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  • Webinars as a Marketing Tool

    Ask the Expert Answers   July 28, 2021  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How can my brand use webinars to connect with prospects and customers?"

  • What’s Next for Digital Advertising

    Knowledge Partners   July 26, 2021  

    In this article from Theorem, read why digital advertisers need to leverage new platforms and technologies while adhering to a more transparent, privacy-first approach.

  • Where to Next with Experiential Marketing: A Year-Long Journey

    Session Videos   July 22, 2021  

    This panel discussion features the biggest brands and the brightest minds as they share their thoughts on the future of the industry and share some highlights of their plans over a tumultuous year-long period.

  • Tips and Tricks: How to Prevent Your Emails Being Blocked

    Webinars   July 21, 2021  

    In this webinar, learn about some of the most common causes for being added to an IP or domain Blocklist, myths about spamtraps, how to work with a blocklist provider, and the difference between a public and a private blocklist.

  • eos’ Social State of Mind

    Event Recaps   July 21, 2021  

    Soyoung Kang, CMO at eos, discussed why the brand depends on social media, and how a social-first mindset is shaping everything from eos’s insights approach to product innovation to creative strategy.

  • How Marketers Sharpen Their Personalization Playbook

    Forward   July 20, 2021  

    Adding personalization to marketing and advertising programs seems pretty straightforward (at least on paper). However, to generate the most value out of personalization, brands need to establish a framework that empowers teams across the enterprise, while maintaining governance regarding the company’s business processes.

  • New Insights on Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Online Tracking and Opt-In Preferences: A Forum for Senior Marketers

    Webinars   July 15, 2021  

    In this webinar, learn more about consumers’ attitudes towards online tracking and opt-in preferences from a custom survey of 2,200 U.S. adults.

  • Livestream Shopping Takes Center Screen

    ANA Magazine   July 14, 2021  

    A marriage of entertainment and e-commerce, livestream shopping is engaging and fast-gaining in popularity. ANA magazine reached out to Ali Fazal, VP of marketing at influencer marketing platform GRIN, to learn more about how brands can get in on the trend.

  • The Untapped Potential of B2B Customer Loyalty Programs

    Event Recaps   July 12, 2021  

    Speakers from PwC’s Loyalty Center of Excellence discussed the benefits of B2B loyalty programs, the various types of B2B loyalty programs, and five actions for making B2B loyalty work.

  • Global Gaming and eSports

    Knowledge Partners   July 9, 2021  

    YouGov shares statistics on how gamer behavior changed during the pandemic, and a forecast on PlayStation, Xbox, and the ninth generation of gaming consoles.

  • From Animal Crossing to the White House: A No-Malarkey Guide to Winning Credibility and Attention in Gaming Culture

    Session Videos   July 8, 2021  

    Social media marketing won the 2016 election for President Trump. In 2020, the Biden Campaign brought its ground game to a video game, betting big on gaming to reach potential voters. In this video, hear from the creators of the Biden for President Campaign's Biden Island.

  • From Scrappy to Scalable: Embracing Digital Commerce in a Post-COVID World

    Webinars   July 8, 2021  

    In this webinar, speakers discussed the challenges and recommendations related to scaling for digital commerce, owning the brand experience on the digital shelf, and the need for a more systematic solution to growing digital consumer market share.

  • Why Video Out-of-Home Can’t Be Overlooked

    Forward   July 8, 2021  

    With the average person served thousands of ads per day, advertisers need frequency alongside a medium that is effective in reaching their audiences to make a lasting impression. Here are four reasons it’s time for advertisers to embrace video out-of-home advertising (VOOH) as part of the larger marketing mix.

  • What Marketers Need to Know About Google Analytics

    Webinars   June 30, 2021  

    In this deep dive of Google Analytics' Universal Analytics, IQ Certified Ben Holland shares what marketers need to know to become analytics pros.

  • Up Your Email Marketing Game Through Testing and Optimization

    Webinars   June 30, 2021  

    In this webinar, Karen Talavera, founder of Synchronicity Marketing and EEC Vice Chair, along with other strategy experts, broke down email testing best practices and an approach to email marketing optimization.

  • Media for Growth

    Event Recaps   June 29, 2021  

    Tom Denford from ID Comms Group and Sherry Ulsh from The Hershey Co. discussed ways to rethink media as an investment and not a cost, assigning media a higher set of strategic KPIs to drive growth.

  • Media for Growth

    Session Videos   June 29, 2021  

    In this video, Tom Denford from ID Comms Group and Sherry Ulsh from The Hershey Co. discussed ways to rethink media as an investment and not a cost, assigning media a higher set of strategic KPIs to drive growth.

  • Omnichannel Advertising in a Streaming-Centric World

    Forward   June 29, 2021  

    Like the shift from landlines to mobile devices, society is likely to continue its preference for CTV and digital video over linear TV. For marketers, this requires a shift in media strategy. Though marketers have been operating in an omnichannel world for a while, they must now confront the complexity of a fragmented digital environment and refocus their omnichannel advertising strategies with CTV rather than linear TV at the center.

  • Leveraging Attribution

    Public Videos   June 29, 2021  

    The proliferation of non-branded search has mandated dynamic budgeting for hotel brands.

  • Behind a Rust-Oleum Campaign

    Event Recaps   June 28, 2021  

    Rust-Oleum shared the campaign strategy it devised to promote Epoxy Shield, a coating for garage floors.