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  • Account-Based Marketing: A Primer

    Event Recaps   July 29, 2020  

    Danny Nail of SAP offered a helpful overview of account-based marketing.

  • The Pandemic Is Redefining the Customer Experience

    B2B Marketer   July 29, 2020  

    In a post-COVID world, digital interactions with customers and prospects will rise dramatically, and e-commerce transactions for expensive B2B purchases — long the domain of in-person sales — will become much more common.

  • Inspired Decisions: The Media Agency's Guide to Pinterest

    Knowledge Partners   July 24, 2020  

    Pinterest shared its go-to guide to help media agencies better navigate the platform.

  • Preparing for the Next Normal

    B2B Marketer   July 15, 2020  

    The ongoing and dramatic changes in the workplace offer B2B marketers new opportunities to jump-start their digital communications, both internally and externally.

  • How Purpose Powers B2B Growth (B2B Marketing Series)

    Webinars   July 8, 2020  

    In this webinar, Carol Cone examined the growing influence of purpose in B2B companies, a trend driven by fundamental shifts in society, the marketplace, and people’s expectations.

  • Reputation, Relevancy, and Response: Adjusting Advertising in 2020

    Webinars   July 6, 2020  

    In this webinar, Angela Laubmeier Schema, vice president of advertising and sponsorships at Lincoln Financial Group, shared how Lincoln has combated budget cuts and bold moves by big-name competitors to maintain awareness and protect corporate reputation in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

  • The Future of Customer Experience

    Event Recaps   June 25, 2020  

    SAP offered advice to B2B companies seeking to improve their customer experience.

  • No More Digital Dilly-Dallying

    B2B Marketer   June 24, 2020  

    With most every brand having to recalibrate its digital capabilities, CMOs have a new opportunity to help shape their company’s future — and increase the overall value of marketing.

  • How to Improve Email Campaigns and Connect with Subscribers

    Event Recaps   June 22, 2020  

    In this session, several key areas were discussed to help marketers increase their email marketing effectiveness.

  • How BD Innovates on Purpose to Change the World

    Event Recaps   June 18, 2020  

    BD is a global organization committed to its purpose of “Advancing the world of health.”

  • The Trade Show Must Go On

    B2B Marketer   June 17, 2020  

    The implosion of live B2B events and the accelerating shift to a virtual model will require marketers to be both fast and nimble when crafting their online conferences.

  • Travelers and Its ABM Pilot

    Event Recaps   June 4, 2020  

    Travelers described its successful account-based marketing pilot program.

  • Experience Essentials: Mastering the complex buyer journey

    Knowledge Partners   May 28, 2020  

    Adobe shared basic tips and tools you need to build a demand marketing plan that covers the range of customer channels, while personalizing at the individual level. Start creating demand programs that keep customers interested and your teams informed.

  • Why Marketers' Martech Investments Fall Short

    B2B Marketer   May 27, 2020  

    B2B marketers continue to struggle with making the most of their growing marketing technology stack. A major part of the problem: Too many companies rely on individual technology purchases rather than foster an integrated approach.

  • Google Created a Better Retail Experience

    REGGIE Awards   May 16, 2020  

    Google created the Google Easy Street Tour to educate retail employees on the benefits of Google Hardware powered by the Google Assistant, enabling a deep level of personalization that’s ready to help, whenever and wherever someone is.

  • Got IT Problems? This Company Hilariously Dramatizes Them in Game

    REGGIE Awards   May 16, 2020  

    Eaton used an online mystery game, “Ticket of Terror,” to comically dramatize common IT problems and demonstrate how Eaton’s power management products can solve them.

  • A Delicate Balance

    B2B Marketer   May 13, 2020  

    Valerie Beaulieu, U.S. CMO at Microsoft, brings a highly balanced approach to B2B marketing to tackle the most pressing issues facing marketers.

  • ABM: It Is About the Destination, Not the Journey

    Webinars   May 6, 2020  

    In this webinar, the presenters examined the often-overlooked step of goal and metrics setting related to account-based marketing.

  • Keeping Email Campaigns Healthy During the Coronavirus

    B2B Marketer   April 29, 2020  

    With most every business reassessing overall spending due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s an opportune time for B2B companies to reassess their email marketing strategy and ensure that the audiences receiving their emails are getting immediate value.

  • Customers and Employees Still Need Your Empathy Post-COVID

    Webinars   April 27, 2020  

    In this webinar, learn about why your company’s actions during the COVID-19 crisis will demonstrate to people whether your relationships with them are genuine.


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