussion on how to use video content and viewer engagement analytics to increase conversion rates, generate more leads, and accelerate lead qualification in B2B marketing.

  • A Sea Change in Video Viewing: Helping Marketers Find More Fish in the Streaming Ecosystem

    Knowledge Partners   November 3, 2020  

    In this study VAB shares the latest data on consumer behaviors and trends across the streaming landscape.


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