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  • Writing Copy with a Psychologist

    Webinars   July 30, 2020  

    Social psychologist Otis Fulton explained how to write copy using all of the tools of persuasion and understanding available to a psychologist with deep experience in nonprofit fundraising.

  • 2020 Consumer Attitudes on Personalized Ads

    Knowledge Partners   July 24, 2020  

    Innovid shared survey findings on consumers' feelings about personalized ads.

  • BIC’s Journey to Global Digital Acceleration

    Webinars   July 22, 2020  

    In this webinar, Jen Elmashni, VP of Global E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, and Anna Ritchie, Head of Global Digital Content Strategy and Operations, shared insights and best practices for winning in the Digital space.

  • Improving B2B Marketing

    Event Recaps   June 25, 2020  

    Google offered four general tips for B2B marketers, along with plenty of specific examples.

  • How to Merchandise and Market the Virtual Shelf

    Knowledge Partners   June 11, 2020  

    The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of online shopping, and there are a few ways brands can optimize the e-commerce experience to build their businesses.

  • The Tipping Point: Applying Shopper Marketing Principles to Retailer E-Commerce

    Event Recaps   May 21, 2020  

    Elizabeth Bleser, senior vice president of integrated media at Blue Chip, and Brandon Nolte, associate director of biddable media at Blue Chip, provided quick-turn solutions for brands to get their retailer e-commerce business up and running, along with guidance for a long-term retailer e-commerce strategy.

  • Are Consumers Getting the Right Message?

    Forward   May 14, 2020  

    An examination of consumer behavior and how consumers view digital advertising’s relevancy has found things have changed between life as normal and life under the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what’s different.

  • Turning the Sunsetting of Cookies into Brand and Consumer Opportunity

    Webinars   April 28, 2020  

    Third-party cookies are used by advertisers and analytics firms to track users as they visit different sites across the web. This webinar shared best practices on what brands can do to take more control from their audience data and provide better personalization offerings that are consumer-first and privacy-first.

  • Voice Marketing Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   April 20, 2020  

    The 2020 Edition of the ANA Marketing Futures Report on voice marketing explores the ways marketers are thinking about voice search, voice-enabled product development, and virtual assistants, such as Alexa or Siri.

  • What You Need to Know About Cookie-Based Marketing to Thrive in a Future Without It

    Webinars   March 12, 2020  

    In this webinar, take a look both behind and ahead of us to understand the impact of data-driven advertising and uncover what is actually happening behind the scenes.

  • Trends in Media Advertising

    Event Recaps   March 6, 2020  

    The digital consumer has made businesses rethink the way they engage their customers. Companies are spending more on digital channels, with Amazon, Facebook, and Google controlling the digital marketplace.

  • Click Courses 2018

    ECHO Awards   March 2, 2020  

    The Click Courses Initiative sought to support entrepreneurs and owners of small business management capacity.

  • Marketing CBD Oil

    Event Recaps   February 20, 2020  

    Charlotte’s Web described a marketing campaign to promote CBD oil.

  • The State of Online Communities for Customer Support

    Tools   February 1, 2020  

    Demand Metric, in partnership with Vanilla Forums, set out to learn what the customer support landscape looks like and how effective crowd based, self-service support channels are working.

  • The Rise in ADA Accessibility Problems

    Webinars   January 14, 2020  

    This webinar covered how the Americans with Disabilities Act is impacting businesses that interact with customers online.

  • The Future of Search Marketing: What's Now. What's Next.

    Webinars   January 8, 2020  

    In this webinar, Dan Golden of Be Found Online presented a variety of case studies and included a playbook to help marketers plan 2020 tactics and position their brands for the next wave of search.

  • California’s Data Privacy Law Stirs Uncertainty for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   January 3, 2020  

    California’s data privacy law is a sea change for brands, enabling consumers to opt out of data sales and compelling marketers to track down any party to whom it has sold that consumer’s data during the preceding 90 days.

  • Successful Multichannel Campaigns Start with Good Timing

    Forward   December 17, 2019  

    To build a stronger campaign, marketers should consider how to make valuable offline connections with customers by incorporating direct mail into their broader multichannel efforts. Weaving together digital and physical channels can help to successfully grab user attention and deliver a more robust and effective ROI.

  • Launching Video Campaigns That Can Measure Up

    Forward   November 21, 2019  

    The OTT product is essentially defined by the content available, and new OTT services are using popular historical content and trending content creators to build their viewership. It’s creating opportunities — and obstacles — for brands. Marketers looking to get the most from their video advertising campaigns need to make sure they have the right set of metrics in place.

  • The Google ID Is Gone, Now What?

    Forward   November 12, 2019  

    Without the Google ID, marketers need to find new ways to build datasets to drive personalized marketing campaigns across multiple devices. Here are three obstacles and the priorities marketers must face in dealing with the massive shift the ID’s absence leaves behind.


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