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  • The Future of Agencies: Blurred Lines and Reimagined Relationships

    Research Reports   June 1, 2021  

    ANA Marketing Futures gathered perspectives from marketers and subject matter experts to understand how marketers view the future of agency and how its trajectory impacts marketing decision making.

  • In-Housing for Speed and Relevancy: Lessons Learned Over a Five-Year Journey

    Public Videos   May 13, 2021  

    Essentials for in-housing creative and media buying include content integration and hiring dedicated copywriters.

  • Infographic: The Future of Agencies

    Research Infographics   May 12, 2021  

    ANA Marketing Futures gathered perspectives from marketers and subject matter experts to understand how marketers view the future of agency and how its trajectory impacts marketing decision making.

  • Success Stories on TV Audience-Based Buying

    Knowledge Partners   April 21, 2021  

    In this report, VAB shares a collection of 23 case studies on how brands successfully implemented audience-based buying in their TV campaigns.

  • Will Megacasts Become Mega-Popular?

    ANA Magazine   February 19, 2021  

    It’s up in the air whether megacasting will become the new normal. But running the same program across disparate networks should attract brands looking to land new audiences and stretch their marketing dollars.

  • Transacting TV in 2021 and Beyond

    Forward   February 4, 2021  

    Technology and data are accelerating TV’s digitalization, transforming it from a monolithic channel to a multifaceted, dynamic medium. With that evolution comes more sophisticated transaction practices, and conflicting priorities for buyers and sellers.

  • Redefining Identity for the New Television Landscape

    Forward   November 12, 2020  

    With streaming at an all-time high, having a CTV-focused media strategy is now table stakes for advertisers. But it’s not smooth sailing just yet. At the same time as marketers shift ad dollars to streaming TV, they’re waking up to a world with holes in identity resolution, which makes it difficult to accurately engage and report on the new CTV audience.

  • More Competition, Fewer Ads

    Forward   November 5, 2020  

    TV is undergoing a generational shift from linear to a fragmented landscape of digital, over-the-top (OTT), and connected TV (CTV). Now it falls on whether walled gardens or advertisers dictate the terms of this massive transition.

  • How to Face the Changed Landscape of Linear and Connected TV

    Forward   October 22, 2020  

    In years past, content meant a few highly rated prime programs and sports. Today, it’s thousands of titles available across multiple platforms, so each consumer can seek what they love. So far, it does not look like there will be a winner in the ad-supported streamlining platforms; instead, those that generate great content will get time from consumers. As the TV landscape continues to shift, marketers will need to change in kind; here’s what they can do to adapt.

  • AI Can't Stand Alone for Brand Suitability: People Play a Vital Role

    Industry Insights   October 20, 2020  

    Advertisers and brands are naturally frustrated when their ads are aligned with unsuitable or irrelevant content — a situation that occurs with alarming frequency. What’s frustrating to many marketers is that AI is supposed to proactively prevent these kinds of catastrophes. Why hasn’t AI fixed this problem yet?

  • Why COVID-19 Is Driving a Marketing Revolution

    Forward   October 15, 2020  

    While consumers are ready for a renewed sense of normalcy, the shift to digital remains. Marketing teams need an integrated, customer-first strategy that aligns with short- and long-term digital behaviors. The strategy should combine digital and traditional tactics, leverage data to personalize campaigns and maximize reach, and be flexible enough to adapt and scale over time.

  • Using Data to Drive Results: How to Design Smarter Influencer Campaigns

    Webinars   October 8, 2020  

    This webinar shared how different data sources like social listening, search and trend data, and market basket insights can come together to create a more purposeful, targeted, and measurable influencer campaign.

  • Media Planning and Buying Agency RFP Template

    Tools   October 1, 2020  

    You need to create an RFP for selecting a media planning and buying agency regarding specific projects for your organization.

  • Cross-Screen Measurement Isn’t the Future; It’s Already Here

    Forward   September 24, 2020  

    The disruption of TV and the decay of linear reach are here. Technology is giving consumers new ways to view TV content, but TV ad planning and measurement often live within legacy tools built for that time when TV was linear only. That’s changing.

  • How to Manage Advertising Production’s Bigger Picture

    Forward   September 17, 2020  

    A strategic, companywide approach to governing production spend is still a relatively new concept for many CMOs, but the approach can help marketers simplify and optimize complex processes by consolidating and standardizing data across all production activity. Here’s how to get started.

  • Will Three Times Be the Charm?

    Event Recaps   September 15, 2020  

    Reed Smith’s Keri Bruce and PwC’s Sam Tomlinson discussed why the industry needs to fix its measurement issues concerning brand investments in digital and programmatic advertising to avoid ongoing inefficiencies.

  • Navigating the New Video Landscape

    Forward   September 10, 2020  

    Since the pandemic began, video consumption has grown across all categories. But most marketers struggle to take advantage of video because they are caught between traditional linear TV and digital video and they lack the tools to handle both at once.

  • Pinterest Creative Agency Advertising Guide

    Knowledge Partners   August 21, 2020  

    The essential creative guide for creating ads for Pinterest provides links out to additional resources such as live brand examples by vertical, breakthrough video techniques, detailed best practices, and the best ways to stay up to date on the latest innovations.

  • Are Impressions the Answer to Fragmented TV Measurement?

    Forward   August 18, 2020  

    As traditional television markets are transformed by emerging technologies and world events, the time has come for marketers to set aside the GRP and make the leap to impressions.

  • Can't Find What You're Looking For? Try Asking the Expert.

    Ask the Expert Answers   August 14, 2020  

    ANA members have access to a free team of researchers who are able to pull the best content and resources for your marketing challenges.