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  • Content Marketing Overview

    Industry Insights   January 18, 2020  

    In this video, learn more about content marketing.

  • Taking a Bite out of Super Bowl Advertising

    ANA Magazine   January 17, 2020  

    With 68 percent of U.S. homes owning pets, viewers of the Puppy Bowl and other animal-related programming are highly engaged, and often extend the conversation via their social channels.

  • The Attraction of Cultural Magnetism

    Forward   January 16, 2020  

    Being relevant only gets a brand into the consideration set and means competing on price with competitors. But brands with a cultural magnetism create their own gravity beyond the functional dynamics of their category, resulting in a far deeper customer advocacy. Here’s how brands like New Balance, Delta Airlines, Michelob ULTRA, and Wendy’s use brand magnetism to build lasting connections with their customers.

  • Pandora: Six Trends That Will Impact Audio and Marketing in 2020

    Webinars   January 16, 2020  

    In this webinar, learn more about Pandora's annual advertising report of the ever-evolving audio landscape. The guide contains vision and insights from industry experts in advertising on new and useful trends in audio, creative strategy, and more.

  • Increasing Your Return on Influencers: Best Practice and Case Studies from TikTok

    Webinars   January 15, 2020  

    As TikTok takes the world by storm, the challenge of leveraging innovative social platforms and new formats is becoming top of mind for many brands. In this webinar, learn about best practice and case studies for brands using TikTok.

  • Marketers Embark on the Post-Optimization Era

    ANA Magazine   January 10, 2020  

    Marketers’ overreliance on data has come at the expense of cultivating long-term planning and making emotional connections with consumers. Beware the perils of programmatic advertising.

  • Digital Transformation Infographic, 2020 Edition

    Research Infographics   January 9, 2020  

    Brands around the world are feeling the effects of digital disruption. Understand the changes brands can expect to see in 2020 and beyond.

  • CMO Trend Brief: Digital Transformation 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   January 9, 2020  

    This robust summary outlines what you need to know about digital transformation, including five important developments poised to play out in 2020.

  • Digital Transformation Report, 2020 Edition

    Research Reports   January 9, 2020  

    The 2020 Marketing Futures report on Digital Transformation features expert perspectives, illustrative case studies, and tips on influencing enterprise-wide adoption of digital capabilities.

  • B2B Brands Continue Steep Climb Up Content Marketing Hill

    B2B Marketer   January 8, 2020  

    Part of the problem? B2B brands are looking for a quick fix. But companies need up to a year to properly build a content marketing audience.

  • Rebuild the World

    Greater Good   December 28, 2019  

    LEGO’s largest global campaign ever is meant to celebrate the natural creativity of children. Remi Marcelli, SVP and head of LEGO’s in-house creative agency, shares the thinking behind the inspiring campaign.

  • Brands Need to Bridge Expanding Gaps in Customer Experience

    ANA Magazine   December 27, 2019  

    By failing to measure their customer experience efforts, marketers are giving themselves a false sense of their CX prowess.

  • Marketing Sustainability Claims

    Greater Good   December 26, 2019  

    With the rapid adoption of sustainability claims in marketing efforts, marketers must have processes in place to back them up, or they could face brand-crippling backlash.

  • The Best Quotes from the 2019 ANA Masters of Marketing Week

    ANA Magazine   December 21, 2019  

    With a record-breaking number of attendees and one of the best speaker lineups in recent memory, the 2019 ANA Masters of Marketing Week was a fountain of valuable insights for attendees. These were our 10 favorite quotes from speakers during the event.

  • Brands Doing Good Series: Procter & Gamble

    Greater Good   December 20, 2019  

    Led by Chief Sustainability Officer Virginie Helias, P&G has deployed an ambitious plan to protect the environment, cut waste, and better distinguish its brands.

  • Brands in Crisis: Changing Perceptions Through TV Advertising

    Knowledge Partners   December 20, 2019  

    VAB’s marketer’s guide 2019 provides five ways for brands to successfully navigate through a crisis.

  • Brand Activation Overview

    Industry Insights   December 19, 2019  

    In this video, learn more about brand activation.

  • Live Video Infographic, 2019 Edition

    Research Infographics   December 15, 2019  

    Live video is growing in popularity, especially among millennials and gen Z. Follow these three steps to get the most out of your brand’s live video executions.

  • Live Video Report, 2019 Edition

    Research Reports   December 15, 2019  

    The 2019 Marketing Futures report on live video features expert perspectives, illustrative case studies, and tips for maximizing live video campaigns.

  • CMO Trend Brief: Live Video, 2019 Edition

    Research Reports   December 15, 2019  

    The benefits of live video are vast, and brands are embracing this growing trend. Dig into live video’s essential elements and review an abbreviated Facebook Live case study from TBS.


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