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  • How Upwork Showed Hiring Managers a Whole New World of Candidates

    In-House Excellence Awards   September 25, 2022  

    Against the backdrop of The Great Resignation, Upwork’s “The Perfect Fit” campaign let panicked hiring managers know that finding the perfect candidate for their openings was as easy as visiting the Upwork website.

  • How NI Used Change Management to Sell Its Updated Brand Purpose Internally

    Podcast Shorts   September 20, 2022  

    Tabitha Upshaw, senior director of brand, reputation, and impact at NI, shared how she and her team successfully sold the organization’s updated brand purpose to the staff, ensuring everyone bought in and began to use the purpose as the lens through which they make every decision.

  • These Are the Qualities Shared by Marketing’s Longest-Tenured CMOs

    Podcast Shorts   September 20, 2022  

    What are some of the qualities shared by the industry’s most resilient and longest tenured CMOs? Greg Welch, partner at Spencer Stuart, reveals some of what he’s seen from a wealth of market research and during his many years working alongside these individuals.

  • Reversing the Decline in CMO Tenure

    Champions of Growth   September 20, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Greg Welch, partner at executive search firm Spencer Stuart and founder of the company’s annual CMO Study, about how to reverse the downward trajectory in CMO tenure.

  • 2022 In-House Creative Report

    Knowledge Partners   September 13, 2022  

    This benchmarking report from Cella strives to gain insights into industry standards and best practices for in-house agencies, which will support marketers in driving business decisions and validating the direction of their efforts.

  • Back to Basics for Agency-Client Relations?

    Champions of Growth   September 13, 2022  

    In our latest episode of ANA Champions of Growth, host Matthew Schwartz talks with Caroline Reed, founder and CEO of Creed Consulting, about how to improve agency-client relations and stem the growing tide of agency account reviews among brands and organizations of all stripes.

  • Brands Seek Secret Formula for Attracting Talent

    ANA Magazine   September 2, 2022  

    As a hot job market continues and the Great Resignation lingers, companies such as Denny's, Pearle Vision, and EOS Products are turning to DEI and other meaningful initiatives to lure and retain top talent.

  • Finding Purpose While Making a Profit

    Conference Sessions   August 31, 2022  

    In this video, NI CMO Ana Villegas and her colleague Tabitha Upshaw, senior director of brand, reputation, and impact, shared highlights from this purpose journey, detailing challenges that arose and lessons that were learned.

  • Finding Purpose While Making a Profit

    Event Recaps   August 31, 2022  

    NI CMO Ana Villegas and her colleague Tabitha Upshaw, senior director of brand, reputation, and impact, shared highlights from this purpose journey, detailing challenges that arose and lessons that were learned.

  • Tips To Attract and Retain the Best Agency Talent

    Industry Insights   August 25, 2022  

    No doubt we’ve all grown weary from reading endless articles about the current talent drain in agencies. It is tiring, and quite frankly, depressing to constantly read about broken agency models. Staff turnover. The great resignation.

  • What Talent Want: 2022 Creative, Marketing, and Digital Talent Report

    Knowledge Partners   August 23, 2022  

    Based on a survey of over 350 respondents, Cella was able to draw a variety of conclusions about workers and job-seekers.

  • The Right CMO for the Right Job

    Podcast Shorts   August 19, 2022  

    Katie Klumper, founder and CEO of Black Glass Consulting, joined the Marketing Futures Podcast to discuss why if you asked 30 CMOs what they do, you’d get 30 different job descriptions.

  • Do Marketers Need to Know How to Code?

    ANA Magazine   July 29, 2022  

    Amid a dizzying amount of change, CMOs who collaborate effectively with their CTOs are likely to generate better returns. Establishing strategic alliances with chief technology officers is fast becoming a cost of entry for marketers who want to ascend in their organization.

  • Marketing Success Is All in the Timing

    ANA Magazine   July 15, 2022  

    As marketers’ roles expand to encompass customer experience, product innovation, content marketing, and data analytics, among other areas, how one manages their time will be increasingly important to keeping crucial goals on track. There are a handful of steps marketers can take to beat the clock, some of them hiding in plain sight.

  • This Is How Your Business Can Do DEI with Real Impact

    Podcast Shorts   July 15, 2022  

    Visual Latina's Laura Korchinski offers her advice and best practices for brands and agencies who are just getting started with diversity, equity, and inclusion, including outlining how they can support initiatives under the DEI banner authentically and with real impact.

  • How Agency-Client Relations Can Spur Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Champions of Growth   July 15, 2022  

    While some brands recognize that they need to change their marketing strategies to cater to profound changes in demographics, identities, and communities, Laura Korchinski at Visual Latina says that other companies continue to traffic in stereotypes and fail to acknowledge that no culture is a monolith.

  • Caterpillar Showcases Technicians’ Skills with a Gameshow

    B2 Awards   July 12, 2022  

    Caterpillar drew the attention of jobseekers with a gameshow that showcased the skills of its technicians in a manner akin to the TV show American Ninja Warrior.

  • Rising Tides: How MOCEAN Cultivates Creative Talent

    Knowledge Partners   July 8, 2022  

    MOCEAN’s chief creative officer shared insights and recommendations for developing new talent and keeping them in the long term.

  • How Ad Agencies Can Better Source and Nurture Talent

    Industry Insights   July 5, 2022  

    The Great Resignation has challenged businesses across industries, and the media vertical is no exception. Agencies and holding companies are struggling to source and retain talent, leading some to question whether there are enough skilled candidates to go around.

  • In-Housing at T-Mobile: A Story of Transformation and Value Creation

    Event Recaps   June 29, 2022  

    T-Mobile and in-housing consulting partner Media.Monks explained how they created an in-housing strategy and executed a smooth transition through collaboration based on openness, flexibility, and an unparalleled focus on people.