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  • The Case for Combining Direct Mail and Influencer Marketing

    Forward   November 26, 2020  

    Influencer marketing has redefined the way companies drive awareness of their business. Leveraging brand messaging, endorsements, or product placements from industry icons in direct mail campaigns can help companies further capture consumer attention when and where it matters. Here’s how brands can leverage today’s top direct mail innovations and tactics to help make the most of their influencer marketing efforts.

  • The Back Office Plays a Key Role in Producing Branded Content

    Forward   November 24, 2020  

    The production back office is a hive of activity before, during, and after the cameras roll. Teams manage a multitude of essential functions, including onboarding talent and crew, tracking the post-production process, and managing the hand-off to campaign activators.

  • How Ford Put Young Female Creators Of Color In The Drivers Seat For Its 2020 Campaign

    Event Recaps   November 19, 2020  

    Ford's latest campaign for the all-new 2020 Escape celebrates the defiance, transformation and versatility of black women as creators, marketers, and performers who own their uniqueness and live phenomenally. In this session, hear how Ford partnered with nonprofit organizations Made In Her Image and Girls Make Beats to forward the brand's real-world commitment to hiring women of color and help build the next generation of female production professionals.

  • Behind The Lens: Free The Work Shines A Light On Diversity, Opportunity, And Representation

    Event Recaps   November 19, 2020  

    But I don't book the crews on set." "I don't see it on the reel." "We wanted to work with an underrepresented creator, but we couldn't find one in time." You've heard it. Heck, you may have even said it. These mythical statements stand in the way of progress toward real, authentic inclusion across the creative production pipeline. In this session, Pamala Buzick, COO and Director of Partnerships at FREE THE WORK will break down how old ways of working have led to systemic lack of opportunity and representation behind the lens in the advertising ecosystem. We will discuss what current lack of representation and opportunity looks like in our industry and discuss big-picture strategy for how you can make actionable change through intentional hiring goals and data.

  • P&G Uses Its Voice As A Force For Good And For Growth.

    Event Recaps   November 19, 2020  

    Procter & Gamble is seeking to leverage its strength and the voices of its brands to tackle gender and multicultural bias and drive change across the entire creative pipeline. In this session, Ilse Verbunt, one of P&G's production directors, will share how this lofty goal translates to the production process via commitments from internal stakeholders, external agencies, and production partners.

  • Beyond the Binary

    ANA Magazine   November 18, 2020  

    In gender-related marketing, ads no longer adhere to pink-and-blue protocols. An increasing number of companies realize that moving beyond the binary is not only good business, it cultivates brand affinity among communities that might not otherwise pay attention to their products and services. Here’s how P&G, Mastercard, and Mattel, among others, are evolving their marketing to avoid gender stereotypes and be more inclusive of trans and nonbinary people.

  • Consumer Neuroscience Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   November 16, 2020  

    Consumer neuroscience isn’t a fad. It’s a growing trend that has huge potential for marketers looking to influence the way consumers think, feel, and act. This report explores what the trend is, why it matters to marketers, and how to apply the technology in the real world.

  • Ten Tips for Acquisition Email Success

    Knowledge Partners   November 13, 2020  

    Claritas shares real-world tips from more than 300 client acquisition email campaigns — including what metrics provide a true measure of a campaign’s success.

  • Marketers Raise Podcast Volume to Eleven

    ANA Magazine   November 13, 2020  

    The recent decline in podcast advertising is merely a pandemic-induced blip on the radar. The longer-term outlook remains quite attractive, with spending projected to reach more than $1 billion in 2021. Marketers are whetting their appetite.

  • Redefining Identity for the New Television Landscape

    Forward   November 12, 2020  

    With streaming at an all-time high, having a CTV-focused media strategy is now table stakes for advertisers. But it’s not smooth sailing just yet. At the same time as marketers shift ad dollars to streaming TV, they’re waking up to a world with holes in identity resolution, which makes it difficult to accurately engage and report on the new CTV audience.

  • How Rotary Is Creating Global Buy-In for Its Action Plan

    Webinars   November 12, 2020  

    This webinar looked at how Rotary is building momentum for their “Action Plan” by taking it to the streets — in multiple languages — and using it as both a road map and an animating force for the organization.

  • Connecting at a Distance: How Honeywell is Embracing Virtual Brand Experiences

    Webinars   November 9, 2020  

    In this webinar, Honeywell’s head of global marketing shares how they have leveraged virtual experiences in this new environment to expand their customer base, improve the sales pipeline, and create opportunities for key stakeholders to see the company in a new way.

  • The Importance of Team Agility in Uncertain Times

    Event Recaps   November 6, 2020  

    Karen Wish, vice president and CMO of Mount Sinai Health System, discussed the importance of team agility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Develop Innovation and KPIs to Solve Consumer Challenges

    Event Recaps   November 6, 2020  

    Emily Culp, CEO of Cover FX Skincare, talked about how her company used creative solutions and insights to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • A Big Help to Small Business

    B2B Marketer   November 4, 2020  

    Across the country, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are suffering from closures, restrictions, and changes brought about by the novel coronavirus, and many are scrambling to do what they can to stay in business. To help, a number of B2B brands, including Deluxe, Vistaprint, American Express, and The UPS Store, are developing tools, grants, and resources for SMBs.

  • Marketers Should Start to Prepare for Post-Pandemic Scenarios Now

    ANA Magazine   October 30, 2020  

    Marketers need to develop a plan for catered messages for different audiences, as consumers have had starkly different experiences during the pandemic based on factors such as geography and income level.

  • How the 2020 Presidential Election Has Impacted Advertising

    Industry Insights   October 30, 2020  

    Election seasons are a pivotal and challenging time for brands. Finding the right cadence, tone, and ability to engage and connect with consumers is a hard balance to achieve. It’s far easier to isolate and alienate consumers than it is to speak authentically on a universal level.

  • Best Practices for Portraying People with Disabilities in Advertising

    Ask the Expert Answers   October 28, 2020  

    How are brands depicting and including individuals with disabilities in their communications?

  • Personalizing the Campbell’s Message Through Predictive Advertising

    Session Videos   October 23, 2020  

    Using a proprietary blend of precision data analytics, machine learning, and an AI-based decision-making algorithm, Meredith and Campbell’s were able to deliver hyper-personalized and localized solutions that eased the daily lives of consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic and drove sales for Campbell’s.

  • What the Virus Is (and Isn’t) Changing About Marketing

    ANA Magazine   October 23, 2020  

    Companies that don’t realign their priorities toward a digital-first strategy will cede their business to competitors, says Geoff Ramsey, chairman and co-founder of eMarketer. In an interview with ANA magazine, Ramsey discusses how the pandemic has put pressure on marketers to sharpen their online platforms and make sure their data reflects the new reality.


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