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  • How Marketers Can Leverage Tech to Avoid Disruption

    Forward   November 24, 2022  

    While most CMOs want to invest in new tools and tech, budgets are tight, which means there's pressure to connect spending with ROI. Further complicating the matter: Tastes and trends evolved during the pandemic and even more disruption is on the way.

  • Podcast Listeners Are Different — and That's Good for Brands

    Forward   November 22, 2022  

    In recent years the popularity of podcasts has exploded to make the medium a massive source of entertainment. Listenership is high and growing, and audiences are listening throughout the day — ads and all.

  • The Great Unification of Converged TV

    Knowledge Partners   November 18, 2022  

    To better understand today’s “converged TV” market, Innovid worked with a third-party firm to survey more than 250 brand and agency advertisers in September 2022.

  • The Creative Renaissance Is Here

    Forward   November 17, 2022  

    The technology for supporting creative optimization is at a tipping point. Indeed, the marketing industry faces an incredibly exciting moment where art and science finally work together to raise the bar for advertising across all formats and channels.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic Audio

    Pulse   November 17, 2022  

    Digital audio consumption has steadily risen over the last 10 years. There were 7.9 million music subscribers in 2014; this figure eclipsed 82 million in 2021, according to Statista. Weekly digital audio listenership has increased by over 38 percent in the past decade, with an audience of 192 million, reported by Insider Intelligence. Advertisers have been quick to take note of this shift. Global digital audio ad spend is forecast to hit $6.78 billion in 2022 and rise to more than $10 billion by 2027, via Statista

  • How Brand Marketers Can Leverage Programmatic in Podcasting

    Pulse   November 17, 2022  

    Watching television, scrolling through social media, and working on a laptop, are all inherent parts of everyday life. But screen time is becoming excessive. The average American spends over 7 hours per day looking at a screen.

  • TV Generates More Consumer Recall and Purchase Intent

    Forward   November 15, 2022  

    What are the factors that make TV ads an effective marketing tool, and how does TV compare to Facebook or YouTube mobile video? Shedding light on the answers to these questions are two recent studies, which together tell a compelling story about how TV advertising helps brands build connections with consumers at scale.

  • Three Stats That Will Change the Way You Think About Customer Loyalty

    Knowledge Partners   November 11, 2022  

    A report by CM Group highlighted the three most important stats affecting customer loyalty today.

  • The Art and Science of Direct Mail

    Forward   November 10, 2022  

    In an increasingly digital world, direct mail marketing can offer customers a tangible experience. However, many marketers struggle with determining the best ways to incorporate mail into their overarching strategy.

  • It’s the Giving Season, Are You Ready?

    Industry Insights   November 9, 2022  

    Science confirms it: People who give money to others are happier. Regardless of age, gender, or socio-economic status, giving just makes you feel good. And last year Americans opened their wallets and hearts wide, breaking all records for Giving Tuesday in 2021; 35 million U.S. adults participated in 2021, with total gifts of $2.7 billion, a 9 percent increase from 2020. And for the full year, individuals, bequests, foundations and corporations gave an estimated $484.85 billion to U.S. charities in 2021. That’s a lot of happiness!

  • Relationships at the Heart of the Marketing Mix: Lessons from Pizza Hut’s Influence Strategy

    Event Recaps   November 9, 2022  

    At a November 2022 Influencer Marketing Committee meeting held by the ANA, Pizza Hut and its agency RQ described how they cultivate relationships with and work with three types of influencers: superfans, creators, and celebrities.

  • Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Light Up with BIC

    Event Recaps   November 9, 2022  

    At a November 2022 meeting of ANA’s Influencer Marketing Committee, BIC’s Jeany Mui explained how her brand capitalized on the unlikely influencer duo of rapper Snoop Dogg and home décor icon Martha Stewart to highlight the diverse uses of an innovation in the lighter category.

  • Trends Come and Go, But Legacy Lasts

    Industry Insights   November 8, 2022  

    Kate Bush is in the top 10. Baggy jeans are all the rage. And there’s a new series launching on Netflix about Blockbuster (dance on the grave much?). It goes without saying, what’s old is new again.

  • How to Make Sure Brands Can Activate Their Identity Data

    Industry Insights   November 7, 2022  

    A lot of brands have reached a turning point with their first party data. Many have already done the heavy lifting to aggregate internal data, and some have even created their own internal ID to act as a single source of the truth for each customer or prospect.

  • Marketers Try to Untangle Converged TV

    ANA Magazine   November 4, 2022  

    On the road to a streaming universe, linear TV continues to offer advertisers a still-reliable marketing vehicle with broad reach. The next frontier for marketers is how to optimize their ads across both streaming and linear platforms.

  • 5 OOH Myths Marketers Should Stop Buying Into

    Industry Insights   November 3, 2022  

    Want a true sign of the channel’s recovery? OOH advertising revenue increased 28.9 percent in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the previous year, accounting for $2.62 billion – nearly equivalent to pre-pandemic highs when Q2 2019 OOH revenues totaled a record-breaking $2.69 billion.

  • How to Master Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

    Forward   November 3, 2022  

    The wide variety of environments and the novelty of digital out-of-home (DOOH) can make the medium feel intimidating. But, when done right, DOOH can be a seamless addition to a brand's marketing mix. Here are three ways marketers can maximize their creative strategy using DOOH.

  • 5 Inspiring Quotes for Marketers

    Industry Insights   November 1, 2022  

    ANA events bring together some of the smartest and most-talented marketers in the industry to share insights and best practices that help ANA members get the most out of their own marketing efforts.

  • Cult-Like Brands, with Chris Kneeland of Cult Collective

    Marketing Futures Podcast   November 1, 2022  

    Chris Kneeland, Chief Evangelist and Revenue Officer of Cult Collective, joined the podcast to discuss what brands can do to “convert” their customers into zealous fanatics.

  • Exploring the Links Between Creative Execution and Marketing Effectiveness

    Knowledge Partners   October 29, 2022  

    Measuring the efficiency of creativity in advertising has historically been challenging. This paper provides a technical Marketing Mix Modelling approach (object detection algorithms and multi-stage econometric modelling) that demonstrates an objective approach to creative measurement.