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  • Digital B2B Content Needs an Overhaul

    B2B Marketer   December 1, 2021  

    Bombarded by marketing content for nearly the past two years, B2B buyers are feeling burned out and are dramatically reducing their content intake. But that doesn’t mean brand managers can let up when it comes to developing their messaging efforts. To the contrary, CMOs and marketers have to stir their creative juices to develop the kinds of campaigns that have a touch of fun and, perhaps more important, treat their customers like humans.

  • A B2B Content Marketing Quandary

    B2B Marketer   November 17, 2021  

    B2B marketers continue to struggle with developing thought leadership content that will grab their customers and prospects and drive new revenue, new research suggests.

  • B2B, Sustainability, and Brand Health: Key Considerations for Brand Marketers

    Webinars   November 11, 2021  

    Coinciding with COP26, where world leaders gathered to address the climate crisis, Bloomberg Media explored several questions about the climate through a business lens in this webinar.

  • A Blueprint for B2B Brand Performance

    Event Recaps   November 10, 2021  

    Doug Novack, managing director of business and industrial markets practice at Google, and Peter Dewey, director and partner at Boston Consulting Group, shared key findings and actionable steps discovered within research that sought to identify key principles of effective B2B branding.

  • Email Marketing Is Changing

    B2B Marketer   November 10, 2021  

    Marketplace and industry factors are forcing marketers to adopt new metrics for measuring email engagement, and they’re taking a close look at the value (and content) they’re providing to customers and prospects while they’re at it.

  • No Looking Back

    Forward   November 9, 2021  

    There is no crystal ball to determine what’s next for small- and medium-sized businesses, but these five observations of the current landscape may help B2B marketers divine where things are going next.

  • Behind the Campaign: Using AI To Fix Content Marketing’s ROI Problem

    Marketing Futures   November 1, 2021  

    How did a Fortune 500 financial institution move beyond clicks and drive engagement of their owned content? By leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand what content was resonating with their consumers and serving it up at the perfect time.

  • Reimagining Customer Experience

    Session Videos   October 28, 2021  

    Speakers at the October 2021 ANA Customer Experience committee meeting discussed the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing and in B2B customer experience trends.

  • Trends in B2B and CX

    Event Recaps   October 28, 2021  

    Matthew Powell from B2B International shared B2B customer experience (CX) trends of 2021 from his company’s latest research and explained how these trends will shift and evolve in 2022.

  • Designing the Engine of Repeatable Innovation

    Forward   October 28, 2021  

    Building a successful innovation engine has many rewards, from operating efficiency to greater ROI, higher NPS ratings, increased sales, and stronger brand loyalty — but it takes the right process and talent.

  • Digital Display Advertising Is on the Upswing

    B2B Marketer   October 27, 2021  

    While search still commands the biggest portion of the budgeting pie, display advertising is poised to pull even with search in 2022 and overtake it in 2023. As digital spending continues to shift, B2B companies are looking to optimize all their various online ad formats and drive better outcomes.

  • Skillful Brand Marketing: Increasingly Imperative for B2B Success

    Google   October 27, 2021  

    The creativity, storytelling, and emotional connections of brand marketing aren’t always associated with the business-to-business (B2B) marketing world. However, the broad consensus among B2B executives is that brand marketing is increasingly critical to B2B organizations.

  • How to Re-Think B2B Email Marketing to Create Better Results

    Event Recaps   October 21, 2021  

    Dennis Shiao, founder of Attention Retention LLC, shared lessons from his twice-monthly email newsletter for marketers, "Content Corner,” demonstrating how B2B marketers can use email to build trust, foster community, and gain new customers.

  • The Next Revolution: Customer Value

    Webinars   October 6, 2021  

    In this webinar, learn how investors view customer value, how they measure it, and what skills, capabilities, data, and tools an organization needs to execute successfully on realizing the full potential of its customer base.

  • Growth Marketing: The Most Effective B2B Campaign of the Year

    Webinars   September 30, 2021  

    In this webinar, learn how Trelleborg brought its SmartPort portfolio of digital offerings to market with Stein IAS as its brand-to-demand agency partner, building it to nearly 10% of total revenue in a single year and exceeding all targets along the way.

  • Video Takes on a Central Role

    B2B Marketer   September 29, 2021  

    B2B brands are struggling with generating decent returns from their video investments. Part of the problem may be that marketers are getting hung up on thinking they have to produce Hollywood-style movies to justify their investments. Most important is conveying information that’s easy to digest and focuses on customers’ needs.

  • Connecting Experiences for ABX Transformation

    Webinars   September 23, 2021  

    In this webinar, Caroline Caldwell, Director, B2B Strategy at Merkle B2B, shared the five-step methodology and activation framework to building a high-performance ABX strategy at your company.

  • Marketers Are Tightening Their Belts

    B2B Marketer   September 22, 2021  

    B2B marketers were betting that the economic impact of the pandemic would be short-lived. It hasn't turned out that way, and now they're facing major budget cuts. With fewer dollars to demonstrate returns, marketers are turning to pure-play channels — encompassing paid, earned, and owned media — and moving more of their work in-house. Lead-gen programs are also taking precedence over branding efforts.

  • No Bore. No Snore. A B2B Podcast That Works.

    Session Videos   September 21, 2021  

    Podcasts are a growing marketing channel, but not many B2B organizations are using them in an engaging way to amplify their brand and connect with their clients. In this video, get perspectives on why building a successful podcast for a B2B organization has more to do with art than science.

  • Strengthening Sales and Marketing Alignment Through Purpose

    Session Videos   September 14, 2021  

    In this video, Lisa McLeod is the creator of Noble Purpose, a customer-driven philosophy that accelerates revenue growth, increases competitive differentiation, and ignites emotional engagement. She discussed how sales and marketing can work together toward a greater common goal and good.